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My Internet Rant


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Here we go again, Blasted Internet. I have just bought a new router and it worked perfectly. Then last night I had to reboot my Laptop and when it came back, there was something wrong with Firefox, I couldn’t get it to open. So I though, easy, I’ll uninstall it and download it again.


Fine, took 10mins to pull up Google to begin with then after three attempts I got Firefox. Started to download. It was going to take two and a half hours to download 8Meg…not right. So I thought maybe there was something wrong with IE, and checked my Emails, nope they wouldn’t download neither. Rebooted my router and still nothing. This morning I have no internet access at all.



So here I am at work and this is the only way I can connect to the internet. I need to order some food, but can’t do it from here, because we have IE 6 and security blocks that I can’t use my Card on line because the secure box won’t show, so I can’t complete it….



So anyway I thought I would rant.



Today as well I have to have a tooth out, well saying I have is not quite true, I need a root filling but the cost (because I have a wonky root) is much more than I could afford £600 to be precise, so for £45 I can have it pulled.



I’ve found some herbal calming tablets, so I’m actually not too wound up. Just thought I would let you all know.



So not the best of days. If you don’t hear from me in the evenings you know that it’s my silly home connection!



Now how is you day going, I hope a lot better than mine…



Keep smiling, because people think you are mad and avoid you!



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Maaaaaaaan i hate that..! we're all so dependent on the internet its unbelievable. Whenever mine crashes I know a teeny tiny part of me dies a little inside and then i have to spend hours and hours fixing it.. fail and then i give up and just sleep the day away until it magically repairs itself :P


A few good episodes of Man vs Wild always puts a smile on my face though!

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It's a new modem. I tried setting it up again last night and the place it falls down is when it tries to connect to the internet. I'm going to look at the wiring this weekend and hopefully that will sort it, plus make sure that nothing is wrong with my ISP account!


If not I will be taking the modem back for a new one, it's only 3 weeks old!!!


And my teeth hurt today, I had the other one pulled as well...or at least attempted, but they couldn't do it, I was in the chair for an hour am so feeling sorry for myself. I can't speak too well neither, lol


What a sight!



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