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Santa’s village was as busy as usual. Not long now to the busiest night of the year, as though it wasn’t now! The Elves are busy in the workshops, on the internet, making sure all the gifts are ready for all the good little children. The reindeer are out in the fields training for their special night, though not all go on the trip, the all play their part.

Unseen eyes watch the Reindeer play and work in the snow, they then drift over the workshops and stalls until they reach their destination. The small cute house at the far end of the village with a glowing warmth that seemed to fall out of the windows and lit up the paths. As they watched, the door opened and out walk and old round gentleman. From this distance he looked like an ordinary guy, but close up there was a sparkle about him, a smile that never left his lips, a warmth that exuded from him to all those near him. This was their target.

Rudolph started suddenly, something caught his attention, he felt something wrong. He scoured the landscape around him but everything seemed in order. Was he imagining things? “Trust you instincts” came a voice of Santa in his head. Santa had always said he was sensitive to things around him, his intuition was second to none. His eyes bored into the darkness of the forest, but he could see nothing and yet the feeling would not go. You were side tracked by some of the other reindeer but the feeling would not leave him.

As the Reindeer finished their days work they made their way back to their stalls when a shriek came out from the small cottage, next thing elves swarmed everywhere running around what seemed like chaotically, but there was some pattern to it. One stopped by the Reindeer and asked if any of them had seen Santa, he was missing. Rudolph knew at once that what he had felt earlier was something after all. He should have listened to what Santa always told him, now Santa was missing.

Later that night a council was formed. It was decided that work should carry on as normal, in fact it would have to otherwise things would not be done in time. It was voted that the Reindeer had to find Santa, all they knew was that he wasn’t in the village and tracks leading off into the trees should some people had gone that way.

Twenty reindeer were chosen to find him, so that night they ventured off into the forest.




This is a Mafia game and as such there will be many roles that are usually used or warped a bit. EVERYONE has a role. In some cases inaction can do harm to the game, so please read your PM’s carefully and contact me if you have any problems or queries, I like PM’s :)


There will be normal Day phases and Night Phases. The day will normal last 3-4 days and the night 2-3, depending when they fall. The first day will last longer and will not have a time limit on it when we start, but it will be added later.


I will not say too much more, but if any questions come up, or anything else I need to inform you of will be posted here with a post on the main game to let you know.


Questions can be asked in the thread, but put them in quotes and Bold them in Purple so I can easily see it. If you are unsure about the sensitivity of the question please PM me.


NOTE: The Coroner Report will not be given until after the next phase (whether day or night)




When all Evil Reindeers are eliminated then the Town will win and find Santa, and Christmas Eve will go ahead as Planned.


If the Evil Team equal or out number the town, then Santa is lost and Christmas will be cancelled.






1. There will be NO communication off this game thread with anyone, about this game, unless you have been given a QT. No QT’s can be passed on to anyone, only the Mod can do that.


2. There will be NO reveal of names, NO hints or ‘in character’ of their character. To do so could mean something very painful, or death!


3. No Editing of posts, it may make you look scummy but mostly because I don’t want to have to second guess anyone because they have changed something later!


4. All votes for the lynch must be bolded and in Red. This colour must not be used for anything else. Other colours for other votes will be given out at the time.


5. Rules may change or be added to, I will inform you in the game if that happens.


6. All players must post once a day and once a night unless it is in the game itself, on that I will say no more







4. Wwwwwwwombat!

6. Talmanes

10. Alanna

11. Tynaal Song

12. Locke

15. Lily

19. Thorum Meesh

20. AlannaLynn (AJ/Lani)



5. Aemon

1. MCS Lynched Day 1 - DASHER

2. meesh Killed night 1 - COMET

3. LedZepMan Died Day 7 - Rudolph

7. TMD - Died Day 7 - Liandrindeer

8. Kemian Lynched Day 4 - Jachim Carrideer

9. Tinks MCS MODKILLED Day 5 - Reginald

13. Song Killed night 2 - BAMBI

14. Lessa Killed Night 4 - LANDEER

16. Adella Killed Night 3 - Dancer

17. Mottlee Killed Day 2 - ROLLO

18. Krak Killed Day 2 - DONNER

All PM's have been sent, if you haven't recieved one, then please let me know. Please sign in this thread once you have got your PM. It's Game on!


For Information - all roles were randomly given!





DAY 1 Vote


Kemian (0): Song

Locke(0): Aemon

Wombat (3): Meesh, Ty, Thorum, Aemon, TMD

Krak (1): AJ, Lessa

MCS (11): Locke, Lily, Wombat, Meesh, Song, Lessa, Aemon, Alanna, Talm, Kemian, Adella, Wombat

Thorum (1): Led, Adella

Lily (0): MCS

TMD (1): Wombat, Krak

Song (0): Krak, Kemian


Not voting: MCS, Tinks, Mottlee






Wombat (1): song

Ty (0): Wombat

Krak (1): Aemon

Song (7): Wombat, Locke, Adella, Alanna, Krak, Song, Lily

Locke (1): Krak, Kemian





Kemian (8): Locke, Lily, Adella, Aemon, Led, Lessa, AJ, Meesh, Talm

Aemon (1): Adella

Adella (1): Kemian







Kemian (6): Locke, Wombat, Lessa, TMD, AJ, Song





Talm (5): Lily, Locke, Song, Aemon, Wombat, Aemon, Locke, Wombat, Alanna

Wombat (1): Talm

TMD (1): Wombat, Led, Meesh,

Led (0): Meesh, Locke

Meesh (2): Led, Wombat , Locke, Lily



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I got my role PM and I have no questions! Checking in, and I feel like voting Wombat for kicks and giggles. :tongue:


I'm so excited to be back and playing a wonderful game modded by Lovely Talya! :laugh:

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Just wait until Everyone has signed in *giggles evilly*


Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way



Kemian (1): Song

Locke(1): Aemon

Wombat (1): Meesh


Not voting: Krak, MCS, LedZepMan, Talmanes, Tynaal, Tinks, Alanna, TMD, Locke, Lily, Adella, Wombat, Mottlee, Thorum, Kemian, Lessa, AlannaLynn


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I took a while on my post and got distracted so I missed AJ...sorry :huh:


Kemian (1): Song

Locke(1): Aemon

Wombat (1): Meesh

Krak (1): AJ

Lessa (1): Thorum


Not voting: Krak, MCS, LedZepMan, Talmanes, Tynaal, Tinks, Alanna, TMD, Locke, Lily, Adella, Wombat, Mottlee, Kemian, Lessa,

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Day 1 Vote



Kemian (1): Song

Locke(1): Aemon

Wombat (2): Meesh, Ty

Krak (1): AJ

Lessa (1): Thorum

MCS (3): Locke, Lily, Wombat

Thorum (1): Led

Lily (1): MCS


Not voting: Krak, Talmanes, Tinks, Alanna, TMD, Adella, Mottlee, Kemian, Lessa,



There are 20 players left it take 11 to lynch


If no winning lynch then it will random....

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unvote and vote MCS.


Why dilly-dally around, why not start putting pressure on people already and get this game moving. (+I feel like bandwagoning atm.)

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