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November Stats


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For this month, I counted everyone as being a member of the Faction they were in on the 30th of November.


Black Ajah

Lily- 70

Kivam- 60

Hax- 20

Barm- 15

Pandy- 2

Edie- -10

Total: 157



Adella- 120

Amadine- 20

Balefire- 15

Player- 10

Krak- 10

TMD- 10

Moghedian- 5

Ed- 5

Total: 195



Aust- 10

Verbal- 10

Canuki- 10

Nyn- 10

Lo13- 5

Total: 45



Thorkin- 25

Mae- 11

Mr. F- 10

Ahmoondah- 10

Zosime- 10

SoIaF- 10

Nakedfrog- 10

Elend- 10

Kemian- 5

Total: 101


Grand Total: 498


So... Congrats to the Dreadies and Adella!! :biggrin:

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Run run fast as you can you can't catch me..... we have done away with granting points for roll call though I think I shall implement something for those playing along with my wishes.. such as scary pic for october and thankfulness for november and worst gift for december.


Need three different people to sign up for taking care of those tasks... checking for who did the special task for those three months






first come first serve. You will get 50 points for your work. Sign up before doing the task... would hate for someone else to get points for your work because you didn't sign up first.


By the way.. congrats Dreadies and Adella... she's late on doing her DO thread...

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