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A Petition to the Brown Ajah (Attn: Mystica)


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Wearily, Bennu Abravanel put down her pen and pinched the bridge of her nose, feeling the headache that'd been waiting in the wings storming on with a vengeance. She should have paced herself, but as always she'd gotten caught up in her preparations for the class she was assisting with tomorrow, and hadn't noticed time passing while she sat in the library study room. Now, she'd missed dinner, the one thing that might have cured the results of exhaustion.


Then again, perhaps a cup of peppermint tea...


She nudged aside a few books she'd been working with, and reached out to pour from the pot she had sitting on the nearby trivet. She took a sip, and made a face. It was horribly tepid from having been sitting unheated for what was probably an hour. She poured it back in and applied the basic Warming weave to the pot, then tried again. Ah. Better. The young woman drank slowly, willing the mint to sooth a bit of the headache away.


The tower clock chimed softly counting out the relatively late hour. It wasn't quite time for the Novices to report to their beds, but it was close, and she could sense that the usual activity in the Tower was definitely slowing down. The Accepted could hear a few girls chatting in the hallways, and noted the quick pace of their feet as they hurried back to their respective quarters. Soon only Accepted, full sisters, and servants would be up and about. Bennu normally enjoyed those few hours before she sought her own bed; if nothing else, it was quiet enough to think, and there were no novices underfoot that she wanted to strangle for leaving books out of place. Or, Light save them, reshelving them wrong. Honestly, she wondered sometimes if they even knew how to spell.


However, Bennu wasn't too happy tonight, for there was no sign of a Brown Ajah response to her request to study ter'angreal. She'd worked on her polite letter for about a week before handing it to the Mistress of Novices, trusting her to deliver it to the proper hands. Another week had gone by, and she'd not heard from a single sister on the subject. Hopefully, she worded it correctly, and the silence from the Ajah was just due to other things being on their mind.


By the Stone, she hoped she hadn't totally ruined her chances for the brown shawl in the process, because she thought she'd found her path in life.


Even though one never spoke of one's experience in the Arches, her last trip through was seared in Bennu's memory. Not because of what she faced, no, though she'd woken up with a nightmare or two since then and picked up a brief aversion to blue. It was because of what she'd been doing - studying ter'angreal and determining their purpose. A few weeks after gaining the banded skirts, she'd been puttering around the library, picked up a book on the old Aes Sedai's life...and the rest was history. She honestly wanted to try and pick up where Corianin Nedeal had left off so long ago, to continue her work.


However, she'd chosen not to mention that part of her study would also be done as a favor to Elin, who wished to study Dreaming.


But now she wondered if they'd picked up on that. Sisters had eyes everywhere.


She folded her fingers around the sturdy stoneware teacup and channeled a very thin thread of Fire to heat it up again; she could feel it growing cold once more. Well, maybe I'll get an answer next week. If I don't then, I'll speak with Valeri Sedai, see what she thinks. With a sigh, she went back to her work, flipping open a book on Murandian history.

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Carina Al'Tara, First Chair of the Brown Ajah, sat in her office reading up on a long pile of letters and notes that had been waiting for her attention for a while now. The other Ajahs may think the Brown to be constantly out of the world, Carina's workload made short strips from that missconception. Her mood fell more and more as she went through the stack on her desk. After spending hours reading one stupid request after another, she was about to bite something. Love potions, beauty potions, how to increase one's intelligence... Honestly! Tsk'ing to herself she got up and walked to her window. It was a dark day, clowds hanging doomly low overhead casting the world beneath in a menacing looking darkness. Carina wasn't worried, for there was no unnatural feel to it, but it was still disheartening. It was like the weather had picked up her mood and found it funny to add to it rather than to sooth it.


