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Declare Your Predictions - Read First Post First.

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The Dark One is outside the pattern, though trapped by time itself. However, Lanfear appears to think he can be challenged directly power vs. power through the Choedan Kal.


I'm not promising it'll be possible to kill him, but I'm willing to give Rand the benefit of the doubt. After all, the man just cleansed the male half of the source....something that is everywhere and nowhere at once....from the Dark One's taint....something that 80 years of the best & brightest male and female Aes Sedai in the age of Legends couldn't figure out how to do.


My prediction is that Rand attempts to slay the Dark One altogether. Perhaps by disentangling him from the pattern? Perhaps by clearing the "rubble" in such a way that a direct attack on the Dark One is possible.


I think that the Dark One must have no influence on the pattern whatsoever after this battle is done. And that means:


1. Rand kills "him" altogether

2. Rand seperates the Dark One and the pattern

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The Dark One is outside the pattern, though trapped by time itself. However, Lanfear appears to think he can be challenged directly power vs. power through the Choedan Kal.


I'm not promising it'll be possible to kill him, but I'm willing to give Rand the benefit of the doubt. After all, the man just cleansed the male half of the source....something that is everywhere and nowhere at once....from the Dark One's taint....something that 80 years of the best & brightest male and female Aes Sedai in the age of Legends couldn't figure out how to do.


My prediction is that Rand attempts to slay the Dark One altogether. Perhaps by disentangling him from the pattern? Perhaps by clearing the "rubble" in such a way that a direct attack on the Dark One is possible.


I think that the Dark One must have no influence on the pattern whatsoever after this battle is done. And that means:


1. Rand kills "him" altogether

2. Rand seperates the Dark One and the pattern


the problem with that treeJoe, is in every Age the Dark One is released from a prison. So for the wheel to spin around again, there must be a dark one to release.

That's why I think Fain will become the new Dark One.

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- Mazrim Taim is ousted at the Black Tower, but kills a lot of good Asha'M(e)n and Aes Sedai in the process.


- Aviendha meets Tinkers in the Waste, either before or after her Rhuidean trip, and helps rediscover the Song.


- The Seanchans launch an attack on Caemlyn. Somehow during all this, two major events happen - The Seanchan learn of Sul'Dams abilities to channel, and Tuon bows to Rand as a co-leader of the Westlands, at least until after the Last Battle.


- Galad is forced to fight and possibly kill Gawyn to keep Gawyn from trying to kill Rand.


- Tam and Morgase hook up. Tallanvor is lame.

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No offense, but some of you are insane.


1. Rand has a warm, fuzzy reunion with Tam and un-exiles Cadsuane. He solves the Borderlander dispute in a relatively simple and straight-forward manner that relies heavily on Nynaeve and telling them that the Golden Crane has been raised while they're sitting around with their thumbs up their rears.


2. Egwene's plotline is largely unnecessary and drawn out, dealing with taking out the remaining blood knives and healing rifts before we finally give Messy the boot. She surprises Egwene and nearly kills her, but is surprised in turn and barely manages to escape with her life.


3. Graendal is dead. She did not kill Elayne, and didn't even come close to it.


4. Trollocs and a Demandred-led Sharan attack trigger the last battle.


5. One more book before the BT gets worked out.


6. Aviendha goes through the rings and asks Rand to marry her. Wouldn't surprise me to see the wedding at the end of this book.


7. Perrin has an unnecessary plot line rescuing Galad and reuniting the Whitecloaks under his rein, with massive casualties among the Whitecloak high command. Berelain meets Galad and stops pestering Perrin. Perrin, possibly with Elyas's help, hunts down Slayer, but gets diverted with the unseen eyes and doesn't finish him off. He then starts marching north.


8. Mat comes into Caemlyn, walks up to Elayne, and says, "Remember the time I saved your life? Time to pay me back by making 5,000 cannon. You can pay for it with all the alum you found on your estates." He then goes to the Tower, where Noal sacrifices himself. Moiraine makes it out safe and sound and unstilled.


