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A TheMasterDude TALE


The members of the Black Tower lined up for the amazing feat. The unveiling of TheMasterDude's significant discovery. His time traveler potion! No one wanted to know what was in it (it was probably better that way, since he had been collecting samples from demi's and ed's room for a while now). But everyone wanted to know what it was like in the past at the Black Tower. In the "good ol' days" one might say. Handing out a glass with some of it in it, TheMasterDude grinned evilly. This would be "interesting" to say the least.


Everyone took a small sip of the drink and started puking out their guts and it felt like the room was spinning. That concoction that TheMasterDude made was HORRIBLE tasting! Looking around everyone saw the great members of the Black Tower of all time. There was Roka, and Tayol, and more. Looking down you saw that you were a different person as well. Who was who anymore? And what is this? Looking up you saw Kingslayer the original Org Leader, hanging...From the Deserter's Tree.


Who strung him up though? Which one of these people that you didn't know or remember was it? Was it you? Was it one of them? There was only one way to find out, you must root out the killer and find them!


And so the game begins!







This is a Mafia game and as such there will be many roles that are usually used or warped a bit. Almost everyone has a role. In some cases inaction can do harm to the game, so please read your PM’s carefully and contact me if you have any problems or queries, I like PM’s :)


There will be normal Day phases and Night Phases. The day will normal last 3-4 days and the night 2-3, depending when they fall. The first day will last longer and will not have a time limit on it when we start, but it will be added later.


If no majority is reached by the end of day phase, the great power of Random.org will lynch a random person for that day.


I will not say too much more, but if any questions come up, or anything else I need to inform you of will be posted here with a post on the main game to let you know.


Questions can be asked in the thread, but put them in quotes and Bold them in Purple so I can easily see it. If you are unsure about the sensitivity of the question please PM me.


Once everyone has posted either on here, or PM'd me acknowledging their role we shall start the Day phase.


When all Evil members are eliminated then the Town will win and find Kingslayer's killer, and you all will return to your normal bodies.


If the Evil Team equal or out number the town, then you will all get murdered in your sleep and become test subjects for The Shadow Faction.






1. There will be NO communication off this game thread with anyone, about this game, unless you have been given a QT. No QT’s can be passed on to anyone, only the Mod can do that.


2. There will be NO reveal of names, NO hints or ‘in character’ of their character. To do so could mean something very painful, or death!


3. No Editing of posts, it may make you look scummy but mostly because I don’t want to have to second guess anyone because they have changed something later!


4. All votes for the lynch must be bolded and in Red. This color must not be used for anything else.


5. Rules may change or be added to, I will inform you in the game if that happens.


6. All players must post once a day and once a night unless it is in the game itself, on that I will say no more







1. Song--AKA Zyrshnikashnu, random lynched day 7

2. alannalynn--AKA LadyMo Sedai, night killed day 6

3. dapianoplay3r--AKA Apocalypse, killed by limi day 9

4. Limi--AKA TheMasterDude, wins the game

5. MCS--AKA Talya, night killed night 8

6. Led--AKA eclipse0, night killed day 4

7. Dandelo--AKA Limi, mod killed night 3

8. Tiinker--AKA Gerrendus, lynched day 6

9. mmeeshal--AKA HeroAndros, night killed day 4

10. Locke--AKA Chaelca, lynched day 5

11. aemon--AKA Vanion, lynched day 4

12. zanibar---Ed--AKA bratr, night killed day 2

13. keyholder21--AKA Maze Kantul, night killed day 5

14. Talya--AKA roka, lynched day 2

15. Wombat--AKA damane, night killed day 1

16. Aust--AKA Darlantan, night killed day 7

17. red211--AKA TheDemiGod, night killed day 2

18. Tigs--AKA Tayol, mod killed day 8

19. Talm--AKA Kelly Sedai, night killed day 3

20. Kaylen--AKA Desiree, lynched day 3

21. Vanion--AKA Chillimous, lynched day 1




Possible Fill-Ins


1. Lily

2. ed




It is DAY, with 21 alive it takes 11 to lynch. Day will end on Thursday 1/27 at 1 pm GMT.

Edited by TheMasterDude

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Rolls shall be sent out shortly. Once you have received them please post that you have read and understood the rules.

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Still waiting for the following to check in:


1. Song

2. MCS

3. Led

4. Dandelo

5. Locke

6. zanibar

7. Talya

8. Wombat

9. red211

10. Kaylen

11. Vanion

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Ok, I have enough people checked in that we can start.


People that still haven't checked in:

1. red211

2. Vanion


I'm expecting lots of them to check in tomorrow.

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I bet a lot of this has to do with the weekend, I know Song is at a Drill this weekend, and has posted so in all of her games. ^^

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