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Interdiv idea.


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Had an idea (obviously, lol).


I like the idea of Baran being sent on a routine mission between the Towers, something like a courier or escort mission. The trip to the Tower goes off without a hitch, despite Baran's less than positive opinion of the Aes Sedai. On his way out of the Tower, he encounters an Accepted taking a Gentled Man for his daily constitutional or whatever. The man asks Baran to kill him, and Baran begins to draw his sword to comply. The Accepted flips out and calls Aes Sedai over to intercede, and an incident between the Towers begins.


Where it goes from there is really up the participants, though I'd like it if Baran wasn't brutally executed. lol


I like the idea because of the range of rping possibilities it could provide, not to mention the way it could alter relations between the Towers.

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