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Tune or No Tune - Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding


Is "Starry Eyed" a Tune??  

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  1. 1. Is "Starry Eyed" a Tune??

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The come back for "Tune or No Tune" back in October didn't last! Blame my studies and exams for that. Anyway, 2011 is a new year, and I am hoping for a fresh start. I will try my best to do two "Tune or No Tunes" on a Monday night to try and play catch up on those I have missed during 2010.


So, it is time for the first "Tune or No Tune" thread of 2011, with another one following on shortly. "Tune or No Tune" is a simple, weekly thread hosted by the Band of the Red Hand Social Group. All you need to do is decide whether the song I have chosen is a TUNE (i.e. you love it) or a NO TUNE (i.e. you hate it). Quite simple, really!


Every January, I tend to look at songs from the previous year. I will be doing that, but also looking to the future to see what we can look forward to (or ignore!). There is already a "It's A Knockout" contest for the top 16 singles from the UK chart in 2010.


I am going to first look at who was voted as the BBC Sound of 2010 through their poll - and that was Ellie Goulding, a young English singer-songwriter and guitarist. Now, I tend to dodge mainstream popular music, because it is mainly rap or awful R'n'B, which I despise with a passion. So it is always nice to see something different.


Her biggest song of the year was her cover of Elton John's Your Song, which was the 30th biggest selling song of 2010 in the UK. Instead, I have opted to pick Starry Eyed, Goulding's other big success of 2010, as it was 39th biggest selling single of 2010. Coming from her début album Lights, it was released in February and peaked at number 4.


The song about "letting go" was critically acclaimed by the music industry. Nick Levine of Digital Spy said that "Starry Eyed manages to be folky, poppy and dancey all at the same time, twinkly but not twee, and otherworldly without losing its universal appeal". NME compared her to an angelic Cheryl Cole. The song also appeared on the 2010 superhero film Kick-Ass.


The song definitely grows on you. It's really nice because it is so simple, compared to some of the complex songs out there. Therefore, I give Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding the vote of TUNE!


For those of you who haven't heard the song, here is a link to YouTube.



The poll closes in a week's time, which is Monday 17th January 2011. So make sure you vote now before the time for the latest "Tune or No Tune" poll finishes!


Also, if you want to suggest a tune for "Tune or No Tune", do not hesitate to drop me a PM.

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Banders, Please Note:


Voting in "Tune or No Tune" threads counts towards posting in an activity thread for points gained through the roll call. However, in order for that to qualify, you need to post that you voted. Otherwise you won't get the recognition or the promotion points via the roll call!.




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