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Retro RP: Dragged to the Infirmary

Jagen Sedai

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OOC: for clarification I'm starting the post with an NPC :)




Zyra Sedai sat down at her desk in one of the offices of the infirmary, cracking her knuckles. Two Warders had been brought in within the past hour, one with a spranged ankle and broken rib, and the other a bruised and swollen face. Apparently a fight had erupted between a few younger trainees and escalated before anyone managed to pull the two apart. But then, Fukashi had been here times before. The young Borderlander had quite a temper, unfortunately. At least he directed it only at men, though. With women he was quite the gentleman. Perhaps after he rested Zyra could try to--

"Zyra Sedai?" one of the Accepted helping attend in the Infirmary popped her head in, looking worried. "There's been a man come in with a woman. She's all feverish and moaning, with a rash, and..."


She trailed off as Zyra pushed pass her, the older Aes Sedai on her way to the main room. It was a short walk. She saw a young man standing by the bed, a shirtsleeve sleeve pulled up, and by him an older woman, perhaps his mother, lay in the bed. Carys was there, too, close to the man, who was gesturing and muttering incomprehensably. He pointed to his ears with both hands, shook his head and was gesturing wildly again.

"I think he's deaf," the Accepted said.

"Obviously girl. Now why are you standing here? Go fetch a basin and some towels!" The girl bolted off.

Zyra sighed and looked to Carys. "We will need to figure out how to communicate to learn what happened. By the look of his clothes, a commoner. He probably can't read. Carys, there is a newly raised Accepted named Celestine Erebruz. Just in time I have found out about her, it seems. At her testing. Anyway, please bring her here immediately."



Celestine peered into a shop window with a bit of longing. A lovely hairclip made in tigerseye with some emeralds was on display, making her sigh. Growing up, Celestine had been very well to do, but coming to Tar Valon and seeing all the beautiful things made her feel like perhaps she could do better.

Grimacing, she turned from the window. She did not want to think about her family or anyone from Yvel. Her testing for Accepted was too fresh in her mind, the ring on her finger so new. Before, she was sure shed pay any price for it. Now it just hurt. She had no pride in it.

She had been given choices. The first time, she could remember the smell of things burning, her home, her father's grand library and printing press. Her father hmself caught in the other part of the house. He had told her many times growing up that her family's livelyhood was in the press and those books and ledgers. He had instructed her in that very situation to rescue the press, not him, the books and family savings. He had been trapped, screaming. A devistating choice, and she had turned her back on both when it was time. It hurt so much. Did she really make the right choice?

I had to. This is real--that wasn't. Right?


She looked up at the sky to judge the time. She must have been out here for two hours getting lost in the sights and smells of Tar Valon. It was certainly time to return to the Tower. Besides, she was barely enjoying her trip out, the first one she ever took since comng to the grand city. She only had so much free time, however, even this day, and so walked briskly back through the crowd and through the large square, up the steps leading to the gigantic doors of the Tower's grounds. Her Accepted dress and cloak let her get through with no questins asked, letting Celestine get lost in her thoughts.


She walked in a daydream all the way back to the entrance of the Accepted Quarters. Spottng a balcony not far from the staircase, she approached and set her hands on the cool stone. Her bag of things she bought--a matching comb and handmirror, some makeup and small hairclips--she set down beside her.

Her second arch had been just as bad. Friends she had made over the years here, Warders she took a liking to, all suddeny sick and she could not figure out what was wrong with them. Worse, the Tower had been devoid of any sisters who could have helped her, like some disease had ravaged the city and made people disappear. In that, she was the only one who had not been sick, the only one who could have helped--but instead of staying, of helping the Amyrlin who had been so sick herself, Celestine left them. At the time she understood nothing of why, only that she had to leave. And the solution had been easy. The Amyrlin had been trying to tell her what she had to do, but her voice had been weak and Celestine could not uderstand her. She had cursed her hearing problem a thousad times before, though not so strongly as she had then. She remembered shouting at the Amyrlin to raise her voice, yell. The arch appeared then, just when the Amyrlin's words were becoming loud enough that Celestine heard at least a murmer. But the arch had drawn her away, even though she knew the arch offered no solution to help.


