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Path of water training attn: Shawn


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Sunlight filtered through the canopy of branches above Borac’s head as he led his horse down a seldom used trail. The Master at Arms had left the White Tower early that morning to head into the wilderness where he would take over the training of Shawn.


The young Tower Guard had approached him about continuing his training no long after Lyv had left the tower. Borac had trained Lyv and while her decision to leave still bothered him he respected it. Immediately agreeing to take the man on he had instructed him to meet him at the waterfall where he trained all his pupils. Giving the man very detailed directions he told him to meet him there at mid day.


Borac had wanted to arrive several hours prior to his new charge and had set out at dawn for the valley he visited often. The sounds of the forest drifted through the trees as he crested a rise and a large round shaped valley opened up before him. A distant rumbled came from deep in the valley and brought a smile to the corners of his mouth. Making his way down into the valley he stopped to hobble his horse as he reached the bottom.


A large pool of water spread out before him and at the far in the source of the noise, a waterfall a good 50 feet high, spilled from the top of the valley into the small lake. Stripping off his shirt Borac dove in and let the cool water surround him. Having mastered the path of water he was one with the cool liquid and swam toward the waterfall. Mist rose off of the water where it fell and a cluster of large rocks were spread out beneath the falls. Reaching the rocks he pulled himself up onto them and let the water fall over him as he closed his eyes and raised his head to let it spill over him.


Meditating for untold minuets beneath the falls Borac found peace as he waited for Shawn to arrive.

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Shawn was glad to finally be getting back into his training. Just a few short days after his promotion to Tower Guard Shawn had convinced Lyv Tylin, she who had been Mistress of Trainees when he'd first arrived, to assist in his training in the Path of Water. Unfortunately they hadn't even started when she had left the Tower for an unspecified time period. Before leaving she had suggested he ask Borac to take over his training. This he had done, but it had taken him a week or so to get the courage up to approach the Master at Arms.


Shawn had had to serve the early morning shift on wall duty today and hadn't taken the time for his normal workout before reporting in. After a quick breakfast he went to his usual spot by the lake for his workout. Then he returned to his room. Sneaking a book from Dene's stash he read for an hour or so and then prepared for his initial training session in his chosen discipline. Borac had assured him he wouldn'tneed his weapons for this but Shawn debated with himself anyway.


In the end he found the middle ground between trust in Borac and the Tower's security and preparedness. He left the room wearing only his breeches and the armbands around his biceps holding his throwing knives. He left his boots, shirt, and swords behind as he planned to swim to the waterfall.


It was a longer swim than he had expected and he arrived just as the sun was reaching it highest point in the sky, instead of being a few minutes early as he'd planned. He found Borac meditating under the waterfall and joined him atop the rocks there. Shawn wasn't sure what to do but decided to leave the elder man to his peace and wait patiently beside him.

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As the water cascaded over his head Borac became aware of Shawn’s arrival but remained silent as his student sat down and waited. Once his mind was cleansed to his satisfaction he rose and led Shawn away from the waterfall. Stopping when they were far enough away from the roaring falls and could speak without yelling Borac sat on the bank and let his feet dangle in the water.


“The water cleanses the earth and its passing alters the land over time. It provides life and comfort but is never predictable. The path of water which you have chosen to study is much like that. We define our actions and temper our bodies with the strength that comes with the water.â€


The afternoon sun dried the water from Borac’s heavily muscled shoulders as he spoke.


Shawn listened silently nodding at the Master at Arms.


“Tell me Shawn why have you chosen to pledge yourself to the Path of Water? What was it that called to you and had you seek me out to show you the way?â€


OOC: short post but just give your reasons and we will dive into training so to speak.

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Shawn followed the Master at Arms across the water and sat on a rock just below the surface, hesitant to leave the water he loved until neccessary. Borac's explanation of the path they followed fit nicely with Shawn's expectations. It only confirmed his decision.


"Tell me Shawn why have you chosen to pledge yourself to the Path of Water? What was it that called to you and had you seek me out to show you the way?"


