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Alcair Dal ~ A day of competition and honor ~ All Aiel

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Guest Allisa

The footrace ~ First Competition of the Aiel Day of Games



The festivities had started at dawn, when the relentless sun was still faint in the eastern sky and the wetlander peddlers could still move about, without dizzy spells or sweating so profusely they spoiled their wares. The gaishain had been hard at work long before and the scents of the feast later to come permeated the valley and heightened the anticipation of everyone.


Already the Aiel of Dragonmount Hold had diminished the stores of the peddlers – the books had gone first, for high and heated prices. Next the many tapestries or rugs the merchants had brought. Finally the jewelry and uncut stones, one by one, found their new owners – more often than not a Maiden who would rarely wear such a prize. Silk went cheaply for it was readily available from the eastern road to Shara and yet still the merchants sold every bolt they possessed. By mid-day they were lamenting not having brought more wagons and jingling their purses wearily in what little shade they could find.


The Games started almost as soon as the bartering while the heat was still a distant memory of night. The smaller children began, wresting in the sand and running for miles on end for the chance to wear a wreath of segade. Their older siblings and cousins, followed, the competition seasoned by personal wagers between friends and enemies.


The crowd around the valley grew as the morning progressed and the competitions grew more heated. A series of trip falls and traps was erected under the Clans observant eye. Wagers were made on this Thunder Walker or that Maiden. A group of Wise Ones gathered to one side of the competition area, alternately arguing and laughing together as they waited for the first match amongst the adults – a footrace that would last until the sun passed its zenith. Oosquai was passed about freely and even the gaishain were afforded the chance to hover near the field and watch the contests.


Finally the first real competitors of the day approached the starting point. The milling crowd settled, eyes intent on the men and women poised and ready. An Apprentice of the Black Hills stepped forward, chin pointed proudly towards her sept as she raised a red banner of silk and then let it slip from her fingers. As the banner fell to the sands the runners set off, feet flying.


OOC: Even those not competing should feel free to post bartering with the peddlers or observing the competitions! All winners will be afforded said wreath AND any personal wagers made between the competitors - which are strongly encouraged!!! I’ve pm’d you all who wins this footrace at the Hold.




Cor couldn’t wait for the day to begin. He loved the thrill of competition. It got his heart pounding in a way nothing else but a fight or the attention of a lovely woman could. The first event of the day was to be a footrace, and he looked forward to the challenge. Although still a very young man, he had already earned a reputation for being an incredibly swift runner. But challenging himself against the best the Aiel had to offer was enough to put an extra spring in his step this morning.


Walking toward the starting point, he looked over the competition, seeking out one person in particular. Talbitha, was a young woman whom he had seen run many times, and if anyone here stood a chance of beating him today it was her. Much like himself, Talbitha came from a running family. Both their fathers were Rahein Sorei, so their fleet-footed talents came naturally.


Finally spotting her snow-white hair in the crowd amongst the race’s other entries, Cor approached his gifted opponent with a grin and a joke. “I wonder how you are going to escape the gossip today, Talbitha. If I am out in front with you behind me, many will think you are chasing me to lay a wreath at my feet,†Cor shook his head and sighed sympathetically. “But if I am following you, I’m sure they will say something even worse! Ha!â€


Laughing softly Cor stood beside Talbitha, looking at the other contestants but eagerly waiting for the clever reply that he knew was coming. A good laugh at himself was almost as much fun as teasing others.


(Insert Talbitha’s joke here.)


Laughing out loud, Cor looked at Talbitha from the corner of his eye. “If we must go through with this so-called contest, how about a wager?†he asked. “You and I both know that no one else here has a chance to win this race unless both of us break a leg, so why don’t we make it a little more interesting?â€


Taking a few moments to stretch while Talbitha pondered the request, Cor began to mentally preparing himself for the task at hand. Outrunning Talbitha would take all of his skill and some luck as well




Another day in the Three-fold Land: hot with a certainty of getting much hotter by the day's end. Krachend was standing at the starting line of the foot race, the first event of many at Alcair Dal that day. As the sun beat down upon the land mercilessly, Krachend stretched and considered his opponents. Most were trainees fresh from training, with few veterans. The youngest would probably be left eating the dust cast up by the more experienced warriors. There were a few, though, that Krachend knew would cause him trouble. Cor was one of them, though still young yet. Krachend suspected that if Cor beat him, it would not be by too far. There were others who were more of a risk than the typical racer- Argono, Talbitha, Xin, Davian.


