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Aiel bio for Namo Shanko - CCd by WK


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Full name: Namo

Age: 19


Clan: dragonmount

Role: warrior/ aspiring to the Seia Doon society


WS assigned by FL Staff: 8


Physical appearance: skinny slight of build but well muscled very tall standing about 6' 11" straight dark red hair with small curl to it hangs to chin. he has green eyes. as for clothing he wears the normal cadin'sor. along with animal furs that he has gathered.

Physical weakness: his physical weakness is that he is not a very good melee fighter in the eyes of the aiel. but he could still easily take on most non aiel fighters and win. he prefers one on one. he cant keep up with all the chaos.



Physical strength: he has found that in lack of battle skills he is a creature of stealth. to be unseen and unheard for beyond the skills of a normal aiel. hand to hand and knife skills are his strength also one on one with the spear he is also good.


Personality: he is not a social person. he likes to keep to himself and the nature around him. the animals around him are his family. he is a thinker he is not rash or impulsive he lacks feelings for he has never known love. it is something he does not know but secretly wishes dearly for the love of a maiden or a women who can match him in all areas.


Personality weakness: he does not speak much at all and is not social. it lands him in many fights which does not help people understand him. he does not show feelings to anyone and does not hesitate to kill.


Personality strength: when he does speak it is after great consideration and not to be taken lightly. he is loyal to his brothers and sisters of the spear and the cara'carn at all costs. and would gladly die to protect them.


Special: okay Namo has a connection with snakes. he always has. its more than the hawk. snakes seem to be at peace with him. the do not hide or raise their heads to strike. its something special. an oddity in the waste were nothing is your friend. namo has taken advantage of this by collecting the venom of many snakes and a few snakes and putting them in little buckets





left alone as a child when his parents left the waste to fight in the aiel war. his parents did not return, having died in the battle. as he grew he drifted away from the other children and did not socialize with them for he could not relate to them. he couldn't understand why they could be so happy or as happy as children of the waste can be. in his spar time he would walk out of the camp even though he new this put him at risk if a raid happened but he did not care. he would watch the lizards and the birds. snakes seemed to not mind his presence when he walks the land. when they normally raise there head in fear. they left him in peace. an on occasion let him handle them but for brief moments. just enough to get the venom from them. once he found a injured hawk and after many weeks of rationing his own food and splinting the birds wing he nursed it back to health. when it was time to let the bird go it seemed hesitant. thinking it had become dependent on him he pick up the hawk and took it out to the areas were lizards and other small creatures were. almost instantly the bird took off and killed the lizard. interestingly enough the hawk returned to him. not thinking it would hurt anything he brought the bird back to the camp. knowing that it was nothing more than a tool to help him scout or hunt. even so it was a special tool in the next few years he started training in the spear and hand to hand combat and the knife was his favorite weapon. something about fighting appealed to him there was no talking just cold instinct no thought just do or die. it fit well with him. but many were frightened with how easy it was for him to harm and not show any sign of remorse. when he broke the hand of a fellow student and simply twisted harder until the child screamed. he was beaten in an attempt to make him have remorse. it did not work but he told them he new it was wrong and they left it at that. when the time came at 15 he took the trials and after a huge effort and many hours of training and no sleep he passed and was excepted in to the ranks.

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