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Welcome to the Blue Ajah! PLEASE READ FIRST


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Hello and welcome to the Ajah!


*hands over an exquisitely carved staff*


We’re glad and proud to have you as a member! Congrats on choosing the very best Ajah in which to make your home. And why shouldn’t you have? The Blues are super special – after all, where else do you get to champion your own cause? That’s right, nowhere but here! Plus, we have the best information –as you well know- and who doesn’t like always knowing what’s going on?


Now, before you go CRAZY with your Rping (and meddling, natch :wink: ), please read and follow the information below.


1) Post a Character Information thread. Each Blue Sister has one. You need one. This helps us to get to know you better and even you to get to know you better. Anytime you write in character, you might discover something about her that you didn't write about in her bio. For example, you may suddenly discover she hates sleeping in a bed and prefers to sleep on the floor. Or that she’s only colorblind on the first day of the week, or that her second toe is bigger than her first. Whatever it is, post it there. Let us know. As a form of warning. I'd prefer if you didn't do anything to make it all fancy with blinking text or a gajillion pictures *g*. Just makes it more difficult to read.


2) Read the other posts that have been pinned. These have been pinned for a reason. One tells you about any major developments in the DM Blue Ajah that might impact you and about the Blue Ajah here at DM. Which right now is pretty similar to the Ajah in the books. The second requests that you provide some ideas so we can all grow as an Ajah. We have all this information and excellent manipulation people skills that we must get out there into the world. The third is the Monthly Report String (see below).


3) Post in the Monthly Report String. Each Ajah Head needs to do a monthly report of all the rps that her/his Ajah has done over the past month. Please post in there with your character's list of rps in a timely manner so I can get it to the higher ups on time!


4)Enjoy. Write write write! Make the world a place more to your liking better. Your Ajah is the best to take you anywhere you want to go. Or you can stay here in the Tower and represent our tiny yet awesome Ajah by teaching and/or tormenting N&As.


5) Tell everyone about us! Recruit! Recruit! Recruit! Just like in the books we’re a small Ajah. Small but full of AWESOME! What other Ajahs can boast having the likes of Siuan, (formerly) Leane, and most importantly, Moiraine :moiraine: ?! Plus, there’s me :biggrin: .


Affectionately yours,


Emily aka KeyHolder21

First Selector (or Head) Blue Ajah OOC

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