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Hannibal King

What Music Are You Listening To?

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Guest Haxorsist

Bob Marley - Easy Skanking


Excuse me while I light my spliff. ^^

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Although a major fan of Muse, the track Knights of Cydonia has never done much for me. Then I saw the video and it all makes sense! Cowboy ninjas! Riding unicorns around the American West! Blowing up random foilage with laser six-shooters! Excellent!

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oh dear, it seems that a lot of people on this board have terrible taste in music! (in this case, terrible means different from mine)


quite a few of you are clearly metalheads, which is ok if that's your thing, I won't say anymore on the subject other than you're really boxing yourself in and missing out on so much other great stuff going on.


alys kinch, please for the love of god turn off whatever crappy alternative rock station you listen to and find some music that doesnt completely suck.


"the dude" i applaud you for not only being a blind melon fan, but having one of their best songs in your sig.


Maj seems to be one of the few people that has diverse tastes, i can forgive most of his strange choices for the simple fact that he likes the rites of spring.



artists that have come up on my playlist recently that I strongly encourage everyone to check out:

-Brand New. the new album is melancholy enough to make morrissey proud, catchy enough for fans of their earlier record to stick around, and superbly produced.

(tracks of note: "Sowing Season" "Jesus" "The Archer's Bows Have Broken")


-Jeff Buckley. simply put, the best songwriter of the 90s, it's a shame that he died after only one album.

(tracks of note: "Grace" "Lover, you should have come over" "Hallelujah")


-Every Time I Die. Extremely rhythmically interesting, groovy as all hell, and far more listenable than math metal.

(tracks of note: "Champing at the Bit" "Ebolarama" "Godspeed Us to Sea")


-Cambiata. Alocal band here in Maine, doing some really great and innovative things with modern music.

(tracks of note: go to www.myspace.com/cambiata and listen to what they've got online)


-mewithoutYOU. I saw them last week and they are a truly captivating and inspiring live band, and their new album is fantastic.

(tracks of note: "four word letter" "C minor" "my exit, unfair")


-As Tall As Lions. Truly beautiful soft rock that has garnered some comparisons to coldplay, but coldplay couldn't write this well in their wildest dreams.

(tracks of note: "stab city" "love, love, love" "milk and honey")


-Crotchduster. If you only buy one more album in 2006, make it their "big fat box of shit" album.


-Paul Simon. It's a guilty pleasure thing, but I really enjoy his "Graceland" album. The man is a genius.


more to come later, but we'll start with those

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I dont like to insult but Brand New suck!

They're a band for people (who like stuff like Blink and Sum 41) to look upto as a non mainstream band they can listen to and think they've found a band nobody else knows! Nah just not cool!


Powderfinger, on the other hand, are the greatest band of all time(in my oppinion)! Probably the most influential Australian band ever, and deserve every bit of credit they get. Which isnt really that much here but still, they deserve alot more!!!


Fuel, alot of people have heard their stuff but dont know who it is! FUEL! Shimmer, Hemorrage, Falls On Me, Wont Back Down, quite simple amazing!


Zwan, Smashing Pumpkins or the Future Embrace album!

Anything to do with Billy Corgan is quite simply mind blowing! A true musical legend!


Chris Cornell aswell! The Soundgarden albums were just fantastic, every album they ever made was all killer, never made a bad song! Audioslave aren't quite as good but still own!


And if you really wanna jizz in your pants just bang some of the classics like the Cure, instant love!

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while i applaud frankness, man, you're walking a fine line with some of your commentary. but, that's all i'll say. opinions is opinions, nothing more, but diplomacy is an important skill 'round here.


and blind melon rules. 8)

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