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Audiobook release date


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I just love lying on the bed and let somebody else read it for me. I only read Bk1 and listened to the audiobook version of the other 12 books.

Does anybody know if it will be released as timely as for TGS (the same day that was afaik)?


The audio versions are all excellent. Available at http://us.macmillan.com/ and itunes.

Read by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer for mcmillan.com. They're a couple. The guy usually reads chapters about male heroes, and vice versa.


The only Problem with the Audiobooks is: the guy reads the Perrin parts in an extremely annoying slow dumb voice, makes me hate these parts even more I guess... and Loyal is intonated equally annoying.

But besides that, the reading is perfect. imo.

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Oh i hope it comes out very soon after the book release! I have read the series many, many times and am currently in book 7 on AB.


My biggest problem is that the readers change the pronounciation of some words - names usually - between books and sometime chapters.

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These audio books are among the best ever recorded.  Just listen to the prologue in Eye of the World with the soon to be Kinslayer mad, looking for Ilyena, and confronting the Betrayer of Hope.  Truly epic.


Also, another passage that comes to mind is Moraine's telling of the Two Rivers historical roots in Manetheren.


Oh, and of course, and Lews Therin in Rand's head is wonderful.

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