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Blue Ajah Class( Attn:Regalia)


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Down the long quiet corridors to the Tower which contained the classrooms, came a small curvy form. Pixie like raven hair framed her crème colored skin and tilted emerald eyes; giving her a soft motherly quality… all save her shapely lips which seemed to always hold something of a mischievous smile upon them. Dressed in a simple blue dress, Serena Morrigan had forgone her favored breeches and jacket for today’s attire; for today it was most important she make a good impression. Today she would teach the class the Blue Ajah had asked Espara A'Dautry to write about the Blue Ajah. Today she might cause a young Accepted to consider the very Ajah she’d come to call home, and that made her very glad.


Entering the room she smiled at the students present. “Good afternoon Accepted of the White Tower.” She waited for a response from the young girls as she laid out her notes and book on the desk at the front of the large lecture hall. It had seemed like an odd choice of rooms to pick, being that her class would likely be small, but Serena had always liked to imagine what it might have been like long ago when such a room had been necessary; when great minds had come to the Tower to share their vast knowledge with the future Servants of All.


“This is ‘The Ajahs 101: The Blue Ajah’ and I’ll be your instructor for the duration, Serena Morrigan.” Laying her blue fringed shawl on the table she scanned the room once and then once again to take note of the faces present.


“To understand the past is to understand ourselves. Can anyone tell me who said that?” She walked around her desk and sat on the front edge of it, crossing her ankles and resting her weight on her arms behind her. When she realized the girls were taking notes already and not able to answer, she continued. “I did. Today… here and now.” She waited for the girls to let out their laughter and then continued. “But many have said things just the similar and it is no less true then than it is now. We are the sum total of our experiences and the things we have learned in the course of our lives. So, today we’re going to focus a bit on history and how it applies to what is around us all today.”


Serena walked around her desk to the large slate board on the wall behind the desk. Taking a piece of chalk she began to write, ‘Aes Sedai.’ Turning back to the students she began to pace calmly as she lectured.


“By now most of you know that Aes Sedai, in the Old Tongue, means Servant of All. And, in theory, you likely understand what that means by today’s standards as you’ve all made it through your first trial on your way to earning that title. However, in the Age of Legends, a Servant of All was a woman or man who spent their whole life doing just what the words say… serving all. Based on what we know of that time, we have ascertained that Aes Sedai worked in all manner of fields from Health to Diplomacy, much as they do today… however, it was not unknown for an Aes Sedai to dabble in many things and change from one line of ‘work’ to the next depending upon what was necessary in the course of her journeys.”


“The word ‘ajah’ from the Old Tongue translated means “Sisterhood of Aes Sedai” and defined means; an informal or temporary group of people gathered together for a common purpose or goal, or by a common set of beliefs.” Serena stopped to write the word and definition upon the slate board. “Please note the word ‘temporary’ in this definition. Ajahs, did in fact exist in the Age of Legends. However, they did not exist as we know them now. These groups formed as necessary to serve specific causes and when they were no longer necessary they simply disappeared.”


“When the breaking occurred Aes Sedai were scattered to the four winds trying to survive and to help the world where they could. It was rare that more than two or three Sisters really ever gathered anywhere for more than a short time and so Ajahs faded into nothing more than memories.”


“Of course, individual Sister did design ways of making note of each other and in particular an ajah who had been working together in the latest hours of the Age of Legends, devised a series of connections with the people of the world which would soon grow to be the largest Eyes and Ears network known to the White Tower. Can anyone guess who might head that network today?”


Serena called on a student. “The Blue Ajah, Serena Sedai.”


“Correct. Being that the world was in such chaos as it was at the time, items had to be used to identify women. Now, since this was a time before shawls and rings let me show you what they used.” Reaching under her desk where she’s earlier placed the item she pulled up a large quarter staff. It was made from a strong wood of some sort and the direction of the wood grain could barely be seen, that was how old it was. The staff had carvings of various saying in the old tongue as well as a symbol from long ago that had meant justice. From the top of the staff, which stood some distance above Serena's head, there hung a feather about 3 inches long of a pure blue color that looked almost unreal from some bird of an age long gone the only thing keeping it from fading or falling apart was the keeping weave which hung still upon it.


“Staffs, such as this one, were carried by Aes Sedai to identify them to contacts and friends who would help them, giving them food, shelter, and aid from a myriad of foes that spanned the world hunting Aes Sedai. Not the least of which was their Brother Aes Sedai who had gone mad.”


Serena handed her staff out to the students and let them pass it around the room to look at. “This staff has passed Sister to Sister since the age of legends. The bird feather on its top is not identifiable to us and we believe it died out in the breaking. Each sister, during the course of her life, adds something special and uniquely herself to the staff and once she has returned to the Creator, that staff is given to another so that through our Sisters our causes and the things we believed in live on.”


She watched the amazement of the young Accepted as they admired her staff and she smiled. It was good to see so many impressed by this wonderful piece of history. “Of course the Tower was built and established and in time Amyrlins were raised. To this date more Amyrlin Seats have risen from the ranks of Blue Ajah than any other. Part of the reason for this is quite possibly our connections to the outside world, or perhaps that many of our Sisters come from well versed families in the arts of Daes Dae’mar… or the Great Game of Houses.”


“But in truth when it comes to raising an Amyrlin Seat, you’re only as good as the Sisters who will support you and this is where the Blue Ajah has been truly blessed. Now, while the White Tower is a working unit and is certainly not at odds with itself; it’s pompous to assume that a centuries old institution with so many women running it, might not have groups and even factions within itself working for a vast group of goals and ideals. And, one can’t expect that everyone will always agree on just how to accomplish those goals. Now the Blues, while it is known we’ve often been at odds with the Red Ajah for our choice of methodology, have close ties and connections to nearly every other Ajah in the Tower. Practical reasons are the primary reason for this, again our connections with the outside world, but many other ties are forged from experiences that Sisters share in their time in the Tower.”


“Since this is a bit of a hot topic among Novices & Accepted, I’ll take a brief moment to focus upon the Red and Blue Ajah relationship. Often it's said that the Blues hate Red Sisters and vice versa. This is a blanket statement and I assure you that not all Blues hate all Reds or vice versa. You might site the fact that no blue sister wears red or that no red wears blue… well, I can not speak for the Red Ajah in this matter but I can tell you some of the reasons for this tradition on the Blue Ajah side of things.”


“The tradition of not wearing red came from, yes, old feuds. But it has continued as a matter of principal… a sort of silent statement of objection to, as I said before, methodology. The Red Ajah works on a very strict “prevention” sort of policy. Take for example the cause they are most well known for: protecting the world from insane male channelers. In this they are dedicated and well respected, my own mentor was a Red and I can say without doubt I have mountains of respect for this woman. However, she and I don’t agree on how all male channelers should be dealt with. It was not so long ago this topic came up in the Hall of the Tower.”


“Should the Tower study male channelers under shieldings in an effort to try to cleanse the taint of Saidin? A bitter topic let me tell you what! But it brought out the passion that both the Red and Blue Ajah hold in their hearts. Both Ajahs concentrate on their goals with a fire in their souls and the problem is, when it comes time to lay plans in how to deal with the issues before them… they almost never agree. The red wishes to simply end what she fears may be a problem in the future… and the blue sees that the hope of a better future is worth risk, pain, and effort even if its done so in vain for many years. Eventually…” Serena holds up her staff taking it from the last student. “… some sister will be successful. I’m sure that whoever held this during the worst times of the breaking feared the world would never see an organized Aes Sedai government again… and now look.” She smiled brightly.


“I’ll be happy to talk further on that subject with any of you outside of class, feel free to find me in the Blue Ajah Quarters but, I’d like to take some time to go back and focus a bit more on the Blue Ajah traditions and what they’re purposes are.”


Taking up her shawl she passed it out to the class. “Take a look at this shawl and ask yourself, why is it that any random woman couldn’t simply make a shawl like this and play at being Aes Sedai? After all… once the pattern is learned it must be a simple task, if you don’t fear Tower Law catching you.”


“This shawl you’re holding, however, wasn’t made by some seamstress with a pattern. Each Blue Sister’s first shawl is handmade by her fellow Sisters. Each Sister in the Tower before a raising takes time to put a few bits of the stitching into it and when the Blue is raised the youngest Sister in the Tower gives the new Blue her first shawl. This is part of welcoming the new Blue into her family. To show that each of us is part of a greater whole and that with this symbol we are now a part of that unity which is even more tight knit than the Great White Tower itself.”


