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Who else is Ta'veren?

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Just idle musing, but have you ever wondered what other people, both real and fictional, might be considered Ta'veren outside of the Wheel of Time series? People who seem to shape events and other people in the world around them?


Fictional examples off the top of my head would be the Skywalkers from Star Wars or Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. Real life examples might be William Wallace, or perhaps even someone like Steve Jobs from Apple. I'm not Mac fan but one cannot help but be amazed by anyone who can revolutionize and entire industry (if not the world) more than one time. He did it with the Apple II, and he did it again with the iPhone.


So who else that you can think of might well be described as Ta'veren?

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Personally I don't think the abilities of the people mentioned have a wide enough scope to encompass being Ta'veren. To be a Ta'veren you can't merely make a technological break through (not even one as dire as the atomic bomb) you'd have to personally change the lives of the people around you. To me that means someone like Caesar, Alexander the Great, Charlamagne or George Washington. Actually, if we're talking about the impact they had then some people that are reviled (Stalin for one) might have a stronger claim than other historical figures that we admire. If one is a Ta'veren by the time their life is over no one will have to ask who they are because they will be an indelible part of history.

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Alexander the Great is a perfect example. Talk about ta'veren! I mean by 18 years old he's already a badass at war, enough so that men twice his age are willing to put their lives in his hands. Then when you look at what he accomplished...


Great call!

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I am, whenever I play a first person shooter haha.


I have to say napolean is a good candidate or hannibal. Actually many military leaders could be considered as such


one politician I like to think of as taveren would have to be Tito communist leader of yugoslavia I believe I may be wrong though, who had one of the best communist leaderships in the cold war which unfortunately fell apart after his death and civil war and genocide proceeded (kind of like Artur Hawkwing)


**although tito was a military leader before gaining the mantle of prime minister I am focussing on his political life

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the thing with ta'veren is the difference in power they have, some are stronger than others, the weak ones might only effect one small village while the powerful ones enslave entire races, like hitler. however simply because they are not military or political leaders, does not mean they are not ta'veren, however i think if we include steve jobs, we have to include bill gates as well, who else but a ta'veren could have pulled that little coup off?

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