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Oh you should definitely pay homage to me too! You may be interested to know that I like foot massages, my bathwater constantly bubbled by blowing forcefully through a straw, oh and I like my chewing gum pre-chewed for me - you know, so it's already soft for me and I don't get a sore jaw trying to chew hard gum . I hate hard gum.


Homage away! :D


Ooh and hai there Ama!!! You may also solicit such homage, because you're one of my favorites I will allow it.



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Actually, a massage sounds like something I could just about handle.


I pay homage in style, so form a line and hop on the table please. :biggrin:




Now, Ama and Lily need some toys to have fun with.


Here's a whip for each of you to use in any way you see fit. :rolleyes:




I'm sure you ladies can find very interesting ways in which to imploy

them. :wink:


*Gives his best grovel and looks up to see if he has done well*

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*Pats the massage table* Step on up here. It will definitely be an

honor to massage the Head of the much esteemed Black Ajah.


*Watches Lily saunter over and get seated on the table and starts heating

up the hot oils and stones for a thorough job on the lovely Lily!*

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*Thor takes the heated cups and places them along Lily's spine. These

will draw all the tension into these spots. After waiting the desired

time...Thor slowly removes them and senses Lily growing very relaxed*


Those marks should go away in a couple of days but doesn't that feel

better? Now, where did I place that hot oil?

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