“Once a Blue is raised a most interesting thing is done which some of you have seen already, no doubt, she is asked if she would like to go light clad save for her shawl through the Tower for all within to greet her. Why, you might wonder, would a Sister do such a thing? Well, some of this has to do with the fact that it is a matter of pride and a tradition which the Tower has nearly forgotten the origins of. The other is to show to all the world that the new Sister, still clad in her wounds and weariness from the final testing, needs only the Light and her shawl… a symbol of her new family… to protect her from anything the world has to offer.”


“When a Sister of the Blue Ajah leaves the White Tower she always wears blue stockings. The reason for this is so that she will remember that no matter where here feet take her… they will always know where home is. In the times of the Breaking when the Aes Sedai had no home all they had was their Sisters. There is a story in a private library I’ve been privileged enough to use which details out a story of a group of Sisters who met in an Inn for a few days before traveling their separate ways in the chaotic world. Each had come weary and without good shoes or socks and so each made socks for the other all of the same look and all in the only color cloth available… blue. This was their way of telling each other that so long as one woman walked the world who was yet Aes Sedai, there was still a place they were at home… still hope… still family.”


Serena let the idea of her story sink in a moment before continuing. “Lastly it is tradition that each Ajah keep certain weaves to themselves… now, I won’t be telling you too much about those today simply that they exist. Again this is to instill a sense of oneness and unity with the Sisterhood of the Ajah. Few things bind us tighter than the Tower but you’ll find that in an Ajah it is vital to the causes it pursues that each member feels they have some place, someone, with whom they can trust and rely on. The Blue Ajah, despite its many varied and differing causes among their sisters, believes that they create this environment for their members.”


“Okay, now for your homework. Based only off what little you know of the Blue Ajah already, since this is your first class about the Blues I can only assume you know very little, and what you’ve heard today I’d like you to write a small essay. The Essay should be titled either: “The importance of the Blue Ajah” or “The false importance of the Blue Ajah.” Neither essay will be wrong based on topic … rather I’m looking to see what you know, what you think you know, and what you can find in the library in one week’s time. Next class we’ll focus on the life of a Blue Sister and what all that entails. Class dismissed.”




OOC Homework: Based on what the characters have heard in this thread and imagined research time, the characters are writing a paper on the importance (or lack of importance) of the Blue Ajah. No answer is right or wrong but the character is expected to support their argument either way. Simply saying “the blues are cool cause they had a lot of Amyrlin Seats and they do good stuff.” Just won’t cut it; nor would saying, “they are pointless and they suck.”


Ideally this will give the player a chance to examine what they really feel about the history of the Blue Ajah and what their characters might think. This helps form a basis for if the character would or wouldn’t be drawn to the Ajah. I encourage you to check out Blue Ajah websites all over the web and even reference the WOT books. There are a lot of good sources for information or… just write from your character’s biases. Have fun with it!



I know it's long, but the next ones wont be as long. I hope it doesn't bore you


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Kathleen was excited be learning about the Blues. She thought she knew the most about this ajah, not that she knew a lot just that she knew their concept and purpose more than the others, except maybe the Greens. She liked how active they were, always adventuring and each one having the ability to change the world in a major way seemingly by them self. That's not to say that she thought they did it all by themselves, she knew that like all ajahs they are very much one unit and if help was needed they would have backing by the other Blues. She just liked the idea that they felt so strong about a personal cause and each sister could have a different cause so completely unrelated yet they actually got to act on it. She knew the other sisters all had there own plans, but this Ajah seemed the most diverse and hands on in the action.


She felt that with the other ajahs there was more of a stress on working on a common goal, even if you did your work by yourself. You could pick just about anything to be your cause in the Blues, which made her feel like this ajah may be the closest thing to having all ajahs in one. She loved the concept of the Eyes and Ears, it seemed a very good, logical way to keep up to date with the goings on in the world. She often wondered why the other ajahs didn't seem to use that system, or if they did why the other ajahs didn't focus on it or be so open about it as the Blues. Perhaps the Blues were the first to start the information passageway and so the other ajahs just followed along in more of a secret, or perhaps they just didn't put as much importance in it. One doesn't talk about drinking water but everyone knows how important it is.


As Serena Sedai started talking about the histories of the Blues Kathleen sat up a little straighter. She was interested in hearing about the past and where things came from. It was remarkable what some things start out as and what they later become. The story of the Blue Ajah was no less remarkable to Kathleen. She had known the basics of course, where the Tower started and what it is today, you didn't get passed your first novice lesson without hearing something about Age of Legends and the Breaking of the World, let alone get to Accepted without knowing it almost inside and out it seemed. But to hear the story of the Blues from a Blue would be very interesting. Kathleen was sure the class would be a little biased, how could it not being about the Blues and being taught by a Blue, but she knew the Aes Sedai would teach them honestly about what it is to a Blue nonetheless.


As the carved stick passed through the class Kathleen found her self following it with her eyes. She couldn't wait to look at it. She was interested in the unique feather, but she was interested in the carvings too. She felt herself almost slipping away from listening to Serena Sedai speaking, but she had learned to watch for this and she made a point to keep listening and watch the stick pass between her classmates. When it got to her Kathleen studied it, memorizing the look and feel of the feather, and the curves of the foreign script from the Age before and when she had to pass it on she quickly tried to write a note of the details she had witnessed. She had no idea if this would ever be of importance to know, but it was better to have it recorded incase she could use it then to think it unimportant and not have it if she ever needed it.


When Kathleen left the class she had a little bit of free time before her next appointment so she got straight to doing her homework. She wanted to do it while the class was still fresh so it would come more easily to her and maybe not seem so forced. Plus if she did it now she would have time to revise more than if she started closer to the next class, and who knew what would come up to take her time before the assignment was due.


As she walked to the Accepted quarters she tried to recall the class and what she had heard already and tried to think of what her essay would say. Of course she knew that every ajah was important to the running of the Tower and the world, even if some may seem more important than others, so choosing which essay to do was easy. She liked having the choice to write about why she didn't think it was important, and if this were a class from a different ajah, she just might of for the fun of trying to prove something she didn't quite believe, but the Blues always seemed like one of the most useful, using their hands and their brains and affecting the world in a very 'part of the scenes' sort of way.


Kathleen sat at her desk, already prepared for writing when she had left her room in the morning, and began to write her essay. She remarked on all of the aspects of the Ajah, like the Eyes and Ears and the Game of Houses, and how they affected the knowledge brought into the Tower over the years and how it made it easier for Sisters to change the world no matter where they were and stay up to date. She made sure to point out that without those contributions alone the Tower would probably not be as strong in the eyes of nations all over the world. The more she wrote the more respect she began to have for the Blues, not that it was ever low, but she started to see just how much of an advocate they were to the world. She wrote about all of her thoughts she had had on the way to her quarters.


When she looked back at the essay she had written she wasn't quite sure what she thought of it. Clearly it was all surface information, she frowned as she realized that she knew a lot less about the ajah than she had once thought then she smiled as she realized she would soon learn a whole lot more. She knew Serena Sedai wasn't looking for to much in-depth information as she did mention that she knew the students didn't know more than surface things about the ajah. Kathleen knew the essay was the best she could do with the little she knew, and she wasn't disappointed in the length or lay out, just her lack of knowledge to add to it. She was worried about the response it would get but she handed it in anyway.

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A Blue Ajah class! Regalia recalled she had been so excited to finally have a proper class on the Blue Ajah by a Blue Sister, as opposed to a generic class about the Ajahs. An Ajah she was aspiring to. She had attended classes by the Red, Gray, White, Green and Brown so far, having skipped the Yellow due to a clash with a class on Loci Functions and their Derivatives by Raminski Sedai. It had not been a pretty afternoon.


And now she found out she had homework. She sighed. What was the point really.


Still, she trusted handing in a single lined essay saying, "The Blue Ajah rocks because they had the most Amyrlins and did really cool stuff." would not amuse the Blue Aes Sedai. And Regalia did not want to have to beg entry into the Ajah. Oh well, this can't be too hard. She had defended her choice of Ajah countless times to the other Accepted anyway. Surely she knew how to...


[tt]The Blue Ajah, the colour of sky, sits at the very centre of every activity.[/tt]


The colour of sky? Regalia wrinkled her nose. What was she trying to do? Write a poem? Ridiculous. She crumpled up the piece of paper. And sighed. This was going to be a long afternoon.


[tt]I belive wholeheartedly that the Blue Ajah is of utmost importance in the White Tower. Why? Let's see...


The White Tower exists as a servant, a guardian, a symbol of hope and history. It stands as a pillar in the dark times, and a celebration of light in times of joy. Its purpose of ensuring the survival of the world makes it vital in the existene of man. Tar'mon Gai'don and its threats loom over us, and the White Tower is the source of hope in these times.


