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Gimme a New Series

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I wanted to thank you all for your suggestions. :D And' date=' in case y'all are wondering, I picked up "Wizard's First Rule" which is apparently the first in this "Sword of Truth" series. I tried to look for A Song of Ice and Fire, but I found Goodkind's book first (I guess he just put out a new one, "Phantom") so that's what I went with.[/quote']


HAHA! Good choice!!!!! Tell me if you like it. I think I am one of only maybe 10 Goodkind fans on this forum.

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I finished it a few days ago. I liked it. -shrug- I can understand why a diehard WoT fan wouldn't enjoy it as much, there aren't as many characters, so there's less intrigue etc., and parts of it are kinda predictable. But still, I enjoyed reading it, it was a quick read because it was entertaining. I'll be getting the second one tomorrow. :D

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