9. Reunion time comes when the Seanchan use Traveling to attack and attempt to capture Rand. All the ta'veren boys will be around to put a stop to it, and it ends with the Seanchan finally joining the alliance. Rand does not kneel, Rand does not die.


10. Gawyn, unfortunately, does not die.

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Hello all...


1. Egwene will realize she has WAY too many novices and Accepted for ONE person to handle; she will have a Mistress of Novices and a Mistress of Accepted. One of these positions will be filled by Sharina, VERY fast tracked to full Aes Sedai.


2. Silviana will be killed by a Bloodknife; Egwene will choose a Keeper from the Aes Sedai not in the Tower at the time of the rebellion: Beldiene (her Accepted's terangreal vision).


3. Demandred will be revealed as....Talmanes. Why him? Because his army is poised for war, and hes done allot with the Band of the Red Hand in a VERY short period of time. He made that Banner of Masons, for instance. However, the most powerful counterargument here is that Mat is ALIVE; the Forsaken have been ordered to kill Mat and Perrin. (OK, maybe this is a somewhat crackpot of an idea)


4. Galad will stop Gawyn from killing Rand; or Galad will be killed by Gawyn (or the reverse) while trying to kill Rand. (I agree with TankSpill there) In the non communicative tone of the world of Wheel of Time, Galad will never mention to his brother that their mother lives.


5. I agree with most that many of the Black Ajah Aes Sedai will somehow end up at the White Tower. I would LOVE to see Alviarin and Taim bond each other as Warders; what a sweet duet that would make. Axis of Evil, anyone?


6. Mat and company will indeed go to the land of the 'Finn's, prepared to deal with adversity and 'Finnish duplicity. However, the United States ambassador to Finland will take afront at the description of his nation and sever diplomatic relations. At the end of it all, Moiraine will be rescued, and all live hapily ever after.


7. Egwene will use the captured Aes Sedai's Warders to help locate them and rescue them from Seanchan captivity.


8. I agree with most that Egwene will be VERY upset with Rand's men bonding women as Warders; Siuan will make heavy use of fish metaphors in her speeches.

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1. Mat will witness or be an integral part in Olver's death. "Half the light of the world" refers to his innocence which will have been snuffed out by the experience. He'll be cold and deadly serious for the remainder of the series.


2. Noal's compelled orders from Ishamael will finally make themselves known. He'll betray the rescue party in the ToG but redeem himself by dying there while the others make their escape.


3. Mat, Moiraine and Thom will rush to Caemlyn where Moiraine will be Healed and regain the power, then they will travel to the White Tower where Thom will part ways and head for the Black Tower hunting Red sisters, putting him in a good position for after-battle politics with the BT.


(Moiraine tells Rand in The Fires of Heaven that she will be going to the White Tower. She knows she'll be a captive shortly. She can't lie [or can she? ¬_¬].)





4. Verin's letter won't be opened, Tomas will bring Mat the Horn of Valere. The letter would have told Mat to go to a certain place to claim the Horn, since he didn't go there, Verin knew he chose to wait and sent Tomas.

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Not sure if I've seen this yet.


Portal stones. Demandred/Moggy/Cyndine...one or all...have been going to other worlds to bring them to Rand's world and is making a limitless sized army.

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Been reading these forums for a while, never got around to joining, but I just couldn't take it anymore, and I predict that this will be true for many more fans after this book comes out, and everyone is thinking about AMoL.

For ToM, I predict:


1) Elayne/Avi and/or Rand will find some more useful things in the caches of ter'angreal in Caemlyn/Tear/Cairhien/Rhuidean.

I'm hoping Avi will be able to refine her apparent talent for reading ter'angreal and find something awesome.


2) Mat will have to either make some sort of bargain with the Finns for Moiraine, or make a wager or something like that.

It won't just be like a prison break.


3) Demandred and Mesaana will both be revealed as someone completely unexpected.


4) The Mistress of the Kitchens has the Horn


5) Mat's letter will tell him to wait in Caemlyn for 30 days, so even if he opens it, it results in the same thing.

The question is why Verin wanted him to wait. No idea.