In the same way, the Blue Ajah's purpose is to stand beside the White Tower's cause, because they are an Ajah of Cause and Justice, and be that push that allows the White Tower to achieve its ultimate goal: Surviving and Triumphing over the Last Battle. The Blue Ajah is the hand that prepares the way. Each Ajah has its purpose of course, but at the moment none are as important as the Blues. They are int he world right now, working their ways through prophesies, omens and justices. Guiding the right events towards the right paths. For it is such a delicate balance. At any moment a wrong stone turned could turn events towards the favour of the Dark One. And that would not be desireable.


I think for me a big part of choosing Blue had to do with the Blue Aes Sedai who have come and gone. The stories they left behind and the works they did, the strength they displayed and the bravery they showed. They were people that I could identify with. What they stood for. How they did things. Where they were headed. They sacrificed so much to make sure the world did not go off track. Each and everyone were so close as an Ajah and yet they seldom spent much time with each other because they were always on the go. Individuals working alone in a world that tried its best to break their spirit. Their only comfort was the knowledge that they were not alone. That there was a family to return to at the end of the day. And when they met during their journeys. They'd exchange a quick nod, a mutual respect for each other's individual missions and deeper understanding that while they were not working on the same things, they were working towards a common goal. Each a small drop in the great wave that was changing the world.


That what I would imagine being a Blue Sister would be like. We do our thing, and at the end of the day, come back to a family that would console us and affect us in ways noone else can. We understand the desperation and frustrations each other have. I would probably have amazing friends from other Ajahs too. People I am Accepted with. But I will never feel the same way about them as I do about my Blue sisters. We would have been through so many things together. Even the Blues we do not see much, or ever get to meet altogether. They continue to be a big part of the family. We know they're out there. Doing their thing. Making the world a better place. And for that we are proud and contented.


So that's what I think the Blue are about and love about the Blue. And I believe without the Ajah, we might not see Tar'mon Gai'don successfully. Thank you.



And with that she leaned back with a sigh. Done.


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Preparing for her lesson that day, Serena reflected over the previous lesson. She had really enjoyed two of her students. Kathleen, she knew from their quiet talks in the library, and the girls curiosity of many of the subjects that Serena, herself, was interested in. It was a pleasure teaching the young woman. Another student had suprised Serena, and she berated herself for not having met with the girl sooner. Regalia was an Aspirant to the Blue Ajah and the Ajah Head herself had not met with the girl personally. Granted, Regalia would not know who Serena was until she was welcomed into the Ajah; but Serena should have extended herself to the Accepted much longer before that.



Lesson 2


Serena entered the class, purposefully late and dressed for travel; blue socks and all, accompanied by three tower guards and her Gaidin Thera Trakelyn dressed in her Fancloak. She waited to see which students would notice her socks and how they would respond. “Ladies, its time to go for a ride into the countryside. Follow me.” Without waiting too long for the girls shock to melt away she turned and expected the group to follow.


The ladies were lead out to the stables, each given a horse and instructed that they’d be taking a day trip to a small village just north of Tar Valon where they could do some ‘hands on’ learning about the Blue Ajah. Each girl was given a pack which included a lunch and various supplies. As they began riding Serena began her instruction.


“What being a blue is all about…” Serena said as she motioned a hand outwards towards the milling people all around her, the life and heartbeat of Tar Valon… the merchants, the beggars, the thieves, and the many transients who had come from countries far and wide to call upon the White Tower. “People. At the heart of it, all our work and deeds must be the people. Some will tell you Justice is our truest purpose and reason for being… but without the concerns of the people near our hearts Justice is an empty thing. What good is law if it does not serve? What good is rule without the people it protects? All people… not just some, from these merchants to those homeless children in rags over there.”


“Now you might argue that these are the concerns of all humanity, of all Aes Sedai, and you would be right but no Ajah more so than the Blues are connected to the heart of these people. They share in one thing that the Sisters of other Ajahs do not and at this end of this lesson, I hope I’ve made that clear to all of you.” The city streamed passed the small entourage, some people smiling and greeting them as they passed… others staring on in awe at even the girls in White. “May the Light bless and keep you, Aes Sedai!” A woman called from across the way and her children waved happily and shouted with joy at Serena and the students as they passed by. In fact, one little girl even pointed at one of the students and called out, “Momma I want to be like her someday and become Aes Sedai too!”


Serena couldn’t help but smile at it all. Truly with the sun shinning down on Tar Valon it was a lovely day for a ride in the country!


“The Blue Ajah believes that each person has a mind and a voice of their own, and each as deserving of basic human rights; rights that cannot be taken away by any man, woman, or King. This is not always a popular opinion in a world where men and women are meant to bow to Kings and Queens and serve as they are told. It is for this reason that Novices and Accepted must learn to live as they do at the White Tower. To be a true servant of all who live in our world a girl must first learn what it is to be like even the most lowly of people in the world. Imagine if when you had come to the Tower we had treated you as Aes Sedai right away. Now perhaps you would have kept your perspective, and more the better for you if you would have, but not all girls would. Most would lose themselves in a lifestyle so vastly different than the ones they came from. Many girls who come from money would never learn what it means to go without and to live as a servant and so… if they had ever met one on the street, what do you suppose such a girl would do? Would she stop and help such a person? Would she ever understand what it means to be her? No. She wouldn’t. But now you will always remember, or so we hope.”


“For a blue, who often lives out of her saddle bag and surrounds herself with the common people of our world… it’s not so hard to remember. There have been many times in which I have found myself sleeping in a cold hard bed, or on the dirty earth… times I’ve gone without meals, let alone sweets… and chores pale beside some of the hard work I’ve done with my bare hands in places where the One Power was dangerous to use or not a viable option. It is for these things we prepare you, to make you strong and able… to know your fellow man and to better know yourself and your own heart.”


“Usually Blues have known exactly what they want to do for their whole lives in one fashion or another. We’re willful women by design and we have a strong sense of self that sometimes develops and grows under the pressures of Novice and Accepted life. We can be opinionated to the point of being bullheaded and perhaps that is one of our greater short comings if we have many at all. But considering the Causes which we become bullheaded about, its hard to say being stubborn is bad.”


“Blue's are worldlier, or if you will… street-smart, because unlike the other Ajahs each blue has her own agenda which she’s working towards as well as the Ajah’s goals. And while those two things might sometimes be the same thing as what other Aes Sedai are doing, they don’t necessarily have to be and usually aren’t. For that reason alone, younger blues rarely stay in the White Tower long and instead prefer stretching their legs and their newfound resources to go back to the world they came from and make a real difference.”


“Other Sisters see the Blue Ajah as so ready to save the world that they lose themselves. I don’t know that this is a fair assessment but I can see why they believe it. Our passions run high about the things which we care for and I can’t blame anyone for saying such a thing about us. According to some Greens a Blue Ajah sister likes men as long as they share her causes and do not get in her way. Perhaps that’s why we chose Gaidin who share a passion for our Causes. That Justice and Mercy must be a balanced working team and our beliefs have lead us to many interesting places together and helped a great deal of people.” Serena smiled briefly at Thera before turning back to her students.


“A Blue can appear to be like a Brown when it comes to researching a subject that has to do with a cause of theirs so do not believe that because a Blue might like to travel that she does not have a love for learning. I’ve spent many an hour preparing for journeys and missions with my nose placed firmly in a book. In fact, there are several blues who have championed the cause of furthering education in the world and more than once there has been talk of the Browns working with us to establish places of learning across the width and breadth of Andor and the Borderlands.”


“For every purpose of every ajah the Blues have at least one Sister who has, in the past, shared their cause. If you’re considering another Ajah think of this first… what prevents a Blue from healing like a yellow and making her cause better health care for all the people of the world? What prevents a Blue from mediating despites and arbitrating laws of countries between kings and queens as advisors, making her cause peace like any Gray? What prevents a Blue from taking up a sword and joining the warriors along the blight border and keeping the Shadowspawn out of the southernlands, and sharing the cause of preparation for Tarmon Gaidon like any Green? What prevents a Blue from researching the degeneration of male channelers, the arts of shielding and detection of the male channeler, thusly taking on the cause of preventing another breaking like any Red? What prevents a Blue from studying philosophies of the past and the theories of the world and its origins and thusly making learning and discovery her cause like any White? What prevents a Blue from opening schools and teaching poor children to read and write, making knowledge and its preservation her cause like any Brown?”


“You see, the purpose for every ajah is simply a specified cause. It is the Blue Ajah alone which leaves it to the individual Sister to find her purpose and follow it and change that purpose when it is no longer necessary or something else comes along. Like our Sisters and Brothers in the Age of Legends the Blue Ajah is versatile doing what is needed today, tomorrow, and in the future.”