She fetched a cup of tea from the table and went back to her desk. Too long she had postponed those letters, there was nothing for it but to keep going. She had reserved this day for that and didn't want to waste another day having to sift through those idiot things again. Sometimes she thought the clerks that divided the incoming letters and sent them to the apropriate Sisters had it in for her and did it on purpose. They were supposed to sift the rubbish from the genuin requests, after all. Carina decided it was time to have a little talk with the head clerk and see to it that they understood her definition of genuin requests. The man had gotten all stiff and indignant just because she had a new method of archiving installed two months back. Well, he could just get over it. Who ever heard of balking at an improvement to a work method? Habit was one thing, but that didn't automatically imply that the habit was a good thing. She rolled her eyes at the thought and picked up the next letter. He eyes widened slightly, seeing the hand writing from the Mistress of Novices. A petition from an Accepted called Bennu? The face of the girl formed itself in Carina's mind and her expression softened. Very promising girl, that one. Already displaying what others would call 'typical Brownness', though for Carina there was more to investigate before deciding an Accepted was indeed heading to Brown or not. A love for books and a tendency to be distracted didn't nearly cover it, of course, no matter what the rest of the Tower, and indeed the world, might think.


Bennu wanted to study Ter'Angreal. That didn't surprise Carina much. Quite a number of Accepted wanted to do that, their heads full of fantastical stories from the Age of Legends and legendary Sisters with their legendary adventures. Her first reaction, therefore, was to dismiss it, but something held her back. There was something about this girl that made Carina wonder. An itch between her shoulder blades that told her not to dismiss this one too soon.


'Perhaps I should investigate this one a bit closer.' She thought, drumming her fingers on the letter in front of her. If nothing else, she'd get a better understanding of the girl herself and that is always a good thing. No matter where she might end up later on. Having made up her mind, she wrote a small note and summoned one of the novices to deliver it to Bennu.



Accepted Bennu,


Report to my study right after lunch time this afternoon.


Carina Al'Tara



"We'll see what we have to work with in a few hours." She mumbled after the novice left and, with a sigh, picked up the next letter on the pile. It would seem that at least part of another day would be lost to these.

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True to her word, Bennu arrived right on time after lunch. To her credit, she hadn't barreled through her food; choking down her lunch would help no one if her gut was roiling. And she had not run through the halls like she would have done as a novice. No, she paid attention to the time and walked at a decent clip so she'd get to her destination on time. After all, one had to behave properly in front of Aes Sedai, not act like a pants-on-head sillybilly.


She carried a notebook and a couple of pens. No books; that wouldn't be necessary, she didn't think. As she walked, the Accepted considered what she would say to Carina Sedai – then threw it all over. What would be, would be, and the Brown would probably pick her reasons to pieces anyway before she even allowed her within sight of a ter'angreal. Despite her worry, Bennu was still rather excited. A first audience with the Browns. A chance to start focusing. A chance to start following in the footsteps of another, and then forging her own path. Oh, she knew she still had years yet to go before a chance at the shawl, but it was always better to have one's goals in mind before reaching for the ring, as it were.


If I can find what Elin's looking for, so much the better. Bennu still wasn't sure if they could find that dream ter'angreal, but she'd give it a try anyway. Surely Corianin Nedeal Aes Sedai had discovered most of them. There had to be a record of her discoveries somewhere.


The door rose in front of her, and without hesitation she knocked.


“Carina Sedai? It's Accepted Bennu. May I enter?”

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"Come in, child" Carina called upon hearing Bennu's knock. She watched as the girl entered and made her curtsey. "Come, sit yourself. Do you want some tea?" Carina's voice was pleasant and inviting, waving her hand to one of the chairs in front of the fireplace as she moved to take a seat herself in one of the other three. She poored two cups of tea from the already steaming pot and put one in front of Bennu's seat. She watched as the girl moved towards the indicated chair and seated herself. Carina kept her facial expression and body language friendly and inviting, intent on putting the girl at ease, while she studied her internally. The request was not an unusual one, but most times it was born out of typical girlish fantasies and dreams of adventures. Was this one going to be different? She would soon find out.


"I understand that you wish to study ter'angreal, Bennu?" Carina asked with a pleasant voice. "Why don't you start by telling me what prompted this interest and why you would spend your time on this topic rather than on any other."