6) Cadsuane will die saving "the fool boy" from an attack. She will still be banished, tho Rand is reconsidering that at the time,

so she will be hooded on the side lines and will leap in and take a arrow for him or something,

and die as Rand sees her face again, as he said she would.


7) Elaida will have a foretelling in the presence of Tuon, which will shake things up.


8) Perrin will finally meet up with some of the Dreamwalkers in T'a'R and learns some skills that he uses later, maybe against Slayer.


9) We will all be shocked by something, and most of our predictions will be wrong.

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Posting some more things and will transfer over my post from the old site when it's available.


1. Galad and Berelain fall in love.


2. Moraine bargained with the Eelfinns in the doorway for three gifts. The cost... we'll find out in ToM. Lanfear also asked for things during her captivity but didn't set a price. She died by them. Moraine doesn't speak the old tongue like Lanfear and needed an interpreter for her last visit.


3. I will still hate Gawyn and Egwene after this book, but not as much as before.


4. Rand will figure out how (Or Moraine will know how) to defeat the Dark One and there will be a cliff hanger about it (May involve Rand's death)


5. Aviendha does the wise one thing, gets valuable information, fights members/creatures of the shadow, and goes to camelyn at the end of the book.

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This is what I believe will happen.


1. Mat reads the letter and is told where his horn is hidden and to retrieve it before dark ones do.


2. Mat and Elayne go to the White tower for Egwene's coronation Mat retrieves his horn.


3. Nynaeve and Min are also there and ask Mat about his dealings with the daughter of the nine moons and he be like she's my wife.


4. The four ladies decide to make his wedding more public and also of a treaty form and start to plan.


5. Mat goes and gets Moiraine then returns to Caemlyn to find every one waiting on his return.


6. Rand see's to healing Moiraine and when every one goes to congratulate the married couple he bows to Tuon.

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1. Mat will read the letter soon, but we won't know what it actually says word for word. Something BS writes in the chapter he gives us makes me believe we will be teased in that way.


2. Demandred's headquarters is at the BT. Only Taim's close buddies know about him. ALthough his army is bigger than the Asha'man. This isn't necesarily Demandred's doing but include Mesama (now gone obviously), Asunwa (sp?), Murandy, the Red Hands after they went to Murandy. Haven't decided on Borderlanders yet. Oh! and the Sharan and my previous portal stone post.


3. One of the Forsaken will be kidnap one of the supergirls (and not Egwene) and Aviehnda will save the day from something she learns in Rhuidean.


4. There is another Eye of the World OR a True Power Choedan Kal in the Blight. I'm 50/50 on which one.


5. TOM will end soon after Rand bows to Tuon/Crystal Throne which will be the signal to start the Last Battle.


6. Noal is a compelled DF, or one who was forced to be one in some manner. Olver will follow behind when Mat/Thom/Noal go inside ToG and will save the day!!


7. Logain vs Taim will be saved for next book.


8. Avi will witness Sharans marching.


9. Shadar Haran vs Lan AND Slayer vs Fain will happen at some point, not sure if it happens in ToM. I could see Lan fighting Slayer as well. Slayer vs anybody would be awesome. Many pages of it.


10. Pairing Chosen with Superboys/girls on who will fight who at some point...Aviendha vs Cyndine Nyn vs Moggy Egwene vs Mesaana Mat vs Demandred Rand vs Moridin Arangar/Halima vs Elayne Perrin vs Aginor version 3 lol (I guess Slayer is the best opponent for him)


11. I'm assuming she didn't die....Graendal will kill Min and we will find out that Min is Ilyena reborn as she dies.


12. We will get a POV from (bah!! can't think of her name...the BA that Elaida replaces as her second in command - Egwene runs into her a lot in the halls when she is a novice) from inside the headquarts in the Blight...I mean those BA had to go somewhere right?


13. Elayne's sigh of relief is due to a complication with her twins.


14. Sorilea is a DF. Too much questioning of her motives by Caddy to think not. Undecided on Rhaurk (sp) and Amys but they would be next in line if I'm wrong about Sorilea.

can't think of anything else...will add later

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Aviendha is already pregnant and her children will be marked as clan chiefs / have the knowledge of past lives.