As they rode and continued speaking a village came up on the horizon and soon they were entering its tiny dirt packed streets. Dismounting and tying her horse to a tree she turned to the girls and opened a small book from her pocket.


“In the words of a blue sister two generations ago; ‘The Blue Ajah is comprised of women who have a strong sense of justice. Many pursue causes of their own or bend their energies to causes such as seeking out girls who can channel, searching for the Dragon Reborn, bettering the living conditions of villages, involving themselves in trade between Tar Valon and foreign countries and a host of other things. Its primary focus is to champion worthy causes by Aes Sedai standards and to promote justice for all men and women in all areas of the world. They are skilled at political maneuvering and able administrators. In Tower history, and since Artur Hawkwing’s time, it has been found that Blues are better suited as Amyrlins because of this openness and ability to adapt and lead those around them in what they believe in. Thusly the Blue Ajah has produced many most of which have come from very humble beginnings, returning to them for years before coming home to the Tower and working their way to the positions of respect that got them into the lauded position of Amyrlin Seat.’” Closing the book she looked at the girls, each in turn.


“This village is like many others which great women have come from, some have become Queens… some great wisdoms and sages, and even some have gone on to become Amyrlin Seat. But all of them have one thing in common,” Serena paused looking into the eyes of the girls before her. “They all had a moment in which someone helped them and changed the course of their lives. Perhaps that help came in the form of someone assisting them in learning something new, maybe through inspiration, or perhaps just the simple act of being an open ear. Sometimes people don’t know what they most need until they are given it… or worst of all, until they lose it.”


“Here in this village, today, you will take the objects in your packs and go out to do what a Blue does every day of her life… today, you will take what you have been given: knowledge, caring, and objects of physical being… and strive to find some cause worth spending your time upon. You will labor at that task, no matter what it is… fishing… gathering food with a local towns person, perhaps helping a child to read… maybe cooking for an elderly person… or even comforting someone ill. There is no wrong cause and there is no small cause… only small people who can not realize that the most important things in the world to us are sometimes the smallest things.”


“When the sun sets you will meet me back here at this tree, I’ll be obseriving you from afar and I will not assist you today. If I must step in, it had better be for a very good reason or I will not be pleased. I want to see what you can do on your own. Mischief will be harshly punished today ladies, so I advise you to behave as the representatives of the White Tower that you are. To these people you might as well be wearing shawls… please, behave as such.”


“When the sun has set and you report back, we’ll return home and your homework will be to write a paper telling me why or why not you think the Blue Ajah is something you could consider. Include some of what you’ve learned today, and even a bit about your experience here in this town and how it helped … or didn’t help you to see the point I was trying to make.”


“Oh… yes, and while you’re out and about looking at these people and how they live… compare it in your minds to how the Aes Sedai of the Tower live. I know most of you have seen our rooms and how we are treated in the walls and then ask yourself this; ‘If I were to spend a lifetime in the White Tower and almost never came out to see that the rest of the world lived like they do in this town, and in some places worse, how then could I ever really believe I know the people I claim to serve?’ Regardless of which Ajah you choose in the future ladies… I pray to the Light that the lesson you learn here about that one thing, remains with you always.”


“Now… go forth with your escorts,” she motioned a Tower Guard to follow each girl as a guardian. “… and begin serving all ladies. I’ll see you in a few hours.”


Ooc: Sorry this got longer than I meant it too! LOL


You have two options for your homework.


#1 Write a small essay telling us how your character currently does or does not fit in with what is good and bad about the Blue Ajah and how she does or does not fit in with what the Blues would be looking for in an aspie. This shouldn’t involve your personal choice yet; however show us based on your rp thus far how they would or wouldn’t both; match with the good and bad of the ajah AND how they do or don’t match with what the blues are looking for in potential future sisters.


Ideally this should help the player actually think through the process of “Does my character have more in common with Blues than I thought? Or have I been liking the Blues only because the characters in the book were cool?” AND… “No matter what my character wants, will the Blues realistically try to recruit her?”


#2 Write up a scene in which your character is spending the day in the Town and what she does that day as her “cause” or multitude of “causes.” Let me see her getting her hands dirty with whatever cause she feels is fitting to spend her day on. If you’re a blue aspie this might be a good time to toy with some ideas for a cuase. If you’re not, have some fun with this and consider perhaps this is also a good time to explore the reasons you might aspire to your future ajah. A yellow aspie might find someone sick to help, a brown aspie might help a child with reading, a gray aspie might settle a dispute over a piece of property or animal based on laws of the city, a red aspie might meet someone who had once lost someone to a male channeler or who cared for a now dead male channeler thusly getting some insight into that. A white aspie might spend the day discussing philosophy with an older person in the village and maybe playing stones. A green aspie might meet a traveling borderlander and his family and spend some time talking about the lifestyle of those who always fight the shadow. Be creative and have fun!


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When she woke up this morning there was no thought in Kathleen's head of leaving the Tower, but when the Blue Sister entered the room in her blue stockings with three tower guards Kathleen knew they were about to go some where. Her eyes lit up and when she heard they were going to the countryside. It had been so long since she had ridden a horse or smelled the country air. She enjoyed the ride through the dirt streets but she enjoyed the lesson even more. She rode as close to the Aes Sedai as she comfortably could to make sure she heard everything the woman said, she knew it would be important.


As Kathleen walked through the streets of the town she couldn't help but think of all Serena Sedai had said on her trip. When studying the Ajahs one of the first things she had picked up was that the Blues really did seem to be the most mix of all. Serena Sedai had really stressed this in her speech this morning, but it was the first time Kathleen realized the why of it. Something had to connect each Ajah as a whole, and every Sister no matter what Ajah she was had her own cause she fought for so that wasn't really special of the Blues to hold them together. Kathleen realized that what was bugging her about the Blues was that she couldn't figure out why. She had been beginning to think it was the Ajah of the undecided, if you don't know where you want to focus, do it all with the Blues. Serena had mentioned that in the blues you really can do it all, you can let your cause be fighting in the last battle at the Borderlands with the Greens, or help teach children to read and learn more or to bring libraries to towns like the Whites and Browns. You could travel the world healing and helping people like the Yellows, or negotiate major political decisions like the Grays or even travel the world looking to find the Dragon or male channeler's like Reds. Another good point she made was that with in the Blues you could always change your cause, even get involved with Sister's from the other Ajahs and stay true to the Blues.


In someways Kathleen loved this idea. There were so many things she had an interest in, so many aspects of her she wanted to pursue, she didn't wan't to be limited by her Ajah on what things she could purse, and what if she wanted to focus on more than one thing, or she completed her cause, she could pick a new one, on whatever her interest and still be a true Blue. But when she thought about it more she wondered if it was just a cop out. It seemed an awful lot like the Ajah you choose when you can't make up your mind on what you want.


Kathleen had wondered what really held them together, the insecurity of not being able to pick one ajah so they attempt to pick all or the sense of freedom they must have to do whatever they want. When Serena Sedai told them that at the heart of the Blue Ajah was the essence of what the Tower really stood for, to able to serve the people of the world in whatever way they needed serving, Kathleen really felt stupid. It all came together and it all made sense. She knew that no matter how diverse the causes the Blues picked they always had a changing and lasting affect on all they touched even if they didn't seem to come from some one main goal, but she had always known at the core they had to have one, every ajah did. She knew the Tower was meant to take on the ideals of being a Servant of All, but it finally made the Blue Ajah make sense - they were truly the ones who did this in the literal sense!


As she walked down the street she knew her mission. For today, and from her past and hopefully onto her future...to help all the people she could. It seemed a simple task, on the surface, but if she knew that from the moment her mother got sick she knew she wanted to help her, to do more for her, to make her life better and she felt that way about everyone in need she saw. That day in that little town Kathleen wandered the streets and found people who needed something and Kathleen helped them achieve it, even if it was just a small task, Kathleen helped the people and felt pride in doing it. She finished hanging a basket of laundry on a line for a woman who's babe needed nursing, she helped a little girl who was crying find a favorite toy she had misplaced, she listened to an old man ramble on about his lost love and his childhood days, and just as she was heading back at the end of the day to meet up with the class she heard shouting and turned back to see what was wrong. Two young fellows were about to brawl when Kathleen stepped in to ask why. Normally she would have stayed out of it, but she didn't want to see anyone hurt. The boys were heated, but her brothers used to fight and Kathleen knew what to say to settle them, sure enough they were able to talk things through and Kathleen made it back to the horses just a little after the others arrived. 


