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Welcome to Aeacides!

Little Miss

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MUAHAHAHAHAH! :baalzamon:


LOL Welcome Aeacides! An initiation is a very delicate and important process. But alas I am to lazy to do it. I'm also not that mean :wink: And Limi, we'll discuss your French butchering of the word you later. *Puts his finger to his lips and vanishes into the darkness*

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I always preferred the nice hot towels like you get on the plane as opposed to an ordinary boring old towel. ShamWowww anyone? :P


In a Dilbert comic, the all knowing garbage man states that ShamWow can be used to suck souls out of people.

....perhaps I shouldn't have revealed that to this crowd. >.>

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A refined Englishman to adorn my halls...literally, in fact I haven't had too many civilians hanging from the walls, that was one of my favourite past times. I'm tempted, but first I will say welcome and give you at least a day or too to get comfortable before I strike!





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