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Approved CotS Bio for Drizzt - CCd by FL


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this is mine so i had admins do the checking for cots side


Character Name: Drizzt

Subgroup: Dreadlords

2nd char start as adept after finishing the acolyte test

Country of Origin: The Blight

Age Mainplot: 200+

Height: 6

Weight: 195 lbs

Physical Appearance:

Brown hair mixed colored hair, mixed heritage


Drizzt sat looking out the window, he was tired but contemplating about the point he had reached in his life. He had grown up running the halls of the fortress, to him there were no questions who were right, his world was simple, never having been introduced to the morals of light. Still he grew up secure and loved by his dreadlord parents, his mother a young one only a few years out of her raising ceremony when she had him, and spending a lot of her time in his early childhood researching her talent. Few knew about it, not even his father, probably the only reason he got to have a somewhat equal relationship to both was they belonged too the same order, even so there was no doubt if it came to streach that his mother had sunken her claws deepest in the young boys heart.


In his teens his parents had started taking him out, though never too anywhere too public, it had been a shock, even if he seldom met much people on these trips, just the change in scenery and landscape, the creatures and plants were so different from all he had known. They had tried to ensure he would have skills to fend for himself as a mere darkfriend, and he had learned his book knowledge well, along with other tricks that could be usefull. Just as he was crossing out of his teens though he was found to have the ability to learn channeling, and he joined the ranks of acolyte. His parents now more protective of him and the risks coming along with the taint, along with his inherited interest in books from spending so much time with his mother in the libary as she did her research, he wasnt among the fastest to learn. Or rather he learned as normal, he just had his classes spanned out and spaced apart to make room for other things, but now he knew that in all likelyhood his test was fast aproaching. Drizzt was not sure what he thougth about it, his mother was not around as much anymore, though more then she needed likely, he knew he would still see her, though hopefully she wouldnt feel tied up, besides his father thougth most of his time, so he would always be around.


Drizzt felt sure that his parents had left him with the skills and abilities needed to survive in the shadow, but crossing this would mean one step closer too dreadlord rank, something which again would mean he could go where he wanted, the question was if he wanted to go anywhere. He would need to figure out what to do with himself, though he was sure his parents could keep him somewhat occupied he would no longer then be in training, not the same.

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bad Lii! *spanks* Using poor Drizzt's name for a shadowlover :P *grins*


Interesting bio though I must confess, I know little of the inner working of the CoTS. Not sure if I'm the right person to CC this, considering my ignorance of this RP Group.


For me it looks good, so if that's good enough consider it CC'd :)

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