She didn't know if what she had done was enough to please her teacher. She knew the tasks seemed simple on the outside, and she didn't do anything for them they couldn't have done themselves, but then again a king in a castle is just as capable of fetching a drink as any serving girl is. Kathleen knew her tasks were small, but she felt pride in doing them just the same. She had helped people. After years of wanting nothing more than to get out into the world to help the people she had done it today.

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((OOC: Sorry this is taking so long. DM KEPT DYING ON ME!! And ate my post. *cries* It secretly doesn’t want me raised either. *sighs* Sorry it's a bit long. But once I started I couldn't stop. Hahaha.))


“My name is Regalia, what’s yours?” Regalia chirped at the Tower Guard accompanying her. He seemed young for a Tower Guard and very pretty. Especially his eyes. They were the kind you really could melt into. But today she was Accepted and not some wide eyed girl from the neighbouring village. And she mentally smacked herself and dazzled the Tower guard with a smile.


“Bo… Bonas Terkin, Ac… Accepted. That… that is my name.” He stuttered, blinking in surprise.


Regalia smiled internally. “Good to know, good to know. Now, Tower Guard person, what would you like to do?” Regalia walked gracefully as she spoke. The village was getting a bit crowded.


“Ummm… Accepted, I was told to just follow where ever you wish to go and make sure you are safe. I… I am to just accompany you.”


“I see.” Regalia nodded thoughtfully. “Let’s get to know everyone then. Can’t be helpful without first knowing people.”


“Yes, Accepted.”


The pair walked up to the first house they saw. A quaint little house made of red bricks with dried herbs hung out on its porch. A little girl sat in the shade of the awning, playing with a doll made of cloth and clothed in papers of different colours and patterns. She looked up as they approached.


“Hello, little girl. My name is Regalia Frantelle.”


“Wegawia?” The girl wrinkled her forehead in concentration. “Are you looking for my mommy? She’s out now. Only Nana is home. But Nana is not well and cannot talk to you.”


“Not well?” Regalia frowned. “Isn’t there a village Reader, Healer or Care-for Woman she can visit?” She recalled some of the names these women were called.


“Sister Argaran, our Lector, is away.” Regalia turned to the woman who had spoken. A middle-aged blonde with hard face and cold eyes. “And the assistant who was supposed to look after the place has eloped with her lover. Only last week. And now we are uncared for. Who are you and why are you here? You and your friend,” She nodded at Bonamas. “can stay at our Inn if you intend to spend the night. Charity House is up that street and Innkeeper Rawkin would appreciate a rich guest such as yourself.”


“Apologies. My name is Regalia and I am merely visiting. I don’t intend to stay the night, so I will not need the services of an Inn.” She smiled and touched her lip with her index finger thoughtfully. “I have some knowledge of Herbs and can perhaps help out a little. Would there be a place maybe I could sit down under some shade and those who are unwell or injured or need a listening ear could come and I could help them?”


The woman laughed. A hard laugh. “You’ll make a fine Aes Sedai yet, young lady.”


Regalia blushed, partly in pride and partly because she had not expected the woman to recognise her connection with the White Tower. She had tried to keep the Great Serpent ring hidden beneath her cloth bag too. Not well enough, she supposed.


“Do not worry, Accepted. Our village is very used to visits from the White Tower. And my daughter herself went to the Tower not more than one year now, and has written back about life there. So I am more than familiar with your kind. Come. You can sit on my porch yonder.” She waved at another house in the distance. “I do not keep many herbs but from what I hear, you White Tower folk do not work with herbs, just wave your hand or something.”


“Perhaps.” Regalia gestured for Bonamas to follow and the Tower Guard moved to walk protectively beside her as she made towards the house.


“I will get the village children to go get some of the sicker villagers. Light illumine you, Accepted, I don’t know when Sister Argaran will be back. But there are at least a few people I know who probably can’t wait that long. My name is Rhia Chumolien, Accepted, and my husband runs the village shop. What herbs I have drying at home you may use. The rest, perhaps your power is enough?”


“Very well, Rhia. Thank you.” Regalia climbed onto the porch of the house and opened her bag. Inside there were her change of clothes, lunch – a sandwich made of barbequed eels and a tumbler of tea, and a smaller pouch filled with miscellaneous things. She was no Yellow, and her skill with Healing was hardly enough. But she had aced Herbology with Camigwen Sedai and had managed quite well with Nynaeve Sedai’s lesson on patient care, so she could at least depend on that. Looking at the herbs hanging on the rafters of the porch, she managed to identify a good few. Milkwort, Old Man roots, blue Elderdown flowers, Swamp edge moss, Worry-not leaves, Bright-brush Berries and many more. A few of the others she could not recognize, but perhaps she could work with the Power on some of the easier cases.


The first patient was an old man and arrived with the aid of a younger man.


“Take these leaves boiled in water for three hours. The leaves, mind, not the water. Three times a day.” Regalia wrapped up the Thunderroot leaves in paper and handed it over. “He should be better in about a week. Keep him out of the cold and make sure he drinks plenty of water. He seems a bit dehydrated.”


“Thank you, Aes Sedai.” The younger man bowed and left with his father before Regalia could correct him.


And so the day went. Some came just to chat. And soon there was a jolly ring of women helping Regalia as she prescribed herbs, Delved, Healed and gave general advice to those who came. Some were old, some were young, some were barely toddlers. All in all, Regalia met many people. She took the opportunity to make friends, and leave impressions. She intended to keep in contact with these and maybe have her own little network in the world.


Halfway through the day, she suddenly had the brilliant idea of passing on some of the knowledge she had gained. She started narrating her thought process and what she was doing as she took care of the patients. And the women took notes and asked questions. Surprisingly two of the women picked it up remarkably quickly. Bema Harkin looked every bit like a farmwoman, and was as strong as one. She claimed to be merely a seamstress, but the way she helped patients up and moved piles of herbs around made her seem more like an oxwoman from Regalia’s back home. Chinandra Rubavella was pretty much the opposite. As a buttergirl, she was slim, with curls and all smiles, she was perfect at calming the more distressed of patients. Her delicate hands were excellent for compiling the right sort of herbs and packing them into paper parcels. Most importantly, both had eyes for details and more than once had noticed something Regalia herself hadn’t. Regalia wished she had the option of helping them become… Lectors? In time she was sure they would be as capable. She advised them to seek out the Lector and perhaps be her assistant. They beamed with pride but declined, citing their other jobs as commitment. Regalia sighed in resignation at the foolishness.


Some part of Regalia wanted to stay on as the last of the patients left for home and the women started to pack up. There had been less than 30 people who had been attended to, but this did not include those who just hung around in the general excitement. Most of the herbs had been used up, but Rhia did not accept the gold that Regalia had tried to press into her hands.


“Your help is payment enough, Accepted. I do not know when Sister Argaran will return, as I said, but with you help this afternoon I am sure we will be fine for at least a while.” She looked less hard now, a gentleness entering her eyes. “I meant what I said, you will make a fine Aes Sedai someday. And hopefully when you do, you will return to us and visit us sometime.”


“I will.” Regalia said with a lump in her throat. She felt exhausted, but her heart was light. Light, if this is what it feels to be Blue and an Aes Sedai, it is no wonder Serena Sedai has such passion. She groaned at the reminder of the Aes Sedai, for it also reminded her of the essay she had to write that evening. And her arms were sore. Sore! But still, that seemed to be the way of the Blue. As Serena Sedai had said, they involved themselves in everything, and often thanklessly.


She thought about the evening’s essay. Surely it would be a cinch. As she slung her bag over her shoulders, and glided off towards the tree where the sun was setting, her mind was at peace. And her heart at rest. She didn’t need any other confirmation. Regalia knew she had found her Ajah.


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OOC: Sorry, guys, I had finals and papers due this week, so I got behind on my RPing. Won't happen again.




Lesson 3


Serena walked into the classroom and smiled at the students there. She’d greatly enjoyed watching them in the past lesson and reading their thoughts from their reports. Each of them showed a great deal of the beginnings of what it took to be a member of the Blue Ajah.


Today however, she was going to break a little further into the depths of what it meant to be a Blue… the Cause.


“Good afternoon, Students.” She chirped brightly as she came to stand before the large chalk board. Taking up her chalk she wrote on the board in big bold lettering: “What is a Cause?”


Looking back at the students she waited to read their reactions. “A cause,” she began. “is anything which is worth fighting for, sacrificing for, or working at until its completion, even if that means working til your very death knowing that it may not be you who completes the task but another who will one day benefit from the study of your triumphs and failures.”