"All of my life I have spent as much time as I could in the water and I have come to greatly respect the fluid grace that it represents. I also believe from all I've heard, that the training techniques used by followers of this Path fall most in line with my views of both training and life in general. Water has such power, speed, and grace it seems to be the perfect model for a fighter to base their life around."

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Borac nodded satisfied with Shawn’s answer and stood. “The Path of Water will test your strength as well as add to it. The water provides resistance that will temper your muscles as well as help you obtain quicker reflexes and speed.â€


Walking over to his saddle bags Borac pulled out a heavy weighted lathe made of iron and handed it to Shawn.


“The first lessons will be in learning to overcome compensate for resistance.â€


Grabbing an identical lathe the Master at Arms walked to the bank and dove into the lake. Swimming out into the cool waters until he could stand on the slick bottom and to where only his head remained above the surface he stopped. The mist from the waterfall in the distance cast a colorful display in the air as the sun hit it.


Standing Borac extended his lathe and began to work the forms. The water slowed the motions as he flowed from form to form. The exercise increased ones speed and strength when on land and was one of the basics exercises for the Path of Water.


Shawn had joined him and he explained to his student what they were doing and what it would accomplish. He intended to spend the next several hours pushing his student through this workout.

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Shawn took the weighted lathe and followed Borac out into the water. As he swam he was surprised by the weight of this particular lathe. He had used weighted lathes in training before and found them useful for building strength and even speed, but this was significantly heavier than any he had used before. What had Borac in mind that they need these particular lathes?


When they stopped with the water around Shawn's shoulders Borac began working through the forms. The precision and grace he displayed was astounding. This was something Shawn dreamed of attaining. And so he followed his new mentor's example and started his way through the various forms he had been taught.


He knew the added weight of the lathe would increase the difficulty of the work, just as he knew the overpowering water would do the same. And yet, it was so much more than he'd expected. His muscles tired quickly under the added strains of iron and water, tired so much that he could barely lift them. But he persevered, and not just to avoid dissapointing the Master at Amrs. No, it was more than that. He understood the wisdom in this form of training. Anything he could with precision under these circumstances would be accomplished with so much more speed and flowing grace when he had his own light weight weapons and was free of the confines of the water.

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The morning passed quickly as the two men worked with the lathes defying the water to hamper their movements.

As the sun crested mid day Borac called a halt and the two men climbed out of the water and had a seat on a large rock as the sun dried them. Sharing a meal of cheese and dried meats the two talked about the philosophy that came with the path of water.

“Fluid motion and fluid thought are the basics Shawn and through the two you shall find the balance you need to be a master.â€


With the meal finished Borac led Shawn to the edge of the water as the roar of the waterfall thundered in the background.


“For the remainder of the day we will work on meditation.â€


Sitting with his legs crossed the Master at Arms closed his eyes and tilted his head back.


“First you must learn to loose yourself in the flow of water and close out all outside interference.â€


Taking a deep breath Borac poured his thoughts into the water and let the cool liquid carry them away.


“Concentrate all of your thoughts, worries, hopes and plans into the water Shawn. You must shut out all outside influence and be one with the water and feel your mind immersed in the cool depths of it. This will not be easy but with time and practice it will become like second nature. Once you have accomplished this you will know the peace that comes with the path of water and be able to uses its healing properties to aid you.â€


OOC: Just meditation exercises play it out however you like. The goal is to enter a state of clarity.

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Lose yourself in the flow of water. That was what Borac had said. Shawn settled himself beneath the falls, feeling the relaxing flow of the water tumble over his head and down his chest and back. The sound of the water hitting the rocks around him was deafening. He could hear nothing else around him. Closing his eyes he felt the water flow over his face and tried to let go of his thoughts.


Meditating was harder than he'd expected. How to let go of one's thoughts? How do you think of nothing? He started off by forming the Spring as Rosheen had taught him, using the simplest exercises he knew to center his thoughts. Then, he took all the thoughts and memories he had and let them go. It didn't work at first. There were still a few thoughts lingering and he soon found himself dwelling on them one by one.


Taking a deep breath he tried again. This time he got it. His mind completely empty he found a state of clarity and purity within himself. This was amazing.


OOC: Healing properties? Really? Or do we just mean mental healing not physical?

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