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A Sad Duty


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Hi all,


unfortunately this is not an easy post to write, and i am the bearer of bad news. Unfortunately, due to reasons beyond her control, Eqwina is no longer able to devote enough time to both the Warders and the PSW in general, for her to continue as GL. Sadly, this has meant that Taymist and i have had to let her step down. We are not happy to have this happen as Eqwina has always been a valued member of the PSW Staff and has done some sterling work throughout her tenure as a member of Staff. However, it has become apparent that events in her real life have been demanding more of her and so with great reluctance we are going to have to seek a replacement. I will be post the application for that shortly, but i wanted to post this so that i could thank Eqwina on behalf of myself and Taymist.


Eqwina, you will always be welcome to rejoin the PSW Staff when a suitable opening arises. Tay and i hope things improve for you soon and send you our best wishes and hopes for the future.


Once again, thank you very much for all your efforts, it was a pleasure to work with you.


Owen & Tay

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