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Arrival at the WT [attn MoN and Jaydena]


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Chaelca arrived in Tar Valon after a boat trip, she had been in awe seeing the city for the first time. Once she saw the white tower, she kept her gaze on it. She couldn’t look to something else. She was so happy to be there that she almost forgot her black mare which would have stayed in the ship if the captain had not called her back once she had disembark. Chaelca was so happy that she didn’t payed attention to the people walking in the City. It was like a dream, she was captivated by the Tower and walked to it’s big doors as if she was gliding.


The Aes Sedai who had discovered her in Ebou Dar had abandoned her a few days earlier … and Chaelca had not dared ask her why. Better not ask anyway, Aes Sedai work was Aes Sedai work ! She had been so scared to be left alone on that ship ! She had stayed on her own, daydreaming all the time. But now the journey has ended …


Passing through the door, Chaelca looked around worriedly. She was clutching a piece of parchment where the Aes Sedai she had met has written what she had to do : ask a novice or an accepted to accompany you to the office of the Mistress of the Novices, that was she said.


Chaelca brushed her coat nervously. She had a good woolen brown coat and a yellow ebou dari dress revealing blue petticoats. Her clothes were stained with mud and she blushed when she noticed all the novices and accepted in their white dresses.


The girl watched the Aes Sedai gliding all with their proud faces. She bowed each time a sister came near her, imitating the novices she saw.


A tall girl with red hair touched her shoulder and smiled to her kindly. May i help u ?


I'm looking for the Mistress of Novices, Chaelca answered shyly. The girl told her to come with her, fingering her white dress. The coloured hem showed her as an accepted.


Chaelca couldn't help herself gaping as she went through the white tower corridors. Her heart was pounding so hard when the girl stopped in front a tall wooden door and knocked carefully. As a woman answered to enter the room, Chaelca almost fainted as she had heard that the Mistress of Novices was a scary woman with a rock for a heart ! Well that's was what her aunt had told her when she was a child in her bedtime stories.


And so she entered ...

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Paperwork. Always more paperwork to be done, reports to be filed, punishments to document. She was now going through the stack that had gone unchecked on her desk. Taking it piece by piece she knew it would take all day, if there were no interruptions that is. Looking out the window for a second she realized it was only mid-morning.


What a day! At this point an interruption would almost be a relief. As if on cue a knock on the door signaled someone there. "Come in." Putting the papers down she looked up to see who it was. Seeing one of the Sisters leading a plain clothed girl into the office she immediately thought of a new novice.


Waving them both to a chair she stood up and walked over to the edge of her desk. It felt wonderful to be able to stretch her back. She turned towards the girl first and introduced herself. "My name is Faerzyne Grigory, Mistress of Novices." Then turning back towards the sister she said. "Sister, good to see you. What have you brought me?"


~NSW~ Faerzyne Grigory, MoN



OOC: If you want me to speak for her just tell me. I just wasn't sure if there was a specific sister you had in mind to step in here or not.

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