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I'm kinda confused. When she saw what she did, i mean if she doesnt change things by telling somebody, we know how the story ends basically. Kinda upset me, but also leaves you on a cliffhanger. I have been reading these books since '89 I belive and havent been hanging like this with any of the novels. I mean, come on, really? When does the next book come out? The suspence is killing me.

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Since the ter'angreal hadn't been used in that way in memory, I think it's probably safe to say that it was left intentionally unclear whether her visions were possibility or were set in stone. I think lots of fans are choosing to interpret it as a possibility and I can only presume (and hope) that the distinction will be made clear in the next book. Since the visions came so close to current time in the books, it should hopefully be made clear in the series what the fate of the Aiel will be.

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