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    • It worked too cause I literally just died in your game lol
    • I would apply to dance with Jak o' the Shadows with you. 
    • It was about 68* today, cloudy and misty. This weekend is supposed to be 80*-90*+ and humid to boot. Rain the last few days. Chicago summer is humid and  90* - 110* on average, sometimes higher the later you go in the season. It's the humidity that sucks. Did I mention the humidity? Otherwise, the jokes are true, we do suffer more than one season on a weekly basis. Lake effect. I live in the suburbs, so the temperatures I see are a bit more steady (Downtown Chicago can get very cold on really random days throughout the year.)   I took a road trip the first time I went down to NOLA. Drove over Lake Pontchartrain during a thunderstorm when we rolled into town. Kinda felt like driving over the ocean. Spent most of our time in the Garden District and the French Quarter that visit. Same for the other two times I've visited. Next time, I want to venture out a bit more. Spent most of my time exploring Bourbon, restaurants, sightseeing, and the voodoo/hoodoo scene.   I've lived in and around Chicago all my life, but the more I've seen of the U.S. the more I appreciate growing up around a major Metropolitan area. Chicago is tough but friendly, delectable but corrupted, vogue yet retro. The city is sprawling and easy to navigate. There's a strong sense of community no matter what neighborhood you end up in. We house a lot of incredible underground scenes, there doesn't seem to be anything 'mainstream' about the creative types this city produces. And we are funny. There is almost always  a member of SNL that was a part of Second City (not that SNL is the Gold Standard for comedy, but still...) You'll always find something interesting to do when you visit our city.   Also. A lot of people that live around Chicago (even 3 or 4 hours out) will just say they're from Chicago. I imagine the same is true for places like NYC or LA or someplace comparable.
    • Everyone can enjoy Dad jokes. As long as none of you are secretly 13 years old.