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Potential Photography Class/Seminar thingy



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  1. 1. Would you like to take a photography seminar

    • Yes! Where do I sign up??

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I have approval for this, but before I go crazy getting all the details in I would like to know if anyone would be interested in a photography seminar.


Yes... this would be taught by me... your resident trolloc. Ok... poll away! If there is enough interest I will post a sign up thread soon!



The Narg

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I would love to do this. Will you be tasking a low budget approach to it at all, or tricks that can be used for your regular digital cameras at home or the big-beefy-1000-times-magnification-lense-you-had-to-sign-away-your-kids for cameras? See, cause I like photography but I have a crappy camera and doesn't look like I'll be able to get a sweet one any time soon.



Oh yeah, I really do not need the credit so I will gladly step aside for someone who does. I'd like to follow along also if you don't mind. The only credit I need is for a Soc. Group Sponsored event and a letter so I am good.

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It SHOULD apply to both. Camera basics work the same no matter if you have a crappy camera or a good camera. The only difference is that the more you spend, the more control you have over these basics. Cheaper cameras pick values for things (Shutter speed, Aperature, ISO) for you, while more expensive cameras will give you full control of these settings. However, understanding these concepts can help you work with your camera to take better pictures.


But there is also the composition side of things. My plan was to discuss these things as well. Things such as rule of thirds, subject selection, how to fill your frame... highlights and shadows. Thinking about these things applies to any kind of photography, no matter if it is a $9k nikon or an IPhone camera.

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