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AIEL - Wise One - Mordre


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Full name: Mordre

Age: 40

Clan: dragonmount

Role: Wise One


One Power: 28 Strength, 35 Skill (strength division: x Air - x Earth - x Fire - x Spirit - x Water)

(strength division to be made and submitted by owner)



Current Weapon Strength: 4



Bio link



Progress report


Bio aproval:


Advancement aproval:

--> jump to Wise One: 1 solo RP outlining Mordre's time as an Apprentice + second visit to Rhuidean

--> jump to Channeler: 1 solo RP outlining Mordre's training in the One Power.

note: both can be done as two seperate Solo RP's or one solo RP incorporating both trainings.

RP's must be of a decent size to count towards the jump and must incorporate training, character development, at least one difficult situation both in Apprentice and One Power training and must follow the general route as laid out in the progression system.

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Sorry this has taken me so long. If you want me to go the long way, I will completely understand. 


I started the Jump to Wise One with a bit of Herbology here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/82861-to-boil-water-solo-rp-mordre/

The first post is 1187 words, so hopefully that's a decent enough length, though I will be adding to it. It's only half done as I post this here.  





Edited: I added part II of her training part, giving and blink at the channeling bit. Let me know if you want more of the training parts!



Edit: 2nd trip to Rhuidean complete here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/100967-glass-columns-to-haunt-her-dreams-mordres-second-trip-to-rhuidean

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