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Carys Arrives (Retro RP)


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The small gray cat purred contentedly as Carys ran her hand down its backside. What was left of his ear was healing nicely and the gash that had broken open his head was completely closed. A thick scar separated part of his fur on the back right side of his head. He looked a bit funny, but at least he’d live to see another day. She smiled at the happy cat as she moved her hand from his back. For some time now Carys had been secretly hoping that the Wise Women would let her keep him. What was a girl without a companion – even if he was tiny and furry? I think I’ll call him Scarface. She giggled at the name as she placed the furry animal back into the cage. Carys hated putting him in there, but he was still healing and it wouldn’t do for him to tear open that ear again.


Sighing, the girl tied her hair back and stepped across the room to the washstand. One must be extremely careful when it came to tending to the sick – whether the sick be an animal or a person. She scrubbed her hands and was in the middle of drying them when Anita called her name in a loud and commanding voice. “Carys girl, get down here!”


The youth practically flew down the stairs, skidding to stop in the large outer room. There, the Wise Woman on duty stood with her arm holding up an older man’s heavily bleeding arm. Anita merely had to look at her and Carys flew into action. She brought the young woman some herbs for the man’s pain, clean linens, and a bucket of clean water. Following that, a sterile needle, some thread, and a variety of other herbs. Before long, the patient was fixed up and snoring loudly on a bed in the corner.


The young Wise Woman nodded at girl with satisfaction. “We’ll make a Wise Woman out of you yet. I’m sure you’ll be wearing a red belt soon enough, probably even sooner than me and I was the youngest they’d found in two decades. Now, go make us some tea.”


Carys beamed with pride and moved into the kitchen to make tea. Any minute now Solena would be replacing Anita as the red belt on duty. She loved them all, of course, but Solena constantly quizzed Carys on herbs and their properties. It was often exhausting; she would need this tea in the hours to come. The water finished boiling just as Solena arrived. Thankful she’d had the foresight to make enough water for three; the apprentice poured hot water into three delicate cups and slowly walked toward the girlish voice of Anita and the rich low voice of Solena.




Carys stocked the shelves with her purchases. They had very nearly run out of bandages this afternoon and a few other supplies had been running low too. That would have been particularly embarrassing as she was in charge of supplies as part of her apprenticeship. I’ll have to check the stores in here more often, she thought as she placed another stack of white cloths on the shelf. She was beginning to stock the Acem and Blue Goatflowers when she heard the tinny ring of the bell on the front door.

Wiping her dusty hands on her skirts, Carys entered the kitchen in time to see Solena’s back retreating into the outer room. She was rushing and making tea for someone the girl realized with a start. Knitting her brow, the flaxen haired youth peeked around the corner to spy Solena speaking to a woman with an ageless face.


Shuffling quietly to the stairs, Carys sat quietly on the fourth step. It was low enough to still hear conversation, but high enough to hide her from view. She leaned forward, curious as to what they were discussing. She wasn’t particular nosy in most things, but when it came to possible patients it was too hard for her not to be interested. Surprisingly, she heard nothing though. Not even a whisper. How odd! She scooted forward on the stair, leaning farther forward, hoping to hear something.

And she did then, she heard herself sneeze involuntarily. Carys groaned inwardly at the loud sound and stared at the doorway. She considered that maybe they hadn’t heard, but a moment later an angry Solena stalked into the kitchen and spotted the girl on the stairs. She gritted her teeth and stomped over to Carys, muttering to herself. Her eyes could have melted cuendillar. Roughly, she grabbed the apprentice’s elbow and dragged her into the other room.


Carys winced at the pain in her arm as she stretched it over her head. Solena had apologized later, well not in so many words, but that was all she was going to get from the older woman, but it still hurt. Throwing back her covers, the girl slipped her feet into a pair of shoes and wandered over to the cages where several of her patients still slumbered. She was checking the wing of a small sparrow when she heard the murmur of a loud voice below. It wasn’t loud enough where she could make it out, but it was enough to draw her attention. Frowning, Carys moved to the window.


Down below, the ageless woman from yesterday conversed with an angry Solena and a frowning Marguerite. A dangerous looking man sat on an equally dangerous looking horse seemingly watching nothing and everything all at once. He did not appear affected by the heated conversation.


Solena opened her mouth to yell at the dark haired woman again, when Marguerite cut her off. She said something to the pair of them which seemed to appease Solena somewhat before walking back into the house. Carys watched for another short moment as the ageless woman mounted her horse, before she turned from the window and faced the stairs.


Marguerite stalked up the stairs and immediately started packing a few of Carys’ things into a bag. The girl opened her mouth and then shut it as the Wise Woman announced that Carys would be joining Eiona Sedai on her trip back to the White Tower. She had been tested yesterday and was found to have the ability to learn to channel. Marguerite paused and eyed the young apprentice sternly. “More than anything I expect you to be a model student. The Aes Sedai are women to be respected and you will be a representative of us. You will be taught more things that you ever have been before. You don’t have to be the best, but you’d better try your hardest.” She shoved the bag at Carys, “here, finish.”


