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Approved FL AIEL bio - NSW character - Elamie Rockshall - CCed by the WT


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NSW Character - for Training and RP purposes


Full name: Elamie Rockshall

Age: 21

Clan: Dragonmount

Role: Maiden of the Spear


WS assigned by FL Staff: 12


Physical appearance: 6’7 feet, 143 pounds, blue-grey eyes, reddish brown hair, wide on the top down to the shoulders and a long tail down to her lower back.


Physical weakness & strength: she has an unusual high treshhold for pain. While this is good for enduring training and fighting and in the event of a torture situation, it is definately also dangerous. For she will go on long after her body has signalled it needs rest. She’s still learning to read her body properly, in order to prevent herself from falling over from shere exhaustion or from becoming too sick when it could be avoided.


Personality: Elamie is a closed book. She doesn’t share her personal things easily and only gives the bare minimum she can get away with. She’s dilligent, hard working and dutiful, but she has problems making friends because she is hard to approach. Among the Maidens she is known to be reliable, trustworthy and steadfast. Many seek out her opinion, for they have noticed that she also is very skilled in analising situations.


Personality weakness: Her inability to make friends bothers her, as inside she really cares deeply for her sister Maidens and her people. She doesn’t know how to change it and as a result becomes even more stand-offish which only increases her unapproachable status among the others. Being very proud doesn’t help her situation much either. The Wise Ones and the other Maidens have their hands full trying to teach her that there is no shame in seeking help, guidance and support when needed. But for Elamie, it is a source of severe shame whenever she is forced to do so.


Personality strength: Elamie is honorable to her teeth and extremely dependable. Her duty is her life and her service to her people her only reason for being. She is a fierce warrior with a quick mind who can assess any situation in a flash and adjust her actions accordingly to reach her goal. She is also very patient, especially with younger Aiel who are in training. Though at the same time, she is also a very strict and demanding task mistress.




Elamie Rockshall grew up, like all Aiel, in the Treefold Land and from it she learned endurance, patience, survival and the harsh reality of death as a natural part of life. Her mother, once a Maiden of the Spear, had left the spears to care for the child she was carrying. Loranna had made the decision to raise her own child, rather than to hand it over to the Wise Ones to be raised by an unknown family, in honor of Elamie's father’s memory. Rothar Lemall had died, defending the hold Loranna was living in and had helped to avoid the hold being raided, thus ensuring the survival of all those who lived in the hold. Thanks to her father, many survived the coming winter that would have otherwise starved or died from lack of water. The Maidens still honor her mother for her decision and they still honor her father for his sacrifice to this day and Loranna never regretted her choice, or so she claimed. Elamie remembers the many times her mother would glance at the Maidens as they left the hold in answer to a call for battle or to go on a scouting mission. She knew Loranna dearly longed to join them, but because of her, she couldn’t. Elamie never spoke of this, of course, for that would shame her mother deeply. The girl worshipped the woman that had given birth to her, for so many things and aspired to become just as honorable and strong as her. She worked hard at her chores, never complaining, never faltering. She worked harder at her studies, for her mother had once mentioned that a skilled mind is the key to a skilled body. Elamie didn’t play with the other children often. Instead, she would observe their play and watch their games unfold and their interactions with each other and the older Aiel. Soon, she would start her observations on the adults as well and it wasn’t long before she could predict how a situation would turn out.


When Elamie was 12, her mother was taken gai’shain by a raiding sept, and she was left to see to her own needs. Twelve year olds were considered too young to be adults, but old enough to stand on their own feet within a hold. After all, the hold was always well protected and children were prevented from being taken gai’shain. During her year and a day, Loranna was killed by a bite from one of the poisonous snakes in the Treefold Land. Elamie was given a compensation for the loss of her mother while she was wearing white, for it is the duty of those that keep gai’shain to see to their safety since they themselves were prevented from defending themselves. The compensation left Elamie comfortably wealthy, though none of it held any value to the girl. How were things to replace the woman she had admired so much? Still, as any Aiel will tell you, we all must wake from the dream and so Elamie burried her grief and continued to work towards the achievement of her goal, to become as honorable and as strong as her mother had been.


By the time she became 15, Elamie had grown into a beautiful young woman, though she herself was not aware of her beauty. She was quite skilled in both weapon’s training and survival skills and could sneak up on most adults, except the Maidens and most of the male warriors. During the years, she had honed her observation and analitical skills and was already a much sought advisor in situations where people needed an objective view. When her 15th birthday came, she applied to join the Maidens and was immediately accepted.


That was six years ago. Today, Elamie is a full fletched Maiden herself, just like her mother once was. Her sisters know her to be honorable and strong and highly dependable and she was a valued advisor in many situations. Now the Car’a’carn had come and taken them over the mountains into the wetlander’s world. Tarmon Gai’don was coming. It was time to dance the spears.

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