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A few predictions, some off the wall, some not so off the wall...you decide, of course.


1. It will be Logain who gets Taim. Therein lies his glory; he will be the new M'Hael, after he wins a tight battle with the Aes Sedai bonded to him being the only way he survives. I think it likely that Taim managed to grab Rand's old fat man with the sword angreal, so Logain will need the edge.


2. Taim is Sammael. There is no evidence he died in the fight with Rand, it has always seemed suspicious to me the way Jordan wrote that sequence. As in, very vaguely. I really don't care what anyone else thinks about Taim--that he is just a man from this age, etc--but it fits. If you go back to the early books, when Perrin, Egwene and the others were spying on the Forsaken in the world of dreams, Sammael alwys sat in a chair that had a design of a fist clutching a lightning bolt on its back--the same design Taim has on his at the Black Tower. Add in the obvious AOL references Taim uses--so-called Aiel, he says more than once--his advanced knowledge--he knows how to test for ability, something no "wilder" from this age with no teacher could ever know (what, he just figured out how to test for the "resonance" by himself? please!)--and it certainly looks like he is from the AOL. I think RJ did have him as Demandred at first, whatever he would go on to say, but Sammael is the only other Forsaken Taim could be.


3. Rand won't be turned via the 13 and 13 combo of Aes Sedai and Myrrdral. Or then resurrected by the DO in a new body after he gets killed. Using the dagger Aviendha found that can hide him from the DO, he'll fake his death and do the big strike against Shadar Haran and co later on.


4. Olver is Gaidal Cain--it does say in one book or another that Birgitte is sometimes with a much older or much younger man, and he's as ugly as cain was in the WODreams. He is the third tower of genjei goer; Noal is the old guy in the rumpled clothes that we saw at Graendal's in one of the Forsaken POVs in an earlier book, cannot remember which one. He'll likely betray Mat before he and Thom can enter the tower, under compulsion orders. Oh, and like a lot of other people think, Noal is Jain Farstrider--so maybe he'll get saved, so Rand and all his other fans will get to meet him.


5. Rand will be forced to use the True Power again, and not just to seal off the DO. Maybe he'll nearly get turned to the dark side, and be forced to use the TP to escape or something. Seems likely that he'll have to use it to put away the DO; like Liandrin said in TSR, '...his own filthy ability will bind him.'

or something like that, don't care to dig up the exact quote. The DO wants him turned more than killed, and there are many mentions of the severe addictiveness of the TP.


6. One of the Forsaken--perhaps Moghidien herself, on Morindin's orders--will untie the shield on Liandrin and bring her back into the game. Why else keep her around so long? Maybe not though; just gets to be a whipping dog like Galina...


7. Demandred...who knows. I have a feeling though, based upon some pretty thin clues, that he might be Weiramon. I know, I know. I should stay off the glue, you say. But here's why I believe that he is, at the very least, a darkfriend. His chat with Gedwyn in POD. The way he stayed so clean in the rain and mud in POD--Rand remarks, mentally, that is--on how he looks so clean all the time at least three times, and a guy covered by illusion might find it difficult to add the mud to his disguise. He is buffonish enough to be hiding something, however...Otherwise, I'm not really sure who he could be. I kind of doubt there would be so much mystery about his hiding spot if he was just in the blight the whole time though. Maybe he's someone else close to Rand, or a Borderland King. I just couldn't say.


8. Rand, Aviendha, and Elayne, in a circle with Callandor, break the world. Why? To separate blight from non-blight, as a strategy to save the world. As shadowspawn cannot use gateways, the only way they could attack the lower wetlands is via the ways then. The wise ones' dreams of Rand cutting the wetlands in 2 with a sword inspire this line of thought for me.


9. That Brandon will continue to do a lousy job in finishing this series. He is overworked, what, with his own work and WOT to complete, and it shows. I wish RJ's wife had picked a writer with fewer of his own commitments to finish the series, or that Brandon at least had a few test readers who know the series better. Why did Graendal stop wearing her streith gown? for example. Too many other glaring errors to mention, and I hate the way he writes Mat too.


