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AIEL - Wise one - Rixan Coldring


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Full name: Rixan Coldring

Age: 24

Clan: dragonmount

Role: Wise One


One Power: non channeler


Special: Dreamwalker


Current Weapon Strength: 8



Bio link



Progress report


Bio aproval:


Advancement aproval:

--> jump to Wise One: 1 solo RP outlining Rixan's time as an Apprentice + second visit to Rhuidean

--> jump to Dreamwalker: 1 solo RP outlining Rixan's training as a Dreamwalker.

note: both can be done as two seperate Solo RP's or one solo RP incorporating both trainings.

RP's must be of a decent size to count towards the jump and must incorporate training, character development, at least one difficult situation both in Apprentice and Dreamwalking training and must follow the general route as laid out in the progression system.

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OOOooo this is new! Or at least new for me to see heh.


I will get to working on those posts. Think I'm going to do it as two separate posts to make it easier to read/write. DO you have a specific length you'd like me to stick to? Or I'll just write it and you'll tell me if it's satisfactory?

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I'd prefer you to write it and then we can see how things stand. I've seen your RP's and you're usually quite thorough, so I have quite a lot of faith that this will be ok. This is new territory for me too, so we'll figure it out together as we go along. Groundbreaking stuff! :smile:

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