Running was not one of Krachend's strong points, but he could hold his own. Due to the knowledge that there were better runners, though, Krachend refused to bet on himself. He and Boran had a bet going, though. Boran had bet on Talbitha, and Krachend on his own mentee, Davian, an expression of faith in his mentee. Oddly, Krachend couldn't see Davian anywhere yet. He did hear things, though. Krachend heard Cor trying to bet against Talbitha on the race. Krachend heard the gamblers betting on names. He was proud to hear bets placed on himself, though he pitied the poor fools who were doing so. Krachend finished stretching in time to line up for the race. It would be seen soon whether or not the gamblers were wise in their betting.


Krachend: Aiel

Mehrin: Band of the Red Hand

Tren: Shayol Ghul




Davian wiped his finger on the ground getting the small amount of dried snake blood from his finger and brought his spear up in front of him to look at his reflection in the spear point. He tilted his head to better see the line of black now covering the scar across his eye. He nodded to himself and placed the black spear, painted with the same substance that he had used to paint his face, back with it's brothers before getting up to leave his room.


Davian nodded to his fellow Seia Doon, the few that were still under their roof. Most were outside betting, buying, or participating int he games today. Davian was among those participating. He was late, he knew that and hurried his step once he was outside the Seia Doon roof. It was a short run, for an Aiel at least, before Davian was standing among the runners for the foot race. He nodded to Krachend as he passed his former mentor before surveying the other competitors.


He saw a vast array of people, trainees to warriors though Davian recognized only a few. He wasn't the most social of people, not because he was callouse or uncaring, but because hearing Davian speak was something that came few and far between. He could spend days in silence for no apparent reason, and be perfcectly fine with it.


Standing next to his former mentor Davian craned his kneck to see a pair of young ones laughing amongst themselves and strained his memory to put names to faces. The girl was Talbitha, and from what Davian had heard when he had arrived she was a favorite to win. The man he couldn't place though.


It was partly heartening that Davian had heard his own name said a few times to win, but he doubted he had much of a chance. He was only an average runner, he knew he would do well but it would be suprising for Davian if he came in the top five. Stealth never required much speed and patience was a virtue of the Seia Doon.


Davian turned to an see an apprentice as she raised a red banner above her head. He shifted, preparing to push himself off as soon as the scarf fell. Taking a deep breath Davian sprinted foreward as the race started. Even if he believe he coudln't win, Davian wouldn't let the one who did have an easy time with it.




Seia Doon SL


Orion Manteir- Tower Gaurd, Promised to Estel

Kedyn Alastair -Band Scout Sergeant Band DL

Davian- Aiel Seia Doon SL



First Wrestling Match ~ Krachend vs. Urais


As Talbitha crossed the finish line, her brilliant smile flashing in the sun, the crowd of Aiel cheered and coin ruefully changed hands. Alisis grudgingly handed Surasin two of her gold necklaces for she had bet on another runner. Still, all the women of the Dragonmount Clan seemed to feel Talbitha’s victory was their own, especially the Maidens who traded sharp and jovial barbs with the male warriors.


“She ran to escape making a bridal wreath,†one Thunder Walker called out and as quick as a cat a Maiden answered back, “She gathered the flowers as she ran and the segade blossoms bloomed as she won, Sha'mad Conde.â€


Spears struck against bucklers in appreciation of the jibe, including the Thunder Walker’s.


As one the Aiel moved to the next competition towards a pit dug into the sand. The length and breadth of the pit was as long as four of the tallest warriors and just as deep. Everyone crowded close the edge and sized the competitors with judging eyes.


“I shall win back my necklaces Surasin,†Alisis teased, but the sharp edge of her smile balanced the teasing. The other Wise One simply shrugged and the wager was made as the first competitors stepped into the pit. Skin slick with oil and eyes determined they advanced toward one another.


