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Approved TTPC Warders Bio--No CC Needed


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Name : Nevuel Strior

Age : 38

Place of Origin : Arafel

Height : 5''9


Hair Colour : Brown - Split into two braids ending halfway down his

back, with silver bells attached at the end of each braid.


Eye Colour : Brown


Weight : 150lbs





Character History:


Nevuel grew up in Tifan's Well, a small farming community on the

plains of Arafel, son to a farmer. As he and his sister grew older,

his father trained him in the basics of using two blades, and a short

bow, which was useful for young boys, as they could get up on the

rooftops in time of a Trolloc raid. His sister was taught in the ways

of running a household, their mother having died during childbirth.


Nevuel continued to train with his father and the small village's blacksmith, who had lived there since Nevuel's

father was born, until he could finally land a hit on the old man. On that day the man stopped training him, saying he had no more to offer. Shortly after this his father presented him with the two blades, saying he was finally ready for them.


A Trolloc raid came down out of the Blight weeks after, just two

nights after an Aes Sedai and her Warder arrived, on their way to Shol

Arbela. What Nev saw the Warder do to any Trollocs that came at him

strengthened his resolve to go to the Tower to train instead of his

homeland city. His sister continued on with the Aes Sedai to Shol

Arbela, despite the displeasure of her father, who did not want her

getting hurt. Nevuel felt the same, and felt terrible at losing her,

but also believed that his sister should follow her dreams, which was

to become an innkeeper. He made her promise to call upon him in time

of need, no matter what. They ended up staying in touch by letters

sent every few weeks, each telling the other about how much their

lives had changed.


Nevuel was accepted into the Tower Guard after three years of

training, and stayed in the Tower Guard for another year before a

Green Aes Sedai named Kathleen, who had befriended him at the start of

the year, asked to bond him. It took him three days to decide, because

he was content with his job in the Tower Guard, but his memories of

that night in Tifan's Well decided him.

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