“Causes come in all sizes. They are sometimes grand and legendary, so big that Ajahs have been formed around them, such as protecting the world from the threat of male channelers… the unending war against the Shadow and the eventual triumph of the Light’s forces at Tarmon Gaidon. But these are not the only causes to follow and a Blue Sister recognizes the idea that commiting the vast majority of your life to any one… while respectable… isn’t always realistic or fair to the many other causes which we as Aes Sedai could work with in a life span the likes of which an Aes Sedai has.”


“Smaller Causes, by the mind set of the average man on the street, are taken up all the time by the Blue Ajah. Some of these causes are ones that are resolved and set right in a day or weeks time… but others are ongoing favorite projects of which the Sister toils at the whole of her life; doing what she can, where she can. I have several Causes, the main one being the Cause of the Light, which I will go into more detail letter on in the lesson." Serena's emerald eyes flicked towards Katherine, as she was aware of Serena's other Cause.


"I chose this particular Cause, because of something that occured before I came to the White Tower. Granted, I could have chosen the Green Ajah, and fought Shadowspawn with steal and Saidar. However, my interests lay on the side of Justice and not steel” Serena would not reveal her other major Cause to students of the White Tower. Only a select few of her Sisters actually knew that Cleansing Saidin was a primary purpose of Serena's.


“Blue Aspirants do not simply wake up one day and say to themselves, 'Self, I think I’ll spend my life working towards educating the poor.' And go out into the world and do it once raised. I believe that misconception is what keeps a lot of able bodied women from looking more closely at the Blue Ajah and I find that very funny as that is exactly what the aspirant of any other Ajah does. Wakes up one day, is tested and tried and commits herself to a single but important Cause under the banner of another Ajah for the whole of her life.”


“Think about that for a moment… do you believe that even in the course of 20 years its fair to say you know what you’d want to do with perhaps the next 300 years of your life? Because that’s exactly how long you could live. Some Aes Sedai lived to legendary ages far exceeding that and there are two within our Tower right now whom I suspect are such… though it is rude to speak of such things so I shall say no more on that topic.”


“The Blue Aspirant or newly raised Blue is often passionate about something and sees that as her cause but as she interacts with the world outside the Tower with the shawl on her shoulders… those ideals often change. Perhaps its happenstance or just the idea that after 20 years removed from society she finds the world different than she left it; but I like to think that it is a growth process. The difference between seeing the world with the eyes of a young idealistic woman who is new to power and the idea of what she might do with such a thing… and one who comes into her own and realizes even power can not solve all the wrongs of the world.”


“In another writing about the Blue Ajah it is said that, ‘Blues sought to right wrongs, which was not always the same as seeking justice, like Greens and Grays.’ And this is so very true. As I said, loosely I term my own Cause as Justice but, in truth, I have fought even against the will of local governments which I thought unjust … something that a Gray working within the ranks of Justice of a city; just might not do. A Gray, such as my good friend and Sister Dawn, might work to change the government… while my good friend Eadon, a Green, might seek to right the immediate problem possibly with violence. I, on the other hand… might use more subtle methods which we will discuss further in the next lesson.” Serena smiled a mischievous grin.


“Let’s take a look at some of the causes we’ve seen Sisters take up in the past. Justice, again not always the same from Sister to Sister and while this could have you working very closely to some Grays and Greens… that’s not always the case. Many a Blue Sister who worked for ‘justice’ was considered a bit of a maverick and very untraditional even for an Aes Sedai.”


”Freedom. This is one that is close to a lot of Sister’s hearts. Freedom means so very much and can have a Sister fighting all manner of things from the enslavement of men which has occurred in the past to the rights of women and men within given societies that they might be seen as equals.”


”Which brings us to …Equality. Whether among sexes, people of different countries, races… such as the Ogier, the Aiel, or those of us from the West Lands among the Aiel and Seafolk… and of course the ever popular Channelers in Amadicia and Tear… all of these are important.”


”Peace, again very open to interpretation. Peace could have you working as an advisor in Arad Doman trying to keep things quiet between them and Tarabon or maybe take you to the borderlands to fight beside the men of that area to protect the peace of the Southern Countries of our world.”


“Which brings me to the Light, which is how I prefer to think about it rather than just limiting it to the war against the Shadow. Darkness, it is said by the Whites, lurks every where but no more strongly than in the hearts of men. Fighting for the Cause of the Light could take you to battle the Shadow’s big bad minions, dealing with small stuff like weeding out dark friends, but it also could have you working for understanding, kindness and other such noble ideas within towns all around the world. Every day is an adventure when your cause entitles so much… it’s a Cause you’ll work your whole life at and never see the end of… but I know that no Cause is so satisfying because everyday you personally can experience the joy which the Light brings.” Serena's eyes shone as she spoke of her own Cause


”The Children of the Light and trying to bridge the gap with them. Now I have known few Sisters who have gotten very far with this and I tell you from personal experience its not from lack of desire. However the force for good which the Children of the Light represent should NOT be underestimated and the Sister who bridges that gap and makes us allies will NEVER be forgotten. Truly it’s a sword we can ill afford to chase… but one which is as likely to strike us as it is to let us wield it.”


”Then there is, Education. Many a Blue and Brown have traveled the world together helping make sure everyone they come across has a chance to get a standard education if they desire it, trying to improve the standards of education in the world by starting schools and educating people to be teachers in their own communities and so on.”


”Ending Hunger and other large scale causes of death within our world has been the cause of a few Blues in history. Maybe you’re trying to find new and better ways to farm, or using Saidar to discover new ways to provide food like they did in the Age of Legends; but no matter how you do it one can not argue the worth of such a cause and purpose in life.”


”With that said there is also the Sisters who take up the cause of trying to restore the Age of Legends. Another noble ideal but one that is unlikely to be done by any one Sister alone. This cause is VERY broad and involves many I’ve already stated and includes others as well. Seeking out items of power, lost secrets, preservation of the Old Tongue, and finding remnants of cities lost to time and the breaking… they are all ways of trying to return the world to what it was long ago.”


”In the end, what makes a good cause is your passion to put behind it. There is no wrong cause… all things which you do for the world are good causes to have and your cause can change day to day with your experiences… a mistake many make about us Blues. Unlike the Sisters of the Ajahs, we prefer to remain true to the roots of the Aes Sedai and embrace the versatility and necessity of change from time to time. As the world and people change so too must we. Without that ability we would be lost to the world as surely as all unchanging things.”


“Now, I want each of you to write a small paper tonight about a Cause you could take up realistically based on your life experiences right now… if you were to be an Aes Sedai out in the world. Assume you have all the Tower resources at your command and all the things which make an Aes Sedai an Aes Sedai… both weaknesses and strengths. Tell us about why you’d choose it… if you were a blue that is.”


“Class Dismissed.”


ooc Homework: You are to come up with a cause (that doesn’t involve the dragon reborn, ashaman, seanchan, etc as they wouldn’t be around in the time their characters would have been raised in the Tower) and tell us a bit about why your character might choose it… if you were to go blue.


Try to think outside the box a little and realize that originality in rp is the spice of life! While its easy to take up Moraine’s cause from the books or even simply state “justice” as a cause; know that there is a lot more to any thing you pick. I could find three sisters who choose “justice" and each could easily have different views of what they are fighting for so help me to understand what it is you’re really wanting to do.


Have fun with this. If you’re finding you’re stuck and you’re thinking “I HATE this, I don’t want to pick any one thing…” write about that. It’s a legitimate answser but tell me why. Tell me about what many things you’re thinking of and torn between. Ideally your brain storming here could help you stumble upon something you haven’t thought of yet. Write without thinking… just jot notes down on paper about what your character is interested in… eg: Keeping novices from being picked on without reason … and expand from there. That, for example could easily develop into “Well, I don’t like to see people oppressed by those who are stronger than them or in positions of power.” And that easily becomes the cause, “Stopping oppression” or “Building better leadership in the world governments – both large and small.”


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Regalia sighed as she stared at her blank parchment. She hated assignments. Especially ones like the one she had to write. It was not as if she had nothing to write, contrary to that, she had tons to write. In fact she had so much to write she did not know where to begin. A cause? Regalia was hardly 25, what cause could she be so passionate about she’d be ready to sacrifice her life for. At this moment, her only cause in life was to be Aes Sedai. That occupied her days and nights. But Serena Sedai probably wanted her to think about life after that. Something that she had not thought about much since she became Accepted.


[tt]The White Tower is the centre of Power. Her influence stretches far and wide and if often feared and misunderstood. Too many people have misconceptions about the White Tower, whether it be because of rumours and gossips, or because of things they have read and misinterpreted. As an Aes Sedai, and a Blue, I hope to be able to change the ideas people have about the White Tower.