Also, Messanna is the cook lady who saved Suian

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1. The unseen eyes are not Perrin's foe(s), but his friends! Yes, the unseen eyes are the souls of dead wolves!

2. The Black Tower will not be dealt with in this book, or at least not to the extent that we hope/expect.

3. Mat will lose an eye in Finnland. We later see Tuon's reaction at the big reunion. Hilarity ensues.

4. Galad + Berelain. Perrin is very relieved; Faile is oddly melancholy.

5. Moiraine is burned out and can't be Healed. Her new knowledge is what was important, anyway.

6. There will be a huge reunion scene; everyone is freaked out by everyone else (lots of "wtf happened to you?!"). There is much awkwardness. The Last Battle begins, to everyone's relief.

7. Borderlanders are attacked by Demandred. They get bitched out by Faile, and Perrin is made King of Saldaea in the aftermath.

8. Elayne loses a bet to Mat; he gets to name her children.

9. Egwene's new role for the Red Ajah is completely unexpected, but manages to work with the ideas Pevara and Tarna are trying.

10. Pevara and Tarna make it out of the Black Tower A-OK.

11. Gholam kills Olver; Mat makes gholam suffer.

12. Noal dies in Finnland.

13. Mat opens the letter. Verin left him instructions on how to get the Horn of Valere.

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1. Moiraine killed Asmodean

2. Logain will be a Co-Amyrlin in a co-ed White Tower, after the Black Tower is Destroyed

3. The gholam follows Mat to the Tower, and the gholam is disposed of there.

4. Mat will lead the armies of the South and West

5. Perrin will lead the armies of the North and East

6. Aludra's dragons will primariliy be used to defend Caemlyn, they won't see much action elsewhere

7. Egwene releases a portion of her army to Elayne

8. There is a city in the Blight

9. Demandred has had influence in Rhuidiean since everyone left in TFOH

10. Graendal impersonated Sammeal and sent the Trollocs in KOD

11. Verin will be in the book, pre-suicide

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Here goes


1) Mazrim Taim is revealed as Moridin

2) Egwene bonds Galad ( I like this theory, makes sense)

3) Galad and Berelain get together

4) Egwene and Tuon try to control Rand. Using the domination band most likely.

5) Rand takes control of Egwene and Tuon

6) Elayne dies in childbirth

7) The Aiel get some mesure of revenge against the Seanchan for the collaring of the Shaido Wise Ones

8) Tuon begins the emancipation of the damane - due to Rand and also Mat

9) Hints that the One Power and True Power are invulnerable to damage or diminishment, except to each other

10) Demandred is revealed to be ...I dunno, Valan Luca perhaps.

11) Moridin uses the phrase "...you know" again and I bang my head against the wall.

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While reading another thread about Avi, I just thought of a scene that would be freaking awesome: Avi gets to Rhuidean, no, she comes out of the columns having seen whatever she sees, stumbles upon one of the Forsaken girls rooting thru the pile of stuff looking for angreal (most of the Forsaken have expressed interest in such a cache). A duel ensues, both opponents snatching up items from the scattered pile, and hurling the Light knows what at each other. Avi wins, having discovered a few awesome items in the pile. It's about time for Avi to kick some shadow butt.

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Gonna go with Bair being a Darkfriend. When everyone arrives in Rhuidean, Bair mentions the "Time of Change". Only other place we've seen that is the Dark Prophecy. Soooo, it's kinda like referring to the "Chosen" or the "Great Lord".

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THe Last Battle will be a battle of wits as contestants prepare for a Cake Baking Contest, Musical Chairs, Balloon Animals, and the Three-Legged Race.


There is also speculation that Red Light-Green Light will make an appearance this year, as last year three people were hospitalized.


Only the strong can survive.

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- Graendel lives, (also she killed Asmodean, likely the reveal in this book though I'd not like there to be)

- Danelle is Mesanna

- Rand gets Aviendha with a child (likely more than one because of the viewing)

- Delana was killed by balefire

- Lan does not die

-Berelain, Amys and Rhuarc are darkfriends; Bashere is not

- Guess this one is more for the last book, but Rand wields callandor with Alivia and Nynaeve

That's all I can think of at the moment...

