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A Silverpike out of Water (attn: Elgee)


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Larindhra's initial question went unanswered as the bloody woman gave him no opportunity to respond. She was very practiced at at asking a question then walking out of earshot or becoming engrossed in some other task. Geirrin was used to talking while he worked but this was something different. Perhaps she wasn't used to conversing with others in a conventional sense. Some of her questions seemed more like statements and vice versa. Well he would have to give it a try as well some time, see how she liked it.


After the poor servant left to follow the dozen or so instructions she had been given, Geirrin set down the bulging saddlebag that Larindhra had handed him. He listened to Larindhra's instructions for him then walked over to the chest of clothes as she studied the map. He quickly found suitable clothing, a pair of gray trousers, off-white shirt, and a dark blue coat. All of the clothes were better quality than he was use to. Setting them aside he stripped down to his smallclothes not caring that Larindhra was in the room. Geirrin talked over his shoulder as he changed. "I can manage to not fall off I suppose." Geirrin had been taught to ride at the farm though he was certainly not an accomplished rider. He finished dressing then began packing extra clothes for the trip.


"Long journey you say? Why ride when we could travel?" Geirrin said as if it was the most obvious solution. It had become second nature to him. He felt her eyes on him. Geirrin finished packing so he brought his pack over and set it next to Larindhra's then looked over her shoulder at the map. "Just need time to study our destination and place of departure." Geirrin said matter-of-factly then grabbed his sword belt and strapped it on.

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Larindhra turned around from her study of the maps to call out to Geirrin, only to find that the bloody boy had not bothered to leave the room to change. Face flaming, she turned back hurriedly and placed her eyes firmly on the maps. It wasn't as if she'd never seen a naked man! Far from it ... it was just that ... none of them had been nestled in a corner of her head. Even worse - none had been able to feel HER emotions! River flowing peacefully. Leave floating on a still pond. Calm returned. She really HAD to start paying closer attention to what she felt through the Bond.


"Long journey you say? Why ride when we could travel?"


Larindhra breathed through her nose as her head turned slowly, almost involuntarily, towards Geirrin. Indeed. Maybe one of these days her brain would return. She was starting to miss it. She said not a word as the boy sauntered over to stare at the map over her shoulder.


"Just need time to study our destination and place of departure."


She turned to regard the map too, looking for a place where they would have some privacy. She reached out and tapped a spot a few miles out of Far Madding. "Would you be able to put us at the foot of the hill behind that copse of trees? Nobody will be able to see us unless they're right there anyway." She waited for him to nod, then picked up her saddlebag and headed for the door. "Come along then. And make sure to call me Aunt Larindhra a few times where people can hear us. We'll leave by the North-East gate and go through Luagde as if we're heading for Shienar. You can open a gateway for us once we're out of sight." This Travelling thing was opening up a world of possibilities! Larindhra beamed at Geirrin as she closed the door behind him. Things were looking up.



Larindhra Reyne

Red Sitter

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