So wrapped in her reflections, she did not hear anyone calling behind her, nor even was aware someone was there, trying to get her attention without having to come around right beside her.


Did I really do the right thing? It WAS fake... Right?

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ooc: hope you don't mind that I used your NPC this time ;). Also, edited to add: Ugh - sorry this sounds so choppy! I wrote it this morning and apparently was in a bit of a rush LOL. I promise to do better next time darlin!




Fukashi retreated from the infirmary, heading toward the kitchens. The other Warder had taken his leave a few moments ago as his injuries were far less severe. Apparently the borderlander had been fighting a few others before he attacked Lucean. Woolheaded men. Carys watched the boy leave, shaking her head. He would be a trainee forever if he didn’t manage to reign in his temper. He had already been at the Tower way longer than most young men.


Turning around, the Yellow began stripping the bed of the soiled cloths. The Accepted currently assigned to the infirmary, Nadine, was bringing new ones. Saidar was useful, but wasn’t everything. The novices had to have something to do after all. Carys had grown up using herbs and clean linens and like many of her Sisters, she still saw usefulness in them. Besides- soiled bedsheets wouldn’t be good for anyone.


By the time she finished stripped the bed, the Accepted hadn’t returned. Frowning, the Aes Sedai wondered what was taking the girl. She was usually so on top of things. That’s when she heard the moaning. Nadine rushed into the infirmary, a bundle of white sheets in her arms, ushering a man and a woman who was moaning into the room. The Accepted looked at Carys like she didn’t know what to do – as she probably didn’t. The Yellow started to ask what was wrong with the two of them, but the man waved his hand at his ears and looked at her in a panic.


He can’t hear… Another time that might have fascinated her, but like any good Healer, Carys paid attention to the matter at hand. “Go get Zyra Sedai,” she barked at the Accepted, before guiding the man and moaning woman to a nearby clean bed. She Delved the woman and was surprised at what she found. It was very curious. Grabbing a few herbs, she moved back to the bed shortly before the elder Yellow arrived, followed closely by Nadine. The woman moaned again, loudly, and the man started mumbling to himself, pointing from her to Carys to him and then back again. Carys ignored him, choosing to focus on her patient instead. She wasn’t trying to be rude per se, but the woman obviously needed the more immediate help.


"I think he's deaf," Nadine said slowly.


Carys ignored her too, choosing not to acknowledge her obvious statement. Zyra was a bit more direct. She snorted, "Obviously girl. Now why are you standing here? Go fetch a basin and some towels!" The girl gave one more look at the two Aes Sedai and bolted off.


The elder Yellow sighed then and looked to Carys. "We will need to figure out how to communicate to learn what happened. By the look of his clothes, a commoner. He probably can't read. Carys, there is a newly raised Accepted named Celestine Erebruz. Just in time I have found out about her, it seems. At her testing. Anyway, please bring her here immediately."


Gritting her teeth, for she hated to leave a patient, Carys nodded and rushed off to find the girl. No sense in arguing, if this Accepted really could communicate with him then it would be incredibly helpful and maybe the difference between fixing her problem and …not. The Yellow shook her head. She hated to think of the ‘not,’ for Saidar should be able to fix anything.


The Altaran-raised Aes Sedai hurried along to the Accepted quarters where she snagged a girl carrying a large load of books. “Where might I find the Accepted Celestine Erebruz?” The Accepted stared at her for a moment as if surprised to find an Aes Sedai in front of her asking a question. Very curious that, Carys figured she’d be used to it. She looked around and then pointed to an Accepted that was strolling along by herself at the end of the hall. The Yellow murmured a thank you and rushed toward Celestine.


“Accepted Celestine! Celestine! You are needed in the infirmary! Celestine!” Carys called. The girl was either ignoring her or deep in thought. For the Accepted’s sake, she hoped it was deep in thought. Carys wasn’t the kind to punish anyone for thinking, but this was a necessary interruption.

