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Festival of Lights: Day of Dancing!

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Charis came into the Main Ball Room at the White Tower and surveyed the room, hands on hips. There was so much to be done!! First, she readied the banquet room:




Then, she directed the Novices and Servants in readying the dance floor! parque_dance_floor_hire.jpg


She checked the entrance way,




Next, the kitchen staff brought up the meal!





Finally, Charis channeled thousands of candles alight, and stuck them anywhere she could think of!







Charis looked over the grand room one more time, and then slipped into the dress she'd had brought down from the Green Halls:



Happy with her work, she threw open the doors to the Ball Romm to welcome all the denizens of the Tower.

Welcome to the Day of Dancing, hosted by the Green Ajah as part of our celebration of Festival of Lights! The Festival of Lights celebrates the turning of the year from the old to the new. There will be several threads here on the White Tower board. Please Join us!

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*grabs a glass of wine off of Key's tray, thanks her and takes it to Charis Sedai*


I know what we need...we need to get the Warder's in here :biggrin: Nice dresses ladies. I'm so not used to getting all dressed up like this. Light! For school band concerts/drama productions I wear dress pants and a nice shirt, not a dress. It is nice to get really dressy every now and then though :biggrin:

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