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Sound off! ONE! TWO! Sound off! Three! Four!

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*marches carrying the White Tower's banner*


One Two Three Four

Don't let your daggers hit the floor

Five Six Seven Eight

Don't go and take the gholam's bait.


Haha!That one I came up with!


*puts on Red arm band*


Welcome Warders to the Band of the Red Hand! I'm recruit/guinea pig Lessa :biggrin:


*takes off arm band*


Well thank you Lessa.*turns to AJ*Thank you AJ!

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Yes, yes, yes! I knew you were coming ages ago. The word filtered through to let these White Tower raggamuffins in. The rest of the Band will appear eventually. Festive season hangovers and all that stuff.


*waves his :bandredhand: banner all over the place*

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*stumbles in late as usual, cloak hanging in a tangled mess*


Where's the music *hic* someone said there was *hic* a band here?


Greetings fellow warriors!


Oh yeah, a song....


Oh Aes Sedai, Aes sedai can't you see

What Fnorrll has done to me

He made me line up for a march

Now my poor feet have no arch


Oh Aes Sedai, Aes Sedai can't you see

What Fnorrll has done to me

Just last night I was dancing with ladies at the bar

And this morning I'm marching much much to far

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I'm just not sure which instrument would be the deadliest to carry in battle..


A trombone?




A tuba?




Or one of those world cup horns?




I suppose I should just leave it to the band to answer that question.



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