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Approved CotL Bio for Areo Pagitic’An - CC'ed by Warders


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DM handle: Areopagitican


Character Name: Areo Pagitic’An


Age: 23


Email address: saturnrethinkamerican[at]yahoo[dot]com


Subdivision: Army of the Light


Physical Description:

The man possesses a muscular build and a towering height. Estimated to be around 220 pounds and 6’2’’, Child Areo Pagitic’An is an imposing warrior who has physically embraced the Order’s codes of stability. Dark blue eyes, short blonde hairs and a tattoo in the shape of the Children of Light’s sunburst adorns his right cheek.


Place of Birth/Raising: Amadicia


Character History:

Child Pagitic’An was born to a classical Amadician family from Mardecin. His father was an orthodox man to the core, wearing the black buttoned up shirt that characterizes men of his station while his mother was similarly conservative in dress. The large bonnets which adorn the heads of women all over the country also perched above his mother‘s head, a symbol of their unwillingness to rock the proverbial boat. This approach to life was validated by not only by Mardecin’s physical contours, a town constructed almost exclusively out of brick, but the detachment of Children that provided the town’s moral integrity.


His childhood was uneventful. His father speculated in grain while his mother enjoyed the benefits of operating their household, while maintaining a side hobby in breeding horses. Positioned there as a result of intersecting trade routes, near Tarabon, Mardecin had some exposure to foreign cultures and trade was brisk. Juxtaposed between two relatively stable kingdoms, and too young to participate in any of the expansionary tendencies of the Children under Lord Captain Commander Halent Roglans, there was little time spent in an unstable flux. His environment was stable, almost too stable, and as a result the young Areo quickly grew to distrust change in any form.


Many exposures to foreign influence only resulted in producing the xenophobic foundation for the Pagitic’An family and the mindset of their oldest son. Taraboners weren’t the problem specifically but as can be expected from any two interacting cultures, problems arose. On many occasions it was merely easier for the ruling hierarchy to ascribe the actions of a corrupt family member or councilmember to foreign bandits. The actual events are of little importance but throughout all of these experiences one idiom was imprinted to young Areo’s growing sense of self: “to be different is to be Dark.”


Unsurprisingly, Areo did not follow his father’s merchant business or his mother’s small concern of horse breeding. At the age of 18 he gladly signed up with the detachment of Children positioned near the town square. Breast plates, mail shirts, conical metal caps, and long Whitecloaks with a golden sunburst on the left breast; the order and motifs of the Children were a boon to the ethical and moral outlook of (now Child) Pagitic’An. While he did not start with the ability or confidence of one truly walking within the Light, a dedication to training easily overcame his inexperience.






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