She sat back in her chair, resting her hands comfortably on the armrests and waited. The room did it's usual work in eminating a soothing and comforting feeling, the forrest being predominantly present in all it's designs and decorations which spoke of a rich, yet subtle and elegant taste.







OOC: if you wish to learn more about how Carina's room looks, you can read up on that here

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“Thank you for wanting to listen to my request, Carina Sedai,” the Accepted replied as she settled into the indicated chair. “And thank you for the tea.” She lifted the delicate porcelain to her lips, took a sip, and glanced around the room, admiring the choices of design. So unusual. Bennu had expected to find a richly attired room in the Hall of the Sitters, but she hadn't expected this. It was like sitting in a noble's camp during hunting season, with the colors and patterns of the forest all around – but within the halls of the Tower!


She took a moment to gather her thoughts, letting the tea warm her. How do I explain why this draws me so? I don't want to seem like every other Accepted that asks about this. What's my goal here? What...


Oh. Oh! I know what to say.


“And yes, Aes Sedai, I wish to study ter'angreal.” Bennu placed the teacup gently back onto its saucer and shifted her gaze to the older woman, dark eyes serious. “I've been thinking long and hard about how I'd like to serve the Tower should I gain the shawl someday, so I've been studying histories of sisters long gone, seeing what they chose. And for some reason, the story of Corianin Nedeal Aes Sedai has just grabbed me and never let go. It's not because she went out and sought adventure – every sister goes out into the world and does that eventually. From necessity, I suppose."


"But,” she went on, leaning forward, “Corianin Sedai spent her life studying these objects to assist everyone. Thanks to her, ter'angreal ended up being used for the reasons they were made in the first place, rather than just sitting in the archives collecting dust and helping no one. And that's what I want to do. I dislike waste. If I can figure out what a ter'angreal does, the Tower can get it to the sister who can make best use of it for the benefit of all. Or if I can determine that an item of Power is dangerous, The Tower can put it in a place of safety.


Does that make sense, Carina Sedai?"


The young woman reclaimed her teacup and took another sip of the brew, tilting her head as she gauged her elder's reaction.

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Carina didn't answer immediately but instead studied the young woman in front of her. As usualy, the Accepted got half of the story right and filled in the blanks from assumption. That is to be expected, since not even all Sisters know the full truth concerning ter'angreal, so Carina did not fault the girl this oversight. In fact, she was rather pleased with what her ears were telling her and her eyes were showing her. Still, most girls showed a genuin enthusiasm at the beginning, only to lose interest and get bored not even halfway through the beginning of the studies. As some of the most dangerous artifacts to study, ter'angreal were strictly forbidden to those not yet raised to the shawl. Though it was permitted for a Sister to, very carefully, use some of them for teaching purposes. For this, the more common and harmless ter'angreal were used, of course. The Tower would not risk any of it's potential future Sisters just out of curiosity or the girl's enthusiasm. She wondered if Bennu had the patience and stamina to accept and abide by the extreme rules, bounderies and limitations she would face if she took on this study field during her Accepted time. She'd have to, for Carina was not about to loosen the rules for one Accepted.


"You are partly right, Bennu. Carianin discovered 'a' use for many ter'angreal but there is no way of knowing whether that use is also the one that they were made for. An example of this is the Oath Rod. We know from ancient records that in the Age of Legends, the Oath Rod was used to bind criminals from repeating their crimes, while today we use it to bind ourselves to the White Tower on the day we become Aes Sedai."


She took another sip from her tea and put down her cup. Time to see what this girl was made of, Carina decided.


"Studying ter'angreal is a dangerous, extremely dangerous, undertaking. Carianin, the Brown you mention and seem to look up to, eventually was killed during the study of ter'angreal despite many decades of experience in handling these devices. No matter how many you've studied, every new one puts you right back to the position of a beginner and holds the same level of dangers as the first one you've ever studied." She deliberately made her voice sound ominous, her facial expression grave and serious, her entire posture communicating the gravity of the dangers involved. The girl seemed to pale before her eyes and gulped a few times before nodding her head, indicating she understood. Carina had discovered that she had a good developped sense when it came to reading people and her sense was telling her she could give this young one a chance. All be it under strict supervision and extenious conditions. 'I am not losing you, girl. No matter how eager or talented you may turn out to be' she promised herself.


