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Norther RP?


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Well, I took a longer-than-planned LOA, and now I'd like jump back into rping with everybody.

So, if you've got any characters who are in or around Tar Valon, just shoot me a pm and we can get something going.

Here's my character bio, just for reference: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/42081-approved-fl-bio-for-raurie-ashkar-ccd-by-wk/


Also, could somebody tell me how to make that a link instead of putting up the entire url? Thanks.




P.S. Misspelled "northern" for the lose.

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Hiya RoC! Welcome back and best wishes for 2011! :biggrin:



To make a link:


copy the url and then click on the icon next to the smiley in your lay-out bar. (hold your mouse over the icons for a second or two and it will tell you what the icon is. You need the 'insert link' icon)

you get a popup window with URL and Link Text.

Select the http:// in the URL box and paste your URL over it (ctrl + v)

in the Link Text box select the 'my link' text and type over it the text you want.


If you want to turn text you have already typed in to a link then select that text and then click on the url icon. You will see your selected text appear in the Link Text box then and you only need to insert the url in the URL box then.



I hope this helps!

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