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Returning with a purpose


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Traveling was always one of those things that you were glad to be home when you got home. But Alicatia didn't find going home had been all that grand, and returning to the White Tower was even less than grand itself. Sure power and prestige come with the title Aes Sedai, but so does even stronger loneliness that before. At least as a Novice or Accepted you could explain it but Alicatia had no other reason other than she despised what she was and what those around her were. The Creator had forsaken her and gave her access to the One Power, to the female half of the True Source. Alicatia despised that fact. The Great Lord called to her through the power she had gained.


The biggest treat had been to go home and show her mother how much power she had attained. Alicatia had waited until her mother had left Far Madding before she approached her. Her mother nearly fainted when Alicatia stepped out of the shadows of the trees, well out of sight of Far Madding. Alicatia smiled and her mother tried to go running but Alicatia bound her with air. She tried to scream but Alicatia wove a weave that started liquid to form in her lungs, her mother's scream turned into a gurgle. Alicatia's grin widened.


Alicatia toyed with her mother for several hours, letting her know just how much she had learned in the White Tower, and just how truly evil she was because her mother had insisted on testing her. Alicatia could have had a perfect life, a perfect husband with kids of her own, but now she was this - an evil monster. Alicatia let it be, she left her mother half naked by the side of the road as she left to find better things to do with her time. Her revenge had been sweet and her mother would remember she was not dead, that was all that was important.


That had been the highlight of her trip, now she was returning home to do what? Be an adviser to the commoners and nobles seeing solace in the hands of an Aes Sedai. There would be no parades for Alicatia, there wouldn't be a party either. No one really knew her, she'd never let anyone close enough to care. Alicatia didn't really care one way or the other but the world was far too large to be this alone. Maybe she'd look for a warder? But that posed its own set of problems. How do you trust someone when they don't know you serve the Great Lord?


Maybe Alicatia could find a like soul, someone who served the Great Lord. Someone to teach or to be her mentor. A darkfriend Warder? Was that even possible. How would she find someone like that? It would be far easier to find someone with in the White Tower with the right potential - someone like herself. Maybe that was what she would do, look for a Novice or Accepted or younger Aes Sedai to mentor in the ways of the Great Lord.


Alicatia had decided, she had a goal and now returning to the Tower had a purpose.

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