"I will discuss the matter with the Mistress of Novices and set up a class schedule for you on this matter. You will not, under any circumstance, touch or think about anything other than what I allow you during the classes, is that understood? If I find that you slide by my rules even the slightest, that will be the end of your ter'angreal studies until you are raised to the shawl and perhaps even after." Carina hated being so strict with anyone, but she hated losing promising girls even more. There was no room for error in this matter. She could not be leniant in this, even if she wanted to.

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“I totally understand, Carina Sedai,” Bennu said quietly, glad her sudden apprehension was showing. And she was glad it did as it was yet more proof that she was taking their conversation and its overall thrust very seriously. And why not? The last thing the Accepted wanted to do was die.


Her mind raced, imagining all the ways she could lose her life. One wrong weave and it could all be over. Or the screaming could just have begun. Light, how did Corianin Sedai handle it? More to the point, how did she do it? Bennu really felt the need to see her notes, study her methods. Certainly the Aes Sedai had died, but she'd studied those dangerous things most of her life; surely she'd picked up some tactics when it came to determining an object's hidden purpose. Yes, she really needed to find the woman's notes and learn her approach. It'd mean the difference between life and death for her, as well as any other women on whose behalf she studied.


The Accepted tried hard not to think of Elin, so willing to be a guinea pig for the cause. She'd said no, of course; if any sister's life would be risked in this, it'd be hers.


She smoothed hands on her skirt, hands suddenly made sweaty from nervousness. “And I promise I won't break any of your rules, Carina Sedai. That I promise.” The Tairen was not about to throw over her new path for the sake of some new shiny, that was for sure.


“So, where does my instruction start?”

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The truth and sincerity was clear in both Bennu's eyes and voice and Carina was satisfied the girl would not willingly take foolish chances. She relaxed her face and put on a smile, warm and inviting yet again.


"Well, my dear, your first assignment is to read every scrap of note that is accessible to Accepted." She got up and walked to her desk, opening a drawer and lifting out a single piece of paper. "This grants you permission to get a list of books from the library's second level. You may study several at once inside the library itself but you can only take out one at a time and must report back to the library Sisters every two days with the book, either for extension or to return it. The books will be warded so that only you, and those given permission by me, can read them. You are not to discuss their contents with anyone without my express permission." She smiled at the eager look on the young woman's face. Did she look like that when she was given permission for the first time? Probably. It was a thrill to gain access to 'forbidden' knowledge, after all. Though 'forbidden' is the wrong word, it is merely carefully guarded knowledge. Still, it feels very much the same when you're first confronted with it.


"For now, however, I'd like to hear what you have learned about ter'angreal so far." Replacing the permission slip in her desk, Carina couldn't stop herself from chuckling inwardly at the look of despondency on the girl's face as she watched the paper dissapear in the drawer. "Don't worry, it will still be there when we are done talking" Carina said with a little laugh.

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Bennu's eyes widened. Access to the second floor? This was unexpected indeed! The Accepted had assumed that there'd be some sort of 'gating' as it were on what she'd get to read and study, and that Carina would be supplying it....but to get to see the second flor herself? Oh, of course the Aes Sedai there would keep her from reading anything else other than what the Brown specifically said, but – oh, my.


And she could take one of the books from the restricted stacks to her room. That alone was a calvacade of riches she hadn't expected at all. That allowance alone made her promise inwardly again not to put a foot wrong while studying with Carina Sedai.


Not for the first time, Bennu found herself thinking about the ethics of sharing knowledge. One of her thoughts for when she gained the shawl was to start teaching herself and encouraging education outside the Tower. Still a lofty goal, but now her mind turned to whether allowing people to have access to everything was right. Her family's library was open to all that wished to enter, and no book was restricted. That was how she was raised; how could she possibly think now “some things are too dangerous for everyone to know?”