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Someone was coming, the young Andoran realized. Celestine heard a voice, but could not make out the words, but upon lastly hearing her name, she suddenly turned around. The woman--the Aes Sedai, she saw--had shouted at her. Gulping, she dipped a hasty but deep curtsy. Thoughts of her Arches had been wiped away, at least for now. Yet, in the back of her head, a tickling seemed to resemble the heat she had felt when seeing her father... Don't think about this right now.



"My apologizes Aes Sedai," she nearly squeaked. The last thing she needed just then was an angry sister in front of her. Already Celestine had earned herself a trip to the Mistress of Novices for her distracted daydreaming. She had been kind that time, understanding what was going through her. Yet Celestine knew if she was sent there again, she would not be so understanding.


"You are needed at the Infirmary," the sister told her.

Celestine lowered her head, "Yes Aes Sedai." She fell in beside her, and a little behind. The Infirmary, why? A panic seemed to overwhelm her. What if her Arches had been real, some aspect to them? Was her father hurt? Did he come here to find Celestine? What is the probability? I'm being ridiculous. Let's just wait and find out. But the whole time she was wondering what could have happened, and she kept watching the Aes Sedai for clues. Of course she could not really gleen anything from her. Easier to see what a cat was thinking.

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By the third calling of her name the Accepted finally turned around. Her face lost some of its color upon seeing she had been ignoring an Aes Sedai. She produced a deep curtsy and fumbled through an apology. Carys waved a hand at her, as if to say the apology wasn’t necessary. “Thinking has its moments too child, don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t normally interrupt someone so deep in thought banded hem or not, but you are desperately needed at the infirmary.”


The girl widened her eyes and dipped her head. “Yes Aes Sedai.” She started walking alongside the Yellow, slowly dropping back until she was a bit behind instead. Carys fought the urge to roll her eyes and slowed her walk until they were again walking side by side. The girl seemed to be lost in her thoughts again, glimmers of pain and panic rising to the surface of her dark eyes. So newly raised to the ring. I often wonder if we are too hard on the children that enter – so much shock when they come out. She briefly closed her eyes at the thought of her own Arches, so much blood.


Shaking herself, Carys opened her eyes to the bright hallway of the White Tower. They were going to come up on the doors of the infirmary any minute. “Celestine?” she asked gently, trying to let the girl retain some of her dignity, “We will be entering the Infirmary any minute. Inside, there is a woman in such pain that she cannot answer our questions and a man who cannot hear and is therefore unable to communicate. I have Delved her, and I’m sure Zyra Sedai has as well, but we need some answers as to how her injuries have occurred. Your ability to confer with those that cannot hear is of the utmost importance. You must do this for us. However, if you become distressed please let me know and I will do what I can to comfort you.” She nodded and patted the girl on her shoulder. The Infirmary doors loomed ahead. The Yellow glided ahead to open the doors.


Inside, the woman’s cries had increased. The young man sat quietly on a nearby bed, eyes trained like a hawk on the injured woman. Zyra stood there still accompanied by Nadine. The Aes Sedai had instructed the Accepted to clean visible wounds as evidenced by the heap of towels at the foot of the bed.


The older Yellow snapped her head around to find Carys and Celestine entering. Relief and anxiety warred across her face as she impatiently called the girl to her. Carys moved to the other side of the bed, brow furrowed at the woman. Despite Delving there was still something that neither Yellow could puzzle out. Hopefully Celestine’s interaction with the young man would allow them to puzzle it out. Embracing the Source, Carys cooled a cloth and laid it against her patient’s head.

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Celestine rubbed her arms as they entered the infirmary. The woman's screams of pain were loud enough that they reached her ears and made her cringe even from the doorway. She was an older lady, thrashing on the bed uneasily, as if she was having a nightmare. Her skin was red on her arms and neck and some on her face and looked to have broken out in hives. An older Aes Sedai, wearing an Altaran dress, her dark reddish-brown hair streaked with Gray, motioned to her, "Come Celestine, I need you to talk with this man," she demanded. "What happened to her? When did it start?"


The Accepted nervously glanced at the woman. The poor woman! she thought with a grimace. Vaguely she wondered if she recognized her. But there really was no time for that. She turned her attention to the young man. He too had red on his exposed arm, and he was looking pale and discomforted, but not in pain. Not yet, anyway.

