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Approved AIEL bio: Adailinra Desn --CC'ed by Warders


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Character Info

Full name: Adailinra Desn

Age: 35

Clan: Dragonmount

Role: Wise One (after Rping being apprentice)


One Power: non-channeler


Weapon Strength assigned: 4


Special: Dreamwalker


Physical appearance: Average Aiel height, light blue eyes, blond almost white hair that shines a light golden shade when sun hits it.

Physical weakness: nothing special, just average non warrior Aiel.

Physical strength: nothing special, just average non warrior Aiel.


Personality: Adailinra is very mild mannered and thinks she is logical, though she often lets her emotions drive her. However, she will let logic overpower even her strongest emotion if the logic is strong enough. She strives to see things from all angles to be able to understand it fully and thus be able to take advantage of it in any way possible. She tends to keep more to herself and keep her thoughts to herself until she feels they need to be said, but she can be warm and welcoming when around friends and even playful if the circumstance allow it.


Personality weakness: She can be hot tempered, and lets her emotions have more rein than perhaps they should.


Personality strength: She tries to always see things from as many angles as possible and she tries to do what is best for the most amount of people, even if it means putting herself in at a disadvantage.






Adailinra grew up with her mother Melinne, her father Jael, a miner, and her older brother Ranal, who followed their father to the mines. As a young girl she always dreamed about becoming Far Dareis Mai, as most girls did, and she would push herself every day to make herself just a little bit better in every way that she could. She

would push herself as hard as she could to become ready for when she could join them.


When she was 16 years old there was raid on her sept and she was taken gaishan. For the next year and a day she served a Wise One from the raiding sept and in that time she paid close attention to the ways of the Wise Ones. While she had always respected them and looked up to them she had never before thought of becoming one, but as she spent more time so close to the Wise Ones she found herself rethinking her path in life. While what the Maidens did held much honor, and made them very important to the safety of the Clan, what the Wise Ones did held these same honors with many more ways to achieve it and they were responsible for much more than safety. She felt that the Wise Ones could do more for the future and day to day working of the Aiel, and she felt it was her duty to at least see if she could one day serve her Clan in such an important way.


When her time came and she returned to her sept Adailinra's first act was to seek a Wise One and ask if she could become an apprentice. The Wise One told her that she would think on it and after two months of waiting Adailinra had almost given up when the Wise One called for her. The day after that meeting with the Wise One Adailinra found herself making her way to Rhuidean. It took her almost a week to get there and in that time she reflected on her life and how it lead her to meeting the group of Wise Ones out side a city she never thought she would see. She was nervous as she made her way there. Was she worthy? Was she ready? She knew that if she wasn't the Wise Ones never would have sent to the testing. By the time she arrived she was full of the confidence she needed, if only because she knew they thought she had it in her, and because she had asked them for this she felt that she had to prove to them that she deserved it. It all seemed a blur as she met with the Wise Ones and heard about what was expected of her when she entered the city, but still when it was time she ran off into it.


She wasn't sure how long she had been gone when she returned from her the arches but she couldn't shake the mixed feelings she was left with after seeing what her future held. The good things were very good, but the bad things..well she just wished she could think of a way to avoid them. As she made her way back to the where she had left the Wise Ones to enter Rhuidean new feelings came to the surface. It was the mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety of knowing that she couldn't turn back now. She would be a Wise One, if it took her the rest of her life she would be a Wise One.

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So I have a little problem with the gaishan part. The bio says she wants to be FDM, and would basically join when given the first opportunity. It is my understanding that once you become an adult, you are allowed to join a society. However, the bio says she was taken gaishan in a raid before she became FDM while she was 16, which basically means she was still a child by Aiel standards. You can't take children gaishan, only adults who are holding a weapon. This is kind of a gray area, since the books don't mention at what age an Aiel is considered an adult, but I would have to lean towards 16 being too young to be taken gaishan, but only just.

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from the Aiel website:


Wise Ones, blacksmiths, a child under the age of fifteen and a woman with a child under the age of ten are all exempted from service as gai'shain.



This quote comes from the Big White Book of Robert Jordan and I know this because I researched it and wrote it. :wink:


Also, your reasoning for the Aiel to consider someone an adult is flawed. How do you call a 25 year old mother that has never been a Maiden? Or a 30 year old male blacksmith? Neither have ever joined a Society. A child?


In the PSW a chid can choose to start training at the age of 13. By the age of 16 they would be fully trained and a full member of their chosen society. These are Aiel, not wetlanders. In the Three fold land, you survive or you die. That is bred and tought in to them from they are born. It is not a land for the meak, the weak or the frail.

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