Numb from shock, Carys shoved a few dresses into the bag and followed Marguerite down the stairs and out into the street. Solena’s face was still a furious red but her eyes were sad. She pulled the girl into a rough hug before practically shoving her up onto the third horse. The Aes Sedai nudged her horse forward without a look at the Wise Women. Carys’ horse followed without prompting and the girl stared ahead deep in thought as Ebou Dar receded on each side of her.

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A pleasant aroma filled the air as a maid lifted the cover of her evening meal. The girl curtsied and left quickly, as she liked. A warm roll, spiced fish, soup and barley tea. She took in the smell and lifted her fork to endulge.

The door opened in the private sitting room, emitting Eiona. Jagen had been expecting her much earlier.

The other sister inclined her head. "Jagen, I've found a girl," she said before the Red could ask. "She's been born with it, and by the way of things, has already had a bit of experience." She didn't use the word wilder, not around the younger Red, who had been one herself, years ago. A Gray had found her, that time in the Panarch's Palace in Tarabon. She remembered still what the cup looked like that she had dropped and broken on the marble floor when the sister made her announcement she was leaving to Tar Valon.


"You brought her here, yes?" she asked since she did not see the girl.

"I allowed her some time this night. She knows nothing as of yet, no suspicions hold. I was planning to return there tomorrow, if that was alright with you, Jagen."

"First light, she replied with a nod of her head.


She felt satisfied as Eiona left. Almost a month in Altara had revealed three girls including this one, and this last had been born with the ability. She began to eat her supper, enjoying it more than she would have before.




The next morning Jagen and the sisters accompanying her met in the common room of the graciously built inn they had been staying at. It was time to be heading back to Tar Valon. They would stop at Caemlyn along the way for perhaps a week and do a bit more testing there. Some would anyway; others would probably stay only two days before packing the new girls off. As it was already, one sister and her Warders had already left with two of the girls. This left one, a girl named Rynena to be standing behind one of the remaining party of sisters. She carried her traveling bundle close and a wide-eyed, happy expression on her round face.


The innkeeper came after eceryonexwas gathered, announcing their horses were ready and he hoped for their patronage again. Jagen gave him a nod and lead the party out. They had set wards to keep rats away and lessen the length of time some foods would spoil. It was good to do little things like that for innkeepers so they remembered your face--or at least to keep them in good terms with visiting Aes Sedai.


Wearing a warm dress that was white slashed with red, Jagen put on a warm, dark cloak, covering her long beaded braids. It was a bit of a chilly morning, but that wasn't why she covered her face. Who knew how people may react to ageless faces, especially in these dire times?


At the northern-most part of the city Eiona finally joined them, the young girl in tow. Jagen could already feel her potential. She spoke by way of greeting, "You will do well in the White Tower, girl, if your attitude matches your potiential. What is your name?"

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The horses clipped along at a quick pace, fast enough to leave the city within the hour, slow enough not to mow people down. Carys felt herself reconnect as they hit a point just north of the city. She twisted her head back, looking at the city where she’d spent all of her life. It actually looked bigger out here, surrounded by the plains. She felt a pang in her chest for the red belted women who had practically raised her. Her ‘parents’ were just a distant memory now.


A murmur of voices drew the girl’s attention and she whipped her head around to find a group of women and men, ageless faces extremely prominent. Biting her lip, Carys looked to Eiona Sedai. The woman arched a cool eyebrow at her before facing forward and joining the group. Her Warder nodded to the other stone faced men and took up a position slightly to the left of Eiona. The men formed a loose triangle with all the women in the middle.


A voice startled Carys – not one of the three had spoken since they left the Wise Woman shop in the middle of the city. "You will do well in the White Tower, girl, if your attitude matches your potiential. What is your name?"


Not knowing quite what was proper, Carys dipped her head and spoke her name softly, “Carys Demot, my lady, at least that’s the name that I remember.” She swept her hair out of her face, tucking it behind an ear, to look at the group. All of the other women were Aes Sedai, save one other girl who looked extremely eager. She smiled widely at Carys and bounced a bit in her saddle.


Touching the pouch at her belt – a variety of herbs that she carried with her everywhere – Carys moved forward to join the group. It wouldn’t do to embarrass Marguerite. No matter how far away from Ebou Dar the White Tower lay Carys was sure that the older women would find out. And somehow she’d find a way to make sure that Carys knew her displeasure. Chewing on a lock of hair that fell back into her face, the girl wondered if she would be allowed to practice her herbal remedies at the Tower. Though she doubted it, the girl considered that they might even have a better supply than the Wise Women had had. She’d heard stories of the Healing performed by Aes Sedai, but they just sounded ridiculous. How could anyone heal a heart problem without Gheandin? Or relieve stomach cramps without Goatstongue or Greenwort?


Carys decided right then and there that she would just get through whatever training these women wanted her to do and then return to Ebou Dar where she could really make something of her life by healing people and animals. It was really the only thing she wanted to do with her life. Perhaps these Aes Sedai could teach her something. She released the lock of hair and nudged her horse forward as the group started to move out.

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