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Tune or No Tune - Jezebel by Anna Calvi


Is "Jezebel" a Tune??  

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  1. 1. Is "Jezebel" a Tune??

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After "Tune or No Tune" had two threads last week, we have another double whammy this week, featuring a top song from 2010 and an artist who is expected to shine in 2011.


"Tune or No Tune" is a simple, weekly thread hosted by the Band of the Red Hand Social Group. All you need to do is decide whether the song I have chosen is a TUNE (i.e. you love it) or a NO TUNE (i.e. you hate it). Quite simple, really!


Every January, I tend to look at songs from the previous year. I will be doing that, but also looking to the future to see what we can look forward to (or ignore!). There is already a "It's A Knockout" contest for the top 16 singles from the UK chart in 2010. Last week saw Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding get voted as a "No Tune", along with Jessie J's Do It Like A Dude, also voted as a "No Tune".


First up this week for "Tune or No Tune" is an artist who the music industry think will be a big hit for 2011. I saw the name "Anna Calvi" in the album review section of my daily newspaper, so decided to do a bit of investigation. And this has led me to putting her up for "Tune or No Tune" this week. The band take their name from their lead singer, who is called Anna Calvi, the vocalist and guitarist. The rest of the band comprise of Mally Harpaz (harmonium/ percussion) and Daniel Maiden-Wood (drums).


I do like how the group are described - "dark atmospheric romantic pop". She cites interesting influences on her music - Edith Piaf ("The Little Sparrow"), Claude Debussy and Maria Callas. Jezebel was made famous by Edith Piaf, so it is only fitting that Anna Calvi covered this song and released it as their track. The music video features the band playing the song at Luminaire in London.


News have been released that the band are releasing their début album, titled Anna Calvi, today. The group made the shortlist of 15 for the BBC's Sound of 2011, but did not make the top 5.


It's different. It has a feel of a song by Edith Piaf, but it is a lot darker and moodier. I personally think it is 100 times better than Jessie J, who actually won the BBC's sound of 2011. Therefore, I give Jezebel by Anna Calvi the vote of TUNE!


For those of you who haven't heard the song, here is a link to YouTube.



The poll closes in a week's time, which is Monday 24th January 2011. So make sure you vote now before the time for the latest "Tune or No Tune" poll finishes!


Also, if you want to suggest a tune for "Tune or No Tune", do not hesitate to drop me a PM.

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Banders, Please Note:


Voting in "Tune or No Tune" threads counts towards posting in an activity thread for points gained through the roll call. However, in order for that to qualify, you need to post that you voted. Otherwise you won't get the recognition or the promotion points via the roll call!.




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