Then again, the Abravanel library didn't have books on ter'angreal in it. Given how dangerous they were, she could totally imagine the problems that would ensue if someone untrained in their use decided to up and use one, had they the ability. Which put her in mind of Elin again. Sorry I won't be able to share any of this with you, Elin...yet. Not when knowing very well might kill her.


Light, she was changing. Perhaps she'd have that conversation with Carina Sedai later.


Just like that, the slip of paper was gone, vanished into Carina's desk. Bennu nearly gave a cry of dismay, but the Aes Sedai promised it'd be back. Well, thank the Light the Brown hadn't suddenly thought for a moment that the Accepted was unworthy of study.


But first, the point. What did she know? “First off, I'm going to assume quite rightly I know nothing. After all, I didn't know the original purpose of the Oath Rod.” That still gave her pause. Used for criminals? That drew the whole swearing thing into realms of contemplation Bennu didn't dare stroll through right now.


The Tairen steepled her fingers, gathering her thoughts. “What I've learned in class is that ter'angreal are items of power. Most created in the Age of Legends, but maybe a few were made right after the Age came to a close, while the knowledge was still available,” she said carefully. “Some, like angreal simply step up your strength in the Power, while ter'angreal on the other hand were created for a specific use. Although, sometimes those uses can be changed a little if the new task is still essentially the same thing, like...swearing on the Oath Rod.”


“Some of them need a specific weave to trigger their power – while some don't need the Power at all.” That last made Bennu's skin prickle with apprehension. Light send the Power-free ones were rare and very restricted in their tasks as she did not wish to run into one of those unawares while working down in the archives. But... her eyebrows lowered in a frown. “How does that last even *work?* I don't understand that at all, and the instructor never explained in class. Do they carry the Power and it acts like a battery of some sort to fuel the - ? No, that'd be an angreal, I guess...” Her voice trailed off as she tried to figure out what she was asking.

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Shaking her head, Carina tried to explain.


"Some can store a small amount of the One Power, but most do not. The only items that we know of today that can do that are called 'wells' but they are very rare. We do not know yet how they are made, as with the majority of the ter'angreal. Channelers and items such as ter'angreal may have the ability to interact with or use the One Power energies, but they are not of the One Power." She wasn't too sure if the girl understood the subtle difference. It was not a topic easily explained. "As with people that channel, the One Power flows through them. They learn to manipulate the energy flows, which we call weaves, in order to perform certain tasks. Like lighting a fire or opening a door. Ter'angreal are items made with the One Power energy, their makings changed, re-made to trigger a specific response to a specific interaction. Be it by touching it with a weave, a combination of weaves or simply by holding it, touching it or pressing on a specific part of the item."

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Bennu’s frown deepened. Without really thinking about it, she had pen in hand and was scribing halfway through Carina’s explanation. Ah, so ter’angreal were not imbued with power themselves; that was a misconception. Light, how had she gotten it so wrong? Where’d her mind been during that lecture…


From the depths of her memory an image arose, and Light help her – she was blushing in front of the Aes Sedai. Oh. Right. Souvran. That’d been the day she’d been sent to the Warder Yards with a message for one of the instructors there, and she’d run into the strapping Ebou Dari trainee. Her cheeks grew even hotter remembering how he’d smiled at her that day. Bennu started studying what she’d written with a shocking intensity. Meeting the Aes Sedai’s eyes right now would not be a good thing. She’d probably think the Accepted was not taking this seriously enough. But she was, honest!


Casting about for something to take her mind off that rather vivid remembrance, Bennu’s pen flew across the paper. “So,” she began, making another note, “they don’t hold Power themselves. Except for the wells, of course. And those are rare. Okay, that makes sense: that’d be truly dangerous to have around.” Indeed, the idea of a Tower full of items full to bursting with Power made her twitch. “But here’s a question. Is the Power a given item can manipulate once the trigger is applied relative to its size?” Having never actually seen a ter’angreal before, she wasn’t entirely sure about that.

