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Audio Release of ACoS & TPoD

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Has anyone out there heard anything about the release of these two in digital format? I know they are both available on CD and cassette. I'm more interested in a downloadable format such as Audible.com. These are the last two I've not found. Thanks if anyone has any info.

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All I see are used CD's and tapes but they are rereleasing ACOS on CD on 10/17. I don't know if it's going to be on audible, I hope it is but I have no idea as to a timetable for PoD. I am visually impaired and would rather listen to it and it would take me a very long time to read.

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This is my #1 concern. I started this series about a year ago and I'm finally on book seven only to be completely heartbroken at this point. After a year of listening it's VERY difficult to pick up the same book and read it w/out Kramer and Readings' voices. :(


I'd encourage you if you're an audible.com customer to go to their 'Contact Us' page and submit a content request... in fact, anybody at all who wants to do us a solid ought to create an account and submit a content request :D


But yeah, I'm stuck with inadequate audio until the 17th... and then I hope Audible catches on.

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Singing hobo i have books 1-10 and new spring in .mp3 format.


It was in a torrent which is like 8.5 gigabytes, ill try find the link and post it.



[EDIT] http://www.torrentz.com/torrent_262761.html


that has all of em, each part is about 40 minutes long but new spring is about an hour 10


If anyone hasnt tried this its awesome for walking the dog with an iPod, really good voice acting and a male for the male perspectives, female for female.

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FYI, Crown of Swords is now available on Audible.com. My four files are downloading right now :)


Thanks for the bit torrent, but I'll just wait and see if Audible gets a hold of the last one...

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