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End of November Update


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Its been a busy few days, but having been the leader of the band at the end of november, i feel obligated to sum things up so far for you.


To bring everything into perspective:



On November 9th, a series of applications were submitted for leader of the band position. I was one of those applications. I had been lurking around DM for a few weeks prior on the book discussion forums, but on a whim decided to see if anything was happening with the BOTRH RP. It wasn't, and instead there was an opportunity to personally see about correcting that.



Nov 24th, aside from Turkey and mashed potatoes, i found out that i also had another big dish added to my table, the leader position of the BOTRH RP Lead. I was a little shocked, i thought that my lack of recent activity was a sure fired canning for my effort, but i've always been a firm believer in you never know if you never try.



Now, its gonna be awkward and difficult ... and i'm not entirely sure i will succeed. I've been graciously granted 3 months to make this work, and i've decided to jump in feet first!


I've started by reposting the Dm5 era bio that was my character's original Bio. Its quite massive, and written by a younger me, perhaps a little dry, dorky in places, and maybe not entirely ideal for this new dragonmount i've found. Either way, its a serious look in to my character, and the way i role play him. There's large gaps in the story, but it does cover Vinn from the age of 12 to 20 and addresses many particulars about his past. Furthermore, its last few chapters were an interactive bio, where i challenged fellow band mates to 'write the conclusion'. The result was a considerably sized RP that gave the band a bit of a playground for a while. It doesn't incorporate ALL of the posts made by fellow band mates, but does have quite a few. The link is here:



I've also created a challenge for my member ship to explore their bios with a bit of solo RP. This is to help me check activity, and ultimately learn those who are in the rp with me that much more. The details can be found here:


Sadly, participation here is lacking at best. It is slightly intimidating to see this thread sit so long without any action, but it is what i have to work with.



perhaps the repsonses here are some explanation to why and how i don't see any action on the botrh forum. Only 4 members, myself included, plus a out of div RPer (she's officially freelander) chimed in on the roll call.

I obviously need more memberes, but am at a slight impasse as to how to go about it. Opinions, suggestions and general advice IS VERY APPRECIATED. please, throw me a bone and give me a hand. :)



Lastly, today i decided that perhaps the Seanchan leader has a good idea, with a dedicated website. Not to rub my own lamp or anything, but i started this morning on this:


and its coming along nicely. I've decided to link to the unfinished site for input, ideas and ... you guessed it, more suggestions.


I'm currently about 2 weeks into my 12 week probation period, and am personally unsatisfied with my results and efforts. I have considered that the time of year might play a part, finals for fellow college students, classes for those not in college yet, and the holidays for those who are left. I hope that that is the reason, and that come the december update that i have a little more than what i've just posted as an update.


Thanks for your time. input is appreciated.


Especially from you, the members. I want to make this a band for you, by your input. I would like to try to avoid a cookie cutter design that runs out of energy in the process of getting rolling, and never takes off.


~~Maglin jos'Vinn

Commander of the Band

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