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Identity of Mesaana

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If you take RJ's word at face value, then you must apply this statement to anyone you think could be Mesaana.




RJ has had a couple of things to say on the matter. He told "Tallis" at the Harvard Coop signing [January 18, 2003] that "there are many clues as to Mesaana's identity, enough that we should figure it out before COT.


I'm 99% convinced that Mesaana is Evanellein.


Pre CoT hints(Evanellein):


She was one of the AS that arrested Siuan. (TSR, Ch 47)

She was part of Elaida's council. (TFoH, Prologue)

She was concerned about her looks and clothes. (TFoH, Prologue)

She knew what was going on in Tanchico, a focal point of BA activity. (TFoH, Prologue)

She seemed to know all about Elaida's political activities. (ACoS, Prologue)


Post CoT confirmation (Evanellein):


In (TGS, Ch 46) Evanellein was missing when Egwene was raised. Yet, it was made clear of how very thorough Verin was in listing the BA. Moreover, the only uncovered BA, not on the list were AS that were either "very weak in the power" and/or lacked any significance in the story. Evanellein, a Gray Sitter wouldn't be overlooked. As for the Oath Rod, remember, Semirhage defected to the Shadow because she faced either severing or binding as punishment for her crimes. That and the fact that the OR was made during the AoL, means that the Forsaken can be binded like any other channeler.


Danelle was a red herring.


It's Evanellein. At this point of the story, who else could it be?

I agree on Evanellein.


RJ himself dropped a very fine clue at it too, if you know where to look. Namely, in meeting Elaida, Elaida thought to herself that she is too concerned with clothes and her own looks.


She was also one of the sisters who took Siuan in to custody.


And then, some time between the aftermath of the Seanchan attack on the White Tower and Egwene al'Vere's purge of the tower's Black sisters, Evanellein disappeared, strongly indicating that she was of the Black Ajah and fled the tower.


And another thing. While it has happened before, RJ almost always supplied nationality information for every single character appearing, especially for the Aes Sedai.

From beginning to end, not once was her nationality mentioned. Don't you think that's a little odd?

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The oath rod can be beaten, confirmed by BS. BS also said that Egwene's reasoning in the end of TGS wasn't wrong, so Evanellein seems more and more likely.

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