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So I heard this is a happening place to be...


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'ello people!


Like my title says, I've heard this is a fun place to be. I started at DM not even two months ago and am living it up on the RP side. Then I was told that this was an even cooler place, so I thought I'd check it out. Any thoughts?


Emily aka KeyHolder aka RP stuff ;).

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OOOO! OOOO!!! Can I CHOMP this one???? Pleaseeeeeeee????


Hello... Nargbert the trolloc here. You can guess where I rp... and I am hanging out in the WT trying to gather.. intelligence... or have my fun.. one or the other... But since I haven't said so yet... welcome to DM... good luck... and don't let the trollocs bite!

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Emily! *Jumptacklesnugglebites* :biggrin:


*Eyes Narg* ... the Light alone knows where he got those cookies ... hopefully stole them from Cairos. Don't worry, Em - we have Yellows around.


*Whispers to Lessa* good job on keeping an eye on that one.

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Such a warm welcome! Hot even, if you include the offer for the hot tub ;).


Hi friends I've spoken to before, and those new ones that I haven't!


All righty, you've twisted my arm. I'll join :-D.


edited for punctuation.

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Oh man, violation! Awesome er....I mean hey now, watch out!


Elgs - glad you think so :). I think it's the start of a beautiful friendship *sniffles*



I think you're lying Fnorrll, but I'll take the bait ;). What test?

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ROFL I'm curious to see what Fnorrll tries to get her to do...



Welcome Emily (My name is Emily too weee!). We're glad to see you've found us, I know you will love it here. Don't forget to give the Red Ajah a little lovin' too, we have an extra special way to greet our new novices =D =D


*Gives keyholder cherry pie that is much more yummy looking than the trolloc cookies*

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