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"we can not be certain of this, but so far all evidence seems to indicate that size is not a factor in a ter'angreal's power level. More studies on this may be needed to reach a definitive conclusion." Carina pondered on how much she could share with the Accepted at this time. There were things that were reserved for sisters only, but the child asked some really pertinent questions and it was all that Carina could do to keep a lit on her own enthusiasm rising, fueled by Bennu's honest interest.


Observing the girl scribbling in her notebook, Carina could not hide a smile that was breaking through on her face. 'Such eagerness to learn' she mused appreciatively. Impulsively, she made a decision.


"Let's stop here for this session, Bennu. You have your list of books to read which should keep you occupied for a while. On top of your other studies, that I sincerely hope you will not forget in all this. I expect to hear good feedback from your other tutors. We shall meet again in a week, at which time you will present me with a summary of the things you've learned by then."


Rising from her seat, she motioned for Bennu to do so too. With a face marred by dissapointment, though she tried to hide it, Bennu stored away her notebook and pen and followed Carina to her desk.


"If you do a good job with the summary, I may show you one of the ter'angreal." She handed the permission slip to the girl and sat down at her desk.


"I'll expect you back here in precisely one week, at the same time." And with that, she dismissed the girl.

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“Thank you, Carina Sedai!” Bennu took the slip gingerly as though it was the key to the Stone of Tear, feeling as if she let go it'd vanish in a flare of saidar. Which it did not, thank the Light. “And I will write up an excellent summary, I promise. Just as you ask.”


The Accepted curtsied deeply to the Brown, grateful for the chance she was offering her, and left. She did not run down the hall to the library, although she greatly wished to. No, the Aes Sedai was right. She had other studies to attend to, but she could certainly finish those quickly and get back to the more exciting bits once all was done.


This was, without a doubt, going to be one of the best weeks ever.



It was a more composed Bennu Abravanel that reported to Carina's study the next week. Composed as in tired. Better description: exhausted. But she hid it well. Only one of her teachers had wondered about the Accepted's health, but as she turned in all her assigned classwork and only yawned twice during the course that week, she'd let it slide with just a murmured suggestion that perhaps the young woman needed to get to sleep earlier.


But Bennu hadn't had time for that, the closer she got to her next session with Carina. There was too much to read. Her pen was flying over paper far into the nights as she perused tome after tome, gleaning them for the tiniest bit of knowledge she could add to her summary. There was no way she was not going to get to see a ter'angreal at week's end. There just was not. Failure wasn't an option here.


Her first lesson came midweek. There was far too much information to be summarized here. Hundreds of sisters had been working on these objects, for far longer than she'd been alive. The books Carina had assigned to her were only the tip of a mountain of lore. Every page she read referenced yet another sister's body of work; half those Aes Sedai she'd never heard of, much less read anything by them – and none of those books were open to the Accepted's reading yet. That is, if they even existed anymore....


Bennu was roughly reminded how long Aes Sedai tended to live as she eyed the historical reference chain she was building. Oh, Light, she thought to herself as she penned the last few paragraphs of her summary. 'life's work' takes on a whole new meaning in the Tower.


A rather large document was handed to the Brown that day as the Tairen dropped into the nearest chair. “I think I got everything. No, wait, I didn't. There was just too much!” She eyed Carina Sedai with a mixture of horror, grumpiness, and overall tiredness. “Maybe I should have asked what you wanted me to study in particular before I ran out the door.”

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Reports came to Carina from her fellow Browns about a certain Accepted, named Bennu, spending an unusual amount of time in the library. The sisters were worried the child was exhausting herself, though most could not hide an amused twitch in their eye or a curled up almost-smile on their lips. It was always a pleasure seeing a young woman drift closer and closer to her eventual Ajah and, by now, it was clear to most in the Tower that Bennu would end up in the Browns. Carina herself was quite taken with the idea, for she rather liked the hop-in-field girl.