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And this is on a whim that Moraine gets rescued... Moraine's promise to Thom. She said the next time she sees him she will reveal to him the names of the Red sisters that unjustly gentled Owyn. I predict that the author will forget about this small detail. It might be trivial now considering the way things have changed since Moraine tackled Lanfear but still a promise is a promise Moraine and besides I'd like to see Thom stick a few Aes Sedai who wronged Owyn. I think it will be forgotten though. I'll be watching their interactions closely Brandon, Thom needs closure.


“If you go with Elayne and Nynaeve, I will tell you the names of those Red sisters when I see you next,

as well as the name of the one who gave them their orders. They did not act on their own. And I will see

you again. You will survive Tarabon.” He drew an uneven breath. “What good will their names do me?” he asked in a flat voice. “Aes Sedai names, wrapped in all the power of the White Tower.”


“A skilled and dangerous player of the Game of Houses might find a use for them,” she replied quietly. “They should not have done what they did. They should not have been excused for it."

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I don't think Verin is gone for good. Some sort of resurrection maybe in the making for her.


The wording when she talks to Mat and then Egwene is strange, and seems to me to be on purpose.



Pg. 604 in tGS.


"I will admit that the poison was a backup plan," Verin said. "I am not eager for death; there are still things I need to do. Fortunately, I have set several of them in motion to be... seen to, in case I do not return."


There is more in the next paragraph down, as she admits the oath road might not have worked anyway.

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Graendal killed asmodean.


Mat goes to Tower duh, and olver goes with him somehow and the result is everybody but Mat and Moraine dying heroic deaths


Nyneave or Avi kills Graendal who is alive


Black Tower united under Logain


Taim is a Forsaken 3rd age style


Fain was fake sammeal


The whole seanchan thing will resolve because of Mat and Tuon's Marriage it happened for a reason right!


mat kills Gholm in TOM


The Creator is in the Blight. he is dying


Huge reunion at end of ToM


Tarna is Mesaana


Cadsuane will die


Rand will finally have that 4some


Perrin will be redeemed.


Unnoticed thing will be the Tinkers "tell the Dragon Reborn"


Jain is Noal


Galad and Berelain hook up


egwene will DIE


Elayne will DIE after 4some


Perava will not be awesome. ino i am the rebel on that one


Iturlade will die.


Moirane... well i dont really care honestly, never a fan of her


cadsuane will be awesome and will die by showing Rand and the Asha man that they need compassion to win. she will die at the BT


Rand will talk to Elayne in this book


Rand will face Egwenes anger.


Slayer will kill Lan.


Nyneave will bring Lan back


rand will Sheath the Sword killing Shadar haran and destroying himself also. SH is the DO and it will somehow sever the DO's hand, so he can never touch the pattern again. He will exist but never touch the Pattern again


Fain will kill somebody. I honestly dont know what he will do.


Graendal and Mesaana will die this book.


mesaana will be killed by egwene


Demandred will have his revenge somehow


Lan will be made into a Hero of the Horn


Alivia Rand and Cyndane will link and use Callandor


Cyndane will be unmindtrapped and kill Moridin.


Cyndane will break Moggy's mindtrap

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Yeah, time to lay down some theories. Starting with the title:


1. The 'Towers of Midnight' will encompass all pivotal WoT Towers and the main focus of the storyline - White & Black, the Tower of Ghenjei, and the actual 'Towers of Midnight' location. Jordan's titles have long had a literal and metaphorical meaning; this should be no exception.


a. The White Tower - While trying to ferret out Mesaana, Egwene will have to deal with the Bloodknives wreaking their havoc. Unfortunately for Mesaana, the Forsaken isn't on the same side as the Bloodknives and their activities will be instrumental to revealing her true identity, probably in an act of self-defense that reveals the true power of the "weak" Nalasia Merhan.

