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So... Can I just check who's available for Bonding


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Hi. Just wondering if anyone's considering Bondmates? I'm Regalia and a Blue and probably some kinda Eye and Ears expert. I'm modeled after Moiraine, so I'd be hoping for a Warder similar to Lan. Or something.


I'm cool. I bite only when you ask me to. And even then, not too hard.


And I bore easily, so skills with juggling, playing instruments and possible late night comedy types would be appreciated. *nods* Or you could just give me back rubs. Those are acceptable alternatives.




Let the mayhem begin.


*crickets chirping*



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Hi Regalia,

My only warder-level character is already bonded to a Green so he's taken :P

I don't know that there are many available characters to bond at the moment, as we're still trying to revitalize the Warder Yards somewhat and get more activity. But we'll see about getting some trainees up there for once that would be good!

Good luck.

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