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Festival of Lights: Day of Contemplation


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*determined to beat the dance thread* wink.gif


Hi everyone and welcome again to the Green's Festival of Lights!


Okay, I know everyone is still getting through the end of the holidays, and you're preparing for the new year, where you'll get sloshed, kiss a stranger, and make resolutions you'll probably break party like crazy and watch fireworks, etc. laugh.gif


This being the end of the year though, it's time to look back at 2010 and see all we've done. Any new challenges or adventures you've taken part in this year? New family members or family trips? Did you see anyone you haven't seen in years? Let's share and see how this year has passed for many of us. What were the highlights of your year?


For myself, 2010 is the year I turned 18 and graduated from high school, I started college and survived my first semester. ^.^ I also got my first car and license in 2010 (as well as my first speeding ticket). Oh, and my first job *loves Taco Bell* And they haven't fired me yet!!!


As for some highlights of my year.... pretty much everything. I'm enjoying being in my hometown at the moment, so that definitely is a highlight, though I wish I could have seen my friends. Harry Potter Day? Definite highlight *ggl* As well as ToM coming out! 2010 was a fun year ^.^


Any regrets?


Feel free to share whatever you like happy.gif

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Lets see... This yeah I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, my dog passed away, I joined DM and made some amazing friends (met Limi, Charis, and Al Jenn in person), took on more responsibility at home and work, got a new boyfriend (who is great by the way), and... Lost about 10 good friends -_- Yay...?

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goodness, what a year!!


Let's see, what happened this year! Gosh, this was a crazy year. IRL, I had a life changing, self-affirming Summer at camp, a craaaazy spring before that. I came home, had a great fall... met my sister, which was GREAT. turned 21, got cast in two shows, went out to see two of my sisters, came home and spent some quality time with my family, and here we are!



Regrets? oh, of course. But they are small ones. They are inconsequential. It has been a good year for Charis.

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Sorry to hear that Adella *hugs*


For myself, I started reading WoT and finished up to the end of ToM :biggrin: Found out my school band is going to Cuba in Febuary :biggrin: I joined DM and made some awesome friends. Turned 16 and had about 5 crushes on guys in my classes :blush: Went on my first kindasorta date which was, now that I look back on it, awquered(spelt wrong). My mom had another little girl in April, Cara and I think that is it.

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Lets see... This yeah I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years, my dog passed away, I joined DM and made some amazing friends (met Limi, Charis, and Al Jenn in person), took on more responsibility at home and work, got a new boyfriend (who is great by the way), and... Lost about 10 good friends -_- Yay...?

Oh, I will point out that, while much of my list is construed as something negative, I do NOT have any regrets. I stayed true to who I am as a person, and I feel like I became truer to myself because of the negative things that have happened to me.

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Eeehh... wow.. what didn't happen this year to be honest??


To sum up my year..

Started new years eve with spinning my car

won best siggy artist on dm

Discovered charis wasn't all that bad

Met my crazy warder to be

Met lissa my sister to be

Had a church in fiddles

Decided to bond charis, adella, marta and al jenn

Planned a meeting with al jenn and adella

Fell in love with my warder

Visited my home state of alaska for the first time in six years

Had an awesome birthday

Met charis and got to go to chicago

Became second in command in the greens

Moved away from my family to move in with my warder

Aannnd now live in cali ^^ wow..

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Limi, looks like a good year for you :happy:


My year has been.. well..

Had my first official boyfriend (meaning he met the family and all), had an amazing prom, was slapped in the face by my best friend (she now hates me), turned 17 (had the most amazing birthday), finally got raised to Aes Sedai at Tarvalon.net, realised some harsh facts about my father and various other family members, got rejected to study medicine at University (which is a good thing, because Medicine needs real consideration and yeah I need to give it even more thought) and ehm.. I *think* that is all :biggrin:

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This year I...


started my first full time job...

rejoined Dragonmount and reconnected with my Red family...

lost motivation for school...

took on my first management position at work...

found a job that I actually enjoy doing...

rediscovered my dad's whereabouts...

actually spoke to my dad for the first time in years...

took pictures for the first time as a solo wedding photographer... twice..

made friends with an awesome DM person *cough THORKIN cough*...

REDISCOVERED my motivation for school...

Turned 22!!


It has been a crazy year, but a good one overall =D

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Oh man, some of you have had a rough year. *huggles everyone* I'm sorry for that; 2011 will be better!




