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I have a funny concerning urine and how it probably could have gotten me arrested for a hate crime.





New Years Eve we were hitting the liquor pretty hard as of 7pm already. Seeing as we're not poor and we ranged from ages 21-35 we had some quality stuff. I believe one bottle of Finnish Vodka that was ridicolously strong cost nearly 100$. It got bad enough that we were drunk enough that come midnight we were shooting rockets from our hands seemed a wise enough idea. And attempting to light New Years rockets with cigarettes.


While this is all interesting it is not really on topic yet. When we were done firing rockets into the air, we decided to walk a good mile to reach a nightclub to waste the rest of the night away dancing completely inebriated and probably smoking another entire pack of cigarettes. The issue arose when we were halfway there, when in our group of about 15 people it suddenly became apparent that some of us had to take a leak. It was nice and deserted and there was a nice statue with a plaque sitting there as if it were the perfect latrine. So obviously we relieved ourselves against the statue. Once we were done and one of our group who was not yet too drunk and able to read stated "I believe you guys just pissed all over a holocaust memorial dedicated to jewish victims."


Thankfully we weren't witnessed. No harm, no foul. Off to the nightclub we went.

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