b. The Black Tower - The sisters who met Taim at the end of TGS will receive the bonds they demanded... and they will be bonded to Asha'man who have been turned to the shadow. They'll either be 13'ed or corrupted by that bond, and become the new army of Dreadlords, led by Taim himself. This plot comes to a head when Cadsuane demands to join the Dragon and his men in assaulting the Black Tower. Cadsuane will die in an act of self-sacrifice when the sisters are revealed as Shadow-turned, and in dying will teach Rand and the Asha'man as predicted by Min... something they will not like - shame and humility. The first has been a long time coming for Rand, the second is crucial to the Asha'man. Logain will replace him, his future glory assured.

c. The Tower of Ghenjei - Snakes and Foxes will be revealed to be a twisted wish of one who once traveled through the gateway ter'angreal; the wish that people know the whole truth of the dangers of dealing with the Finns and how to defeat them. Using everything he knows about the game, Mat will find his way to the Center of Ghenjei where Moiraine remains trapped and burned out. The whole truth of Moiraine's sacrifice is revealed, her Moment of Awesome, as she knew this would happen and did it anyway... in hopes that she might yet be saved and reveal.... well, I have no prediction for this, but I suspect it's going to be an important revelation. Perhaps about the Aiel Traitor... (shill shill)

d. The Towers of Midnight - With the newly gained Travelling talent (thanks damane Elaida!), Empress Fortunata's army travels to Seandar to take her rightful place, but the damage done by Semirhage has already been done, and her only hope to stop the destruction of the Seanchan Empire remains with the prophecies. They take the Chair from the military base and after an agreement with Rand, attempt to use it. They discover the truth, that the chair was a special form of Warder Bond between the Empress and her Captains, revealing Tuon for what she is and failing to control the Dragon Reborn.


2. The Forsaken.

a. Mesaana - Snuffed by the White Tower, finally giving the sisters the Moment of Awesome they need to face the Dreadlords at the Last Battle.

b. Demandred - Will be revealed when -all- of his armies begin marching on Andor at the end of ToM, attempting to slaughter the royal line that is key to defeating the Dark One. Unfortunately for his master plan, the key will begin unlocking the door at the beginning of MoL.

c. Moridin - No idea. The whole subplot is goofy. With Lanfear and Moghedien as his personal toys, it's probably Last Battle material.

d. Fain - He's juicing up for his eventual role as the new Dark One after the Dragon Reborn and the Shadow destroy each other.


3. The Dragonsworn Armies

a. Aiel - The Aiel Traitor theory bears fruit (shill shill). Either Sorilea or Bair is revealed, probably by Aviendha when she finally witnesses the politics of the Wise Ones first hand.

b. The WT Army - Egwene and Rand reconcile and as Foretold, he knows her wrath... but not in the knowing as suffering, but the knowing of understanding and mutual empathy.

c. The Whitecloaks - After some politicking and swordplay and the help of Perrin Aybara, the Questioners are eradicated and Galad takes his place as the Lord Captain Commander. He is the first in the process of uniting the armies of the Dragonsworn, then Gawyn at the head of the Amyrlin's armies, and finally Andor. Just in time to find out that Andor's being invaded.


There were others, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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Oh yeah, Moiraine's revelation:


Moiraine will have come into the knowledge that the Dark One existing "outside the Pattern" and operating counter to what we understand of the Forsaken, is because he is actually one of either the Ael'Finn or Eel'Finn (originally, he's gone beyond that mortal coil). Its weaknesses suddenly become clear, the metaphor of Snakes and Foxes highlighting them all.


1. Courage to Strengthen - Mankind: The Dragon is one with the land and the people are of the land; with them behind him, his strength increases a thousandfold, great enough to battle the Dark One itself and survive.

2. Fire to Blind - The Dragon: Three become one within him, and his fire is that of creation itself, blinding the DO and leaving its rage directionless.

3. Music to Daze - The Song: A blinded beast is still deadly, and the song of the Tuatha'an will be remembered and used to incapacitate the DO.

4. Iron to Bind - The Bore: Was it once a glorified iron mine whose odd nature was stumbled across by people of a Power-Rich Age? This will be the site of the Last Battle between the Dragon and DO, but instead of binding, the DO will be destroyed and The Finn will be bound in place The Fain.


It was an ending, but not the end, for there are no beginnings or endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time.

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