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WoT Generals to Real life Generals.

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Mat reminds me of Alexander Suvorov. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander_Suvorov


Haha, he sounds like a cool guy, and is almost Mat himself! Never won a battle, joking with the soldiers, the soldiers adore him. Yeah, you're right, Mat got his mojo from this guy. I wonder if Robert Jordan actually had him as inspiration to Mat?

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Lee was most certainly a great general, and a far better tactician than Grant, who was in turn a much better strategist. I would probably take Lee since he had generally smooth relations with both his subordinates and the very prickly Davis administration, whereas Grant ran into a number of problems with his fellow generals, most notably McClernand and Thomas. Bob is correct; McClellan would have captured Richmond in the Peninsula Campaign had Johnston not been wounded and Lee assigned to the ANV. Anyone who says either of the two isn't a great general doesn't know what he or she is talking about.



Err.... the Vicksburg campaign shows how great of a tactician Grant was. Lee didn't have smooth relations with the Davis administration. There were accounts where Lee would disregard Davis's orders or requests such as the request to send troops from the ANV to bolster the defenses in the West and to coordinate the strategy of the Confederate against the Union but Lee refused to let go of his troops, if he did, it was too little and/or too late.

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