OOC: Urais vs. Krachend! I’ve pm’d both the winner Find shade dudes *




Light, she's fast, Krachend thought after the footrace. Talbitha had beaten the rest of the pack by a good distance. There was still a little bit of time until the next event, so Krachend took the opportunity to wander among the peddlers that were present. Though obviously nervous, the various sellers did their best to market their wares. And market they did. Krachend managed to purchase a few of the books that were available before they disappeared en masse. His best purchase by far, though, was a keg of Two Rivers tabac. He didn't smoke much, but Krachend knew that it was hard to come by.


Soon, though, everybody started making their way to the pit. As Krachend approached, a runner notified him of the order. Apparently he and Urais were first on the list. Finally, something entertaining! Thanking the runner, Krachend quickly shoved his way through the crowd and descended into the pit, where the oil-drenched Urais was already waiting. Krachend stripped down, then poured the offered jar of oil over himself. He then looked the other man in the eyes, a sparkle brought on by the promise of competition evident. "Good luck," Krachend said good-naturedly before beginning his advance.


Urais answered courteously seconds before launching himself at Krachend, nearly knocking him over. Krachend used the momentum, though, to keep Urais moving past him, where he righted himself and began stalking Krachend again. Krachend made the next move and closed the distance between himself and his opponent. His left hand latched onto Urais's right arm, and Krachend pulled himself closer to the other man. Locking Urais's arm in h is own, Krachend kicked the other man's feet out, causing him to fall to the ground. As he fell, though, his oil-slicked arm slid from Krachend's grip, and Urais used his new-found mobility to trip Krachend in turn.


As Krachend hit the ground, he felt Urais's weight descend upon him, trying to finish the job. His oiled body aided Krachend, though. He managed to turn himself over with Urais still on his back. As Urais tried to subdue him yet again, Krachend to a crawling position. It was then a simple matter to seize Urais's arm again and pull him over his back and to the ground. Krachend didn't waste any time; he threw himself onto Urais, pinning one shoulder with his left knee and the other with his arms. The count proclaimed him the winner.


His muscles burning from the effort, Krachend stood and offered a hand to Urais. "Well fought," he said as he gathered his clothes and ascended from the pit. As he dressed, Krachend watched the next two fighters enter the ring. After his and Urais's bout, Krachend was anxious to see what the other fighters would do.


Krachend: Aiel

Mehrin: Band of the Red Hand

Tren: Shayol Ghul




Second Wrestling Match ~ Davian vs. Xin (once again pm’d both who wins)


Alisis smiled as Surasin handed back an ivory necklace with a grimace. “Perhaps you would care to double our next wager?†The other Wise One pondered for a moment and then nodded sharply.


“I say the Seia Doon,†Surasin pointed toward Davian as he strode toward the pit.


“Excellent,†Alisis murmured with a sly smile, toying with her necklaces as Xin turned to face his opponent. The people crowded closer sending rivulets of sand over the edges of the pit before wisely backing up a bit. Children clamored onto their fathers shoulders for a better view and even the peddlers left the shade of their wagons to peer down at the next match.



avain stretched his shoulders, bare against the afternoon sun, as he strode towards the wrestling pit. He was confident that he could do better in this arena that in the race against Talbitha, he had finished towards the middle of the pack in that particular competition. But Xin, his opponent as he had been told, was no easy prey. Society Leader of the Shae'en M'taal. Davian could not boast that any Seia Doon was better at combat than the man he was facing, even himself as Soceity Leader, though close, was not going to better. Or so he thought, assumed. It was always better to assume your enemy was better than you anyways.


Davian jumped lightly into the ring, he rose again, rolling his kneck and listening to the crack of his joints as he loosened the muscles. The crowd swelled closer sending a stream of dust, illluminated by the suns rays, giving the ring a eiree clouded look. Xin still had his back turned and Davian was satisfied to wait, not calling out because well, he just simply talk unless needed, and he had deemed now uneccesary. Xin would turn eventually whether he spoke or not.


Instead Davian traced his index finger over the black painted scar passing from eyebrow to mid cheek, a habit when he was waiting or nervous. Xin turned, the crowd edged back. The clamor of bets being made, wares being shouted, and the overall din of a large crowd talking of the oncoming match was the background noise as Davain gave Xin an acknowledging nod and settled into a ready stance. Standing light on his feet, hands raised to about his chest level, Davian waited for Xin to make the first move.




Seia Doon Society Leader

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