Celestine raised her hand to her forehead, fingertips touching before she lowered them by way of a greeting. Then she signed with her hands, Excuse me, I'm here to help you. She had kept up her habit of signing in the Tower--when she wasn't around sisters who disproved of that--so the motions still came easy for her. We need to know what happened, she added, though the man was already signing back before she finished.


Celestine's head was nodding, and she signed again. Zyra Sedai watched impatiently, and the woman on the bed groaned in pain. "Well?"

"He says..." she began uncertainly, "They were camping for the night--two nights ago--across the river. They were traveling from Yvel--Andor--and stopped before reaching here. Visiting family."

"Important information," Zyra reminded her.


She blushed lightly and nodded, but her jaw was set firm. She motioned rapidly, and the man returned in kind. "Yes, yes," Celestine said, "He said they were riding when around midday she broke out in a rash. They didn't think anything of it. Then itching came, and pain. He says she has trouble breathing now," she added, though that was certainly obvious. But a thought did occur to her, and she signed again. He paused and then reluctantly motioned.

The Accepted nodded again and turned to Carys and Zyra. "I asked if they ate anything they didn't normally, but he said no. He said they didn't have a tent, either, and figured something bit her. But there's no bitemarks. They looked. And the next morning--yesterday--it was worse."

She grimaced again. What did happen, then? Celestine wondered worriedly. She wanted to stop the lady's pain.

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After applying a cool cloth to the woman’s forehead, Carys looked across the bed to Celestine and Zyra. The Accepted looked nervous; the Aes Sedai impatient. The older Yellow was not a patient woman by any means, and her irritation at being unable to solve the problem only exasperated that fact. There was a vein in her left temple beginning to show. Carys caught the woman’s eye with a discreet motion and held her gaze, urging her to calm down, until Zyra let out a breath.


Next to her, the slight Accepted was motioning with her hands, communicating to the young man. The Altaran watched in amazement as the pair signaled back and forth. An entire conversation without talking. Who knew? She made a mental note to talk to Celestine more in depth, as well as visit the Browns. It would be good to learn in case something of this magnitude, or greater, happened again and Celestine was unavailable. Perhaps the Brown Sisters had a few books that she could study.


The girl started nodding, and Carys snapped her eyes from the girl’s hands to her face. Zyra sighed as the woman on the bed groaned again in pain, “WELL?” The auburn headed Aes Sedai barked. Celestine hesistated, but then words started tumbling out of her mouth. She seemed to want to give all the information she’d gathered. Still annoyed, Zyra prodded her for only ‘important information.’ Carys knit her brow at that direction. Who knew what seemingly harmless information could be considered important to the Healing of this woman? She let it go though, as Celestine started signing with her hands again.


"Yes, yes," the Accepted said, "He said they were riding when around midday she broke out in a rash. They didn't think anything of it. Then itching came, and pain. He says she has trouble breathing now.” Carys nodded, trying to puzzle out what could have been the problem. It was so aggravating not to be able to communicate herself! She urged Celestine on, patting her hand and flashing her a quick smile to let her know she was doing a good job.


After a momentary pause, Celestine’s face lit up and she motioned again to the man. Her face fell just as quick as it lit up, she nodded and turned to the Yellows. "I asked if they ate anything they didn't normally, but he said no. He said they didn't have a tent, either, and figured something bit her. But there's no bitemarks. They looked. And the next morning--yesterday--it was worse."


Zyra’s face has passed from irritated to stoic. Carys arched an eyebrow at her Sister, but focused her energy on the task at hand. There would be time to calm Zyra down after they found a cure for the woman. A thought occurred to her then, a lesson from a decade past. “Ask them if they are wearing their own clothes, or those of their family members child.” She directed toward the Accepted while weaving another Delve. As she placed the weave on the woman, Carys found exactly what she now suspected.


“Please tell him I’m going to to Heal her now.” Carys instructed Celestine, after the Accepted had related the answer to Carys’ question. “And tell him he’s next.”

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