Whether it be in terms of acting as a mediator between the Tower and various Nobility, or the simple act of going around and looking for girls who can channel. Or even merely providing education in terms of talks and presentations about what the White Tower really is and how it can benefit the common people. To stand as an ambassador of the White Tower, not in terms of name, but as a living example of what it embodies and how it keeps the world on the path it is meant to go.


I believe that ultimately the purpose of the Tower is to ensure that people are safe and in the Light. Being a beacon in dark times, the White Tower must stand strong and united. It must be a symbol of good and of hope. How can the people believe in what it stands for, if they cannot even understand what the Tower is about. Too often has she been shrouded in mystery and fantasy, an unapproachable place that’s cold and distant. Hopefully, that can change eventually. Not to have the Tower turned into a circus, but at least have a place in the hearts of people.


Perhaps this cause might not be in line with what the White Tower wants to achieve. Exclusivity and a place to be feared and respected. But if Kunari Sedai’s Lecture on the Last Battle and the Dragona is to be believed, then I’m sure the ground has to be broken so even the Dragon eventually does not fear the Tower but instead learn to trust and cooperate with it.


That is a cause I think I can believe and work for.


Thank you.[/tt]


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OOC: Sorry this going to be short guys, I have limited time on the computer today (interent wont connect in the house and the baby is coming home any minute) so I'm just gonna do something quick so we can move on, sorry to hold you all up. If it isn't enough let me know and I will come back and edit it some time in the future!




Kathleen was glad to be back in the Blue Ajah class, maybe today she would learn the real point of the Blue Ajah. When Serena Sedai wrote "The Cause" on the board Kathleen couldn't help but grin. Finally I will know the core of this Ajah. Even with all she had heard about the Blues so far it still felt too much like the 'can't make up your mind' Ajah, the one you pick when you want to do it all. But listening to the explaination from the Blue only confirmed that more for her. Really it did seem like a good idea, Serena Sedai was right, people change after a few years, the way they think and the way they look at things. There desires change so why not have that ability embedded into their Ajah. There were many aspects of her that fell into other Ajahs and she didn't know how to choose which one to go for.


She loved the feeling of solving a problem, going back and researching into what the problem is, where it came from and using her brain to figure out how to solve it. She loved the feeling that came with finding the solution, but she loved the feeling of doing something to actually stop the problem too; putting the solution she had thought of into practice. She saw the need of being able to deal with any situation and fix it. If someone were hurt she wanted to be able to heal them. If there was feud ripping families apart she wanted to be able to come to an agreement and put it behind them. She also saw the need to know how to defend herself, not every fight can be fought with brains, sometimes you need to know how to fight with out the power. Memories of her recent kidnapping where she couldn't grasp saidar came flooding back and she pushed them out of her head. That is it, I want to solve problems. I want to fix things that are broken, and stop problems from arising, she thought.


Until that point Kathleen had been lost in trying to figure out which Ajah suited her best. She thought she would find the one that she felt most comfortable in and had a cause she could throw herself into but was having trouble finding it. She realized she had been looking at it all wrong, and in writing this paper on what her cause would be she learned that to find her Ajah, she had to find herself. She had to know what she wanted to do in life to know which Ajah could help her get there. It wasn't her purpose to help the Ajah, well it was a little, but it was the Ajah's purpose to help her achieve the goal of her cause.


When she had started this course she had no intention of going Blue, to undecided she thought, she needed something solid to keep her on track. But the longer she stayed in the class the more she really learned and now she knew her cause to buckle down into, Solving Conflicts, big or small. The Blue Ajah was starting to get a real chance of having a new Sister.


(OOC: Thank you so much for this assignment, I really had been missing this aspect of the charactor, and not knowing what she wanted when she was Aes Sedai, and now I know where she is going..not Ajah wise yet, but I just figured out her cause!)

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Serena was very proud of her students, both Katherine and Regalia were very promising Accepted, and the White Tower would be a better place with the two of them instilled as Servants of All. Gently, she pressed down the buttons of the front of her coat with the palm of her hand. Her eyes twinkling with the anticipation of what was in store for the young women, in their years to come.


"Good afternoon ladies. Today we’ll be addressing the tools of the trade for the Blue Sister of the White Tower.”


“As many of you are well aware, the Blue Ajah is often considered to be a group whose expertise coined the phrase, the truth you hear an Aes Sedai speak …” Serena smiled. “Blues have been accused of being ambulatory lexicons, women whose tongues are as golden as the rings we wear on our fingers. While the people of Cairhien are masters of the great game…we invented it.”


“Truly the most powerful weapon any woman has is her good sharp wit but all the more so for a blue. The ability to convey messages unseen and unheard, despite scrutiny, is a fine art usable by even the lowliest of servant or novice of the Tower. Imagine being able to convey to a fellow Novice or Accepted about a secret rendezvous that would occur late that night or a prank, right in front of those you meant to avoid knowing! I will advise all of you to take the class, Basic Daes Daemar regardless of which Ajah seems attractive to you but ESPECIALLY if you are wanting to go with the Blue Ajah once raised. In fact, if you’re considering the Blue Ajah… consider taking all three Game of House courses offered here at the Tower.”


“Again, the Blue Ajah is considered powerful because of our connection to the outside world… our ‘eyes and ears’ as it is sometimes referred to by the Sisters of the Tower. This connection is like the veins in a body… without them the body of our Ajah would not function, our purpose in the Tower… might as well be defunct. While other Ajahs have networks of eyes and ears, it is the blues who spend decades cultivating and nurturing their relationships with their fellow men and women of the world, to ensure a lasting connection. Sometimes families will work for lifetimes, far beyond anyone’s remembrance in the family, for the White Tower simply because a good relationship was established by the initial Aes Sedai and up kept by younger ones over the years.”


“True enough this is a large portion of what young blues do, traveling the world keeping in touch with Eyes and Ears at the instruction of their sitters and ajah head. These young women represent the Tower, renew bonds with their contacts, and more importantly serve the practical purpose of being the first on scene for problems. This, as you might have guess, often puts them in the position to make or break the image of the White Tower and it is a trial by fire to be certain.”


“What sometimes starts out as a simple trip through the borderlands to make contact with eyes and ears often turns into some of the grandest adventures of the gleeman’s tales.” For a moment Serena seemed excited, like she herself would rather be out right now chasing down adventures with her warder but then she suppressed the excitement and resumed Aes Sedai calm.


“Sometimes, when out in the field a Sister finds herself caught between the most difficult choices… often for a Blue it is the conflict of duty to the Tower and duty to her cause. For some their Cause is the Tower or in a fashion an idea the Tower stands by… but even for those lucky Sisters, fate finds interesting ways to weave the pattern in such a way that we’re forced to make hard choices.”


“It is in these tough decisions that the character of a Sister is tested truly. Sometimes, as you will discover in time, two things can be very right… and very wrong all at once. Deciding between the lesser of two evils or the better of two rights… is no easy task but the Blue is prepared for these things by her training and her ability to think outside the box.”


“What I mean by this is non-conventional thinking. Coming up with original solutions to unusual problems. More than once a blue has disproven the old adage ‘ you can’t have your cake and eat it too.’ The trick is knowing what you want and what others want… and how to employ the help of those around you even if they don’t realize or want it.” Serena smiled mischievously.


“Okay girls here is what I’d like you to do for homework tonight…” Serena began to hand out homework assignments.


Ooc: No ic homework. Instead write up a paragraph or three about an rp you could do as a blue sister. With tweaking it could be usable after you’re raised (whether you go blue or not!) It doesn’t have to be a magnum opus but show us something that doesn’t deal with the main plotline (of the books) elements which could realistically occur in randland PRIOR to the timeline which Jordan deals with, as this will be the timeline you’re rp’ing in as new aes sedai.


Consider things like politics, traveling to touch base with eyes and ears and what could happen along the way to see them, things eyes and ears might tell you are going on in their cities (think common problems from crime to sickness… drought to disputes between citizens) anything works, there is no wrong answer here. Try to employ at least one of the thoughts of the three elements which Blues use: Wits, Eyes and Ears, & the Great Game.


Good luck!


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Kathleen got to class early again and turned in her homework then she sat eagerly waiting for the class to start. She didn't like a lot of the classes she took, but the ones she did like she liked a lot. Most of the ones she liked were about the things that affect Aes Sedai, the One Power classes and the Ajah classes being her favorites. She knew they would soon be hearing about the Great Game, and she was not looking forward to it. As much of a clever girl as she was and as good at honey talking her way around tricky situations the thought of the Game of Houses always seemed a bit too out of her league. Surely if she took the class Serena Sedai had mentioned, in all its parts, she would come to have a good handle on it and she knew she could play it well, but with what little she knew now, and how in depth it was and how much thinking power it took it all seemed far to much work.


