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The Third Band of the Red Hand Musical Advent Calendar (15th December)


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After the success of this idea last year and the previous year, the musical advent thread returns even if I do not feel very Christmasy at the moment - this is because I am preparing for horribley accountancy exams and work is quite busy. But I will do my best to bring a festive spirit to the Band - here is the third installment of the Musical Advent Calendar from the Band of the Red Hand!


Each day, between now and Christmas Eve, I'll be posting a musical treat for you. Some songs will be Christmasy, others will be just absolute classics that everyone loves. And to add to the surprise, all there will be is the link to youtube. So sit back and enjoy the surprises for each day! And I will try not to match the songs to previous years - or get songs on the same day!




1. Christmas at the Zoo by The Flaming Lips

2. Don't Shoot Me Santa by The Killers

3. Cool Yule by Louis Armstrong with the Commanders

4. 2000 Miles by The Pretenders

5. It's Christmas All Over The World by Sheena Easton

6. Santa Claus Got Stuck In My Chimney by Ella Fitzgerald

7. Greatest Time of Year by Aly and AJ

8. Christmas Round At Ours by Girls Aloud

9. Where are you Christmas? by Faith Hill

10. A Winter's Tale by David Essex

11. Wombling Merry Christmas by The Wombles

12. I Saw Three Ships by Sting

13. Christmas Through Your Eyes by Gloria Estefan

14. It's Christmas Time by Status Quo

15. I Was Born on Christmas Day by Saint Etienne

16. Early Christmas Morning by Cyndi Lauper

17. My December by Linkin Park

18. Put a Little Holiday in Your Heart by LeAnn Rimes

19. Song for a Winter's Night by Sarah McLachlan


EDIT: I have managed to find the link for the 2008 Musical Advent Calendar for people to listen to if they want a trip down Band memory lane! Corki

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Please refrain from posting videos in this thread. This is my thread alone for everyone's enjoyment.


If you want to start a thread to discuss festive music in it, then be my guest.


Updates to come later today for the days I have missed...and hopefully a few other things...

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