When Bennu reported back to her, right on time, and handed her what looked like an exceptionally large document, Carina couldn't help but let out a laugh at the girl's proclamation. "So," she smiled, "You've learned your first lesson. Think before you jump. Always wise that, in whatever circumstance." Chuckling she rose and motioned to Bennu to follow her to the chairs in front of the fireplace. On the coffee table there were a number of small items, decorations for the most part and some of those had a function. Like the little bronze apple that was actually a sugarbox or the silver porkeypine that had toothpicks instead of needles on it's back. The table had quite a collection of items on it, yet it didn't look overly crowded.


"Alright," She said, putting her cup on the table. "I'll review your work later, but I'd like to hear what you've retained from your research this week. Tell me what you have been up to and what new information you found."

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Bennu had grown fond of Carina's sense of style in her private rooms. It was filled with the souvenirs of a long life, but they were arranged and stored so well that it would never be seen as cluttered. The young woman would even go so far as to call it 'homey', reminding her a little of her mother's recieving room back home in Tear. Just as she would back there, the Accepted was mindful of her skirts as she followed the Aes Sedai to their seats; one brush might send something tumbling to the floor that she was ill-equipped to replace!


She waited for the Brown to take a seat before sitting down herself and arranging her skirts. As she smoothed out a pleat that just wouldn’t settle, Bennu eyed the table before them. She said I’d see a ter’angreal today she thought, then firmly squelched her excitement. Report, then perhaps after that...


“Most of the information I gathered was double and triple checked by sisters that came after,” she told Carina. “It’s pretty much the same as what we went over. I did want to know what they discovered about ter’angreal design. From what I saw, very few items that the Tower knows the purpose of have any relationship to their purpose that sisters have seen.”


The Tairen tapped a finger against her lips in thought. “So I put a note in the report that maybe an item’s design refers to stories or sayings that no longer exist, or are so obscure that no one thinks to look in that direction. I think a few sisters looked in that direction, but I’m not sure. ” She hoped to look into that further. She could understand in a way why a small glass carving of a butterfly could help a sister weave Air over a farther distance (it had wings) but she couldn’t fathom what a bear swatting away a bee had to do with summoning weaves to make rain.


“I did find it interesting that some of them tried to *make* ter’angreal, and pretty much to a sister they all failed. Some of the most fascinating reading was a couple of excerpts from a series of letters between a sister of the Blue and a Brown from about five hundred or so years ago. They were making parallel attempts to create ter’angreal and it was obvious that they were combining their research sharing some of their notes on the process with each other.”


The Accepted’s brow furrowed. It hadn’t seemed that Asmin Sedai and Davindra Sedai trusted each other too much, judging from the reading she’d done, but that wasn’t for her to say.


She sighed, shrugging. “None of what they shared was in the texts I read, though…but they failed too. For the life of them they couldn’t figure out what they were missing in the creation.” And neither can I, she thought to herself. But to be honest, if the tower was up to its eyeballs in ter’angreal anyway, wouldn’t it be better to catalogue those first rather than making more?

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Carina smiled at the Accepted, "Lots of questions and good ones at that, Bennu. But I'm afraid on these particular ones I'm not going to be of much help to you. As you correctly deducted, much of those questions have, of course, been studied by previous Aes Sedai and some are still being studied as we speak. However, to this day there is not a definite conclusion formed on either those questions. So we continue our research, gathering our information and practice patience and endurance for so long as it takes while in the meantime dividing our attention there were it is more pressingly needed.


She had quickly perrused over the tome the girl had handed her and with a satisfied nod put it on the ground next to her chair.


"So," she said with a twinkle in her eye, "ready to see a ter'angreal?"


Carina laughed at the girl's eager nod and hastened "oh yes! Definately! Yes, please!" before she remembered to be dignified. It was good to still see some of the youthfull enthusiasm in their Accepted. The girls lost that far too quickly as it was, in Carina's opinion.


"Alright. You see the coffee table?" Another eager nod. "One of the items on there is a ter'angreal. See if you can find which one. You may embrace the Source, but you may not weave at any of the items."

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