The Eyes and Ears on the other hand seemed just the thing Kathleen found interesting. Still something you need wits to use properly and just enough excitement and interest to keep up on. Kathleen wished she knew more of it. Maybe someday she would have her own set of eyes and ears! It did seem like the best way for her to be connected to what was going on everywhere no matter where she was. Then Serena Sedai starting talking about the possibilities of the things a blue could do again.


Hearing the ideas of what really could happen out in the real world Kathleen couldn't help but start getting excited. She had so many things she wanted to do. As much as she loved the White Tower she couldn't imagine herself stuck in it for the rest of her life, especially if her life was going to be as long as a normal Aes Sedai. She wanted the thrill of adventure, but mostly it was just being able to relate to the world again. To really know what was happening out there and be a part of it. The White Tower almost seemed like a world of its own, existing without interaction from the world outside. Of course Kathleen knew it wasn't really true, but it still felt that way. It would be nice to see people from different ways of life, to see how other people live. Just hearing Serena Sedai giving some idea about the ways that the Aes Sedai could really interact with that world made her wish her time locked up in the Tower as Accepted would be over sooner.


She had already been locked away for over 12 years and she was sure the world had changed immensely since she was last in it. Of course she knew there were more dangers out there than there were in the tower, and just thinking of her week held captive with the Whitecloaks was usually enough to make her rethink wanting adventures. She was not going to let herself be scared of them, she would just be sure to be more aware of dangers and the unexpected when she was out. It was amazing how quickly going for a pleasant walk in the city could get you knocked unconscious and kidnaped - twice. When the class was over Kathleen felt herself being dragged back into the world of the Tower as she packed up her note papers and started for the door onto her next event of the day. She wasn't Aes Sedai yet, and there were still things to learn.




OOC: My idea of an Aes Sedai Role play is this.


Kathleen would be raised to the Blues and after a short while someone would approach her with the information that one of the eyes and ears in a little town has not been in contact for a while so they send Kathleen out to find out what is going on (my only thought on that would be why wouldn't they send the person who's eyes and ears it is, perhaps Kathleen just tags along to see how it works, or perhaps there is a reason why that Sister can not go).


When she gets there Kathleen finds out that the contact(s) have been killed and so she sets off to find out who did it, why they did it, and if they got any info on the tower or info that was confidentially going to the tower. When that is settled Kathleen would be responsible to set up new eyes and ears in that town, or in one close by to make up for the loss.



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Regalia smoothed the front of her dress as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She had long since outgrown her girly looks, and had blossomed into a relatively attractive girl. Her visits to the Warder Training Yard had brought her a few admirers. And she had a few potentials in mind for Bonding. Nonetheless, she felt that she had a long way to go. Part of her wondered how she would look with an ageless face, but those thoughts were the least of her worries.


She sighed as she turned to leave her room. It was the Blue Ajah class with Serena Sedai again. One of her favourite classes, but the woman did give assignments rather freely. Regalia supposed it was just as well that she had chosen Blue. She doubted the Ajah had much time or patience for report writing. Perhaps quick notes saying, “Am fine. Haven’t died. Do not give away room please.” sufficed for Blue sisters. After all, what else was important when one was in the world trying to make things right. She wrinkled her nose at the thought.


She wondered how life would be like as an Aes Sedai. She had been visiting the Library lately, speaking to the Brown sisters who acted as Librarians there. Much of her focus of study had been in terms of the reputation of the White Tower. Its history and the perception that people had of it. From what she read, much of its fearsome reputation had been based on legends passed from mouth to mouth. Much of it was exaggerated, some to the point of comedy. Aes Sedai that could be in three places at the same time? Aes Sedai that brought the dead to life? White Tower being able to relocate at will? The White Tower having doors that open to other worlds? Where did these stories come from? As far as she knew, nobody in the Tower bothered to quash the rumours though, probably allowing it to spread and grow to no end.


One of the things she wanted to do as an Aes Sedai was to find girls who could channel and nurture them into Aes Sedai. Having been from a broken family, Regalia felt strongly for the girls who entered the Tower. This was a key reason why she spent so much time teaching lessons to Novices. In her mind, she imagined these girls to one day be part of the Blue as well. And they’d be able to go out into the world together and accomplish great things. She never understood the way the Blue Ajah seemed so individualistic at times. But she supposed it was hard when every sister had her own cause to champion.


Regalia smiled to herself at the thought of the pile of letters that she kept at the bottom of her trunk. They were not reports per se. After all, which Accepted could lay claim to an Eyes and Ears network. But they were relatively innocent letters, no, correspondences with people she had met in the world. Their periodic updates on their lives kept her informed of the world. In that way, she made sure she could start planning her life as a Blue sister. Much of her updates had been in terms of minor village news, but also rumours that her pen-pals had heard from passing Tinkers and Illuminators. Much of it was disturbing. Darkness seemed to be abroad in the world, spreading its thin, wispy fingers in events that seemed innocent enough.


A few of the letters mentioned rumours male channelers and False Dragons. She imagined the Red Ajah to have their ears pricked for that. Regalia sighed at the thought as she rounded the bend of the corridor. She was almost reaching class but her mind was preoccupied. Regalia imagined that as a Blue sister, she would not be rushing to Gentle any male channelers. She felt sometimes there was a need for diplomacy. While the Taint was a dangerous thing, perhaps reaching out to the human within that channeler would help a little more. Who knew if one of these was the true Dragon? Surely the Dragon would like to know his fellow male channelers were treated with a little respect at least, before they went mad and had to be Gentled. It was odd it was called Gentling, when what she heard the Red Sisters did was anything but gentle. She felt some of these male channelrs should have at least a chance to be studied or understood before being squashed like a bug beneath the silken slippers of the Red Ajah. She aspired towards that kind of thing. To reach out to those who feared the White Tower and show that instead of being a manipulative puppeteer, the White Tower could be a gentle mother guiding her wayward children towards a greater good. As a start, contacting her little personal network and getting them to spread rumours of her own creation should help a bit.


She smiled at Serena Sedai as she entered the classroom and curtsied. She was just in time. Most of the class was already present, but there were a few missing girls. Taking a seat next to Kathleen, she gave the girl a quick smile and passed up her assignment to the front. It had taken her two hours to write it, but hopefully it was earn her a place in the Blue quarters. She was ready to change the world. One person at a time, if she must.


((OOC: I hope it’s ok I just included my potential RP ideas in my post. I wasn’t sure how else to do it. Haha. YAY! Almost done with this class! W00t!))



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Serena had arrived to the classroom early, and had chosen to sit behind the large mahogany desk with her feet up on a chair opposite her. She relaxed and waited for her students to arrive. Once again she had been incredibly pleased with the work Kathleen and Regalia had done. This class had been written specifically for Accepted and was NOT an easy one. Serena wasn't normally huge on homework, but this class was designed to help the girls think on their Ajah choices, whether they were to choose the Blue or not; although, it definately was directed towards..perhaps...molding them in the right direction. She smirked at her thought. All Aes Sedai did it, especially when they found innitiates that they thought had the drive that fit with their Ajah.


As the young women walked into the classroom, Serena nodded to each one, and slowly removed her boots from the chair they'd been resting on. A mischievous thought cross her mind, and let her mouth quirk slightly in one corner. Her eyes sparkled as she stood and began to pace in front of her students. "Girls, for that is what you are," Her tone was sharp and almost condiscending. " I had thought that this class would have made you learn something, made you think, made you strive towards a final goal of becoming Aes Sedai." She removed her eyes from glaring straight forward, and turned to fix them on each Accepted. Pausing, she placed her hands on her hips and seemed to invoke anger from nowhere.


"Clearly, you have much more to learn. If homework, field experience, and lecture are not enough, I do not know what is. In fact, there is so much more for you to learn that I have decided..." She clenched her teeth to show the ferocity behind her words, and her cheeks actually flushed as if her anger were rushing towards them in a blood pounding rage. And then....it stopped. "....Class is dismissed. You both did extraordinary work, and I am glad to have been the one to teach you in this lesson." She grinned.


"As we spoke of earlier, we all know here, that once we have taken the Oaths that bind us, that we cannot lie; however, I did not lie when I spoke those words. There really is a lot more for you both to learn. Honestly, I am not done learning. One thing someone once said to me was, 'Remain teachable', and that is to help in keeping one humble. What I have done here, was using the art of deception."


"Congratulations, Accepted."





OOC: Class is done! I've already spoken with Lavinya and you guys have both far exceded the word count. Well done!  ;D

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