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White Tower Database Tutorial


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Please sticky this or save the documents somewhere. I will add additional tutorials here as I made them.


The first one is the basics for Creating a New Character. This assume you know how to log in to WordPress and can get to the Dashboard area.


For your site it is: whitetower.aliciawilkerson.com/wp-admin


Attached is a PDF for you to download and keep for the basics of Character Chreation. If you have any thing you need me to add to it please start a different thread so we can keep this just tutorials.







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To change requirements, and other drop down areas with in the site you can do so by changing the constants in functions.php of the wtdb theme.


Below is the code:

	/* White Tower Constants */
$wtdb_status = array('Active','Inactive','Deceased','Transferred');
$wtdb_type = array('PC','NSW','TTPC','MPC');
$wtdb_tower = array('Traditional','Salidar');
$wtdb_rank = array('Novice','Accepted','Aes Sedai');
$wtdb_ajah = array('','Blue','Brown','Gray','Green','Red','Yellow','White');
$wtdb_rptitle = array('','Sitter','Ajah Head','Mistress of Novices','Keeper of the Chronicles','Amrylin Seat');
$wtdb_talent = array('','Aligning the Matrix','Cloud Dancing','Compulsion','Create Ter\'angreal','Delving(Earth)','Dreaming','Dreamwalking','Earthsinging','Foretelling','Healing(Age of Legends)','Healing(Major)','Know Ter\'angreal','Listening to the Wind','Milking Tears','Reading Auras','Residue Ressurection','See Ta\'veren','Shielding','Sniffing','Uncommon Luck');
$wtdb_novice = array('','Meet the Roommate','Freeday','Homesickness','Chore RP','Recovery','Prankage!','Create your own','Intro to RP Class');
$wtdb_accepted = array('','Aes Sedai RP','Turning of the Wheel','Create your own','Transition','Teach a class','Take a class','One Open RP','100 Weave RP','Intro to RP Class');
$wtdb_warders = array('','Warders','Black Tower');
$wtdb_brs = array('','Basic Defensive Battle Weaves', 'Basic Defensive Tactics', 'Basic Battle Tactics', 'Basic Battle Weaves', 'Battle Field First Aid');
$wtdb_brs2 = array('','Advanced Battle Weaves', 'Basic Weapon Handling', 'The Open Road', 'Quid Pro Quo');


Do not change things around after you have started using the database or you will change things after you've put things in. You may add new requirements but adding a , after the last ' and before the ). All text MUST be enclosed in single quotes. If your text has an apostrophe in it either use double quotes to enclose it or use a \' inside of single quotes.


You will get errors if you do not follow the above information.


If you need help understanding the constant's by name let me know and I'll add that to this but I think they are pretty self explanatory.

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