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Light vs. Dark

A Rant Lord

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My guess:


Rand vs Shaidar Harnan


Isahmael back stabbed by Lanfear in some elaborate way before he can fight Rand


I would love to see Moiraine vs Lanfear Round two. A cameo by Alivia maybe to give Moraine an opening for the final strike


Nynaeve vs Moghedien and a few Dark Siters, Asha'Man


Logain vs Damodred so that Damodred's humiliation really rings throughout the Ages


Mat vs Padan Fein


Perrin vs Daved Hanlon




Egweene and White Tower keeping Seanchan off Rand's back while he does the actual fighting

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ToM spoiler
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Birgitte vs David Hasselhoff (for who can drink who under the table and then eat the biggest hamburger off the floor)


Rand vs Frodo (for best protagonist in a fantacy novel series)


The Dark One vs Sauron (for who can whip Sauron's ass the fastest)


Perrin vs the Wolfpack boys in the Twilight Saga (for who's the real warewolf)


Random Aes Sedai vs Jean Gray from X-men

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This whole topic is pretty much a ToM spoiler...I've read it but other people might not have. The state of the world and factions at the end of the book is pretty big spoiler.

Not necessarily, though I agree it's hard to escape it. Do what you can, but make sure you err on the side of caution. It's also best if we don't go into who's read it and who hasn't.

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