Got engaged

Bought a wedding dress (and a bunch of other things for the wedding heh)

Turned 26

Moved out of a house only to buy it and move back in (currently)

Returned to my natural (blonde) hair color

Found out I make less than my soon to be brother-in-law who is a salesman for Men's Warehouse, even though I have a Master's Degree *sigh*

Went home to visit my family for two whole weeks after not seeing them for over a year

Foamed at the mouth for and then read Towers of Midnight

Started taking guitar lessons

Rediscovered my love of writing

Joined DM and met lots of great people

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This year I...


Found out my boyfriend of about a year was living with another girl

Met and started dating an awesome guy

Awesome guy stopped talking to me

Gave up on dating (for now lol)

Found out I'm deploying for Kuwait/Iraq next year

Lost my job

Turned 22

Lost 25 pounds over the summer (yay!!!)

Went to some awesome shows/concerts

Joined DM and met some awesome people, also found my love of mafia

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It's rather amazing the things that can happen in a year! I didn't even realize everything until I listed it out, and it seems like everyone has had some major changes this year, whether moving or finding out something new about themselves. I'm absolutely blessed to consider this a good year, and I figure life is good as long as you're breathing, have your family and friends, and love who you are and who you've become. A big discovery I've made this year is that I'm a happy person and that everything is precious in some way. happy.gif


And for every thing negative that has happened or that may happen, you have people here and around you and you have 2011 to work through it, and forever after that ^.^


I'm in a brilliant mood at the moment, can't you tell? biggrin.gif


And omg.. ToM. Yes. *snuggles her book*

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hmmmmmm, my year in a list. Not sure I am goin to like where this is goin lol.



kay, uhhhh, aside from the desperate and depressing days of monotony at work where everything is just one long extended day there was (no chronology here casue it's hard top remember yesterday any more than 12 months ago so bear with me)


my very not romantic brother proposed and is engaged to his gf. I think she said yes more for the fatc that he really flipped her with some incredible romance lol. Proposed to her in the middle of Central park on a hose and buggy


GF was finally able to land a job and I don't have to sweat aboyt bein booted from our apartment


Still no babies but the g-man will come through when it's right


Had a crazy scare over the Summer when my step-daughter put her leg through a glass door and nearly severed her achiles....at 10 years old. Could not be more proud of this kid. Dude, she beasted through something that would have had me sick as hell to go through. Love that kid.


uhmmm, of course, I have made some incredible friends on here. My boy John (Karasayl) who unfortunately hes been banned from his interwebs at work so we don't get to talk as much. Not doggin all the other awesomeness that I have come to know on here just had to shout out for my bud who can't be here.


Bonded the awesomeness that is Marta. Love ya darlin', :wink: Hopefully she can still be patient with me cause I haven't sent out my x-mas cards yet hehehehe, but already got hers. whoops


ToM.....really, nuff said.


Had some awesome opportunities for management at work and CRUSHED IT!! YeeeAAH! That's how I DO!!


OH! And first annual man weekend. Sledding down a road in the middle of the night out in the stix totally hammered with a bunch of your buds. Yeah, it's even more awesome than it sounds.


That's about it.

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2010 flew by for me.  The jury is still out regarding if that is a good thing or not. 


I didn’t accomplish a lot of things personally.  But as any parent knows once you have kids life starts being about them and by all accounts they are staying busy and having fun.  So all is well and I can’t complain.

My car got sandwiched while parked in front of our house by a driver who fell asleep and our suburban.  It looked like a crushed soda can.  *sadness*  But insurance actually did what it was suppose to and I got another car! *happiness* Then I was involved in a fender bender and messed up the bumper on the burb *sadness* Then when my new car was parked in the back, a tree branch fell on the hood and dented it. *sadness*  I have zero luck with vehicles!

I got sick and spent a few days in the hospital and the kicker is they still don’t know what’s wrong.  (no comments from the peanut gallery!)

My grandma turned 99 and she is still as feisty as ever.  We figure that after 99 years you’ve earned the right to pretty much say whatever is on your mind and believe me, she lets you know exactly what she thinks! Lol

I returned to DM!  Yea!  While many things have changed at DM the most important thing has remained.  I love the social groups and the friends I am catching up with and the new ones I’m making. *pokes and pinches*

And most importantly I got a promotion at work and I start the new position the first of the year!  I’m very excited about the new job since it’s more inline with what I’